7 Top Rated Breast Pump of 2021 – Best Breast Pump Brand

The best top rated breast pump is the most patronized breast pump, and it signifies the quality, trust, and credibility of the manufacturer.
These pumps are the most sought after on so many merchant platforms with an average of 4.0 over 5.0 review ratings.


There are different brands and types of breast pumps in the market, and choosing which works best can sometimes be difficult for nursing moms, especially new moms who don’t know how they work.
For this article, we will be reviewing the top-rated breast pump brand varying from electric to manual and the different pumps we have under each.

What accessories or parts do you need?

There is a need to have some other accessories to aid the pump to make pumping more convenient.
You may want to purchase a pumping bra to enable you to pump hands-free or may want to have other pump parts set so you can have something to use when the other set is not available.
You can purchase another set for the office or wherever you regularly pump to reduce the burden of moving around with the pump.

Some pump accessories you may want to consider in addition to your pump includes:

  • Breast pump bag: these are amazing tote bags design for moving breast pumps and other pumping accessories around so you can pump anywhere you find yourself.
  • Extra milk storage bags or storage bottles are used for stacking up breast milk in your freezer for exclusive pumping moms.
  • Cooler bag with ice packs for temporary storage when you’re away from home.
  • A bottlebrush is used for cleaning the breastfeeding bottle before and after pumping.
  • Nursing bras and tops for convenient pumping or nursing
  • Pumping bra designed to provide a hands-free pumping experience for those using the double electric breast pump

What is the top-rated breast pump in the market?

How to clean your breast pump

It is necessary to ensure that your pump parts are clean before and after using them to put your baby on the safe side.
Proper pump hygiene is sure to eliminate the growth of germs or bacteria that could damage your baby’s health.
You can either sterilize or wash with warm soapy water and always sanitize every day before use.
Washing your breast pump

Instructions manual: go through the instruction manual to know how the manufacturer has mapped out how to clean that particular model and what they suggest for cleaning.
The manual will also put you through the process of assembling or disassembling for cleaning.

Wash with soap and water: the easiest way to clean your breast pump is by washing the parts with warm water and soap. Dip and leave parts in warm water to remove germs and bacteria for five minutes. Always clean the pump after use; it is not hygienic to leave the pump overnight.

Rinse away the soap with hot water: after washing, makes sure you rinse every part of the pump thoroughly with warm water.

Let the parts air dry: place the part on a paper towel or clean rack and allow them to air dry.
Towel dry if you’re sure only that towel is clean and safe for use. And avoid storing wet parts as this car cause mold to grow in the pump parts.

Clean tubing when it makes contact with the breast milk: If you have the open system and you’ve got milk running through the tubes, wash with liquid soap and water.
Hang it to air dry completely before attaching back to the pump

Top-rated breast pump brands review

1. Top-rated manual breast pump: Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump

top rated breast pump The haakaa silicone manual breast pump is one of the highest-rated pumps on all merchant platforms with over 5000 reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.5 over 5.0, that speaks volume.
The haakaa silicone breast pumps are used to collect letdown or as a manual pump for expression milk from the breast.

It also the easiest to use out of all pumps and require little to no maintenance; the flange is soft on the skin and causes no pain to the nipple.
Choosing the right one could be the thing you will ever do because, over the years, haakaa has developed to give mom the best. They now have the silicone with flange cover, flower stopper, generation two, and three to give mom the best.

The pumps come with few parts making it very easy to clean each time you’re done pumping or collecting letdown from your breast.
Make with the finest material which can withstand any temperature without losing its form.


  • Hands-free
  • easy to use as it comes with few parts and doesn’t need much instruction
  • soft silicone / comfy, which made it comfortable for every mom
  • suction cup base for haakaa 2 gen( can stand upright wasn’t sure if this one purchased here had a base, so was delighted to find the 100ml did!)
  • Saves milk that would have been wasted on a breast pad


  • Easy to tip over; doesn’t stick well to the skin and can fall off if care is not taken.
  • Inaccurate measures on the pump can be misleading.

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2. Top-rated hospital-grade electric breast pump: Spectra Baby USA – S1

top rated breast pumpSpectra Baby S1 is a super quiet, rechargeable electric breast pump with over 2000 reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.5 over 5.0.
The inbuilt recharge battery makes it convenient to pump anywhere you find yourself; the inbox battery is made to last around 3 to four hours while pumping.
The closed system made it a hospital-grade that keeps tubing dry by preventing flow between the pump and expressed milk to protect breast milk from viruses, mold, and other bacteria forms.

This pump’s efficiency makes it one of the most purchased breast pumps; it can serve as a single or double breast pump, lightweight and comfortable for working or busy moms.
The pump comes with massage features that prepare your body to make pumping more comfortable for every mom.

The pump has the ability to retain your last settings. If you’re comfortable with the last massage and pumping settings, it goes back to where you left off.
With an average of 4.4 on every feature, you know this is not a waste of money; the night light is neat and comes with two levels though it usually consumes the pump batteries.


  • Comfortable, lightweight, and super silent
  • Multiple and Extra flange size
  • Good suction power
  • Painless and efficient pumping
  • Parts are easily cleaned.
  • Hygienic tubing and connection parts


  • May fail over time

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3. Top-rated electric breast pump: Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast PumpThe medela pump in style Advanced is a double electric breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day.

This pump works more like breastfeeding babies to deliver the milk you need to provide for your baby even when you’re not there.
The pump is portable and suitable for discreet pumping as it comes in a bag where all the parts and accessories of the pump can be stored.

This pump comes with 3 stylish microfiber bags to choose from, which are On-the-go-tote, Backpack, or the Metro Bag, to holds everything you need to pump
A battery pack allows you to pump anywhere, anytime with single knob speed adjustments for better comfortable pumping settings.

This pack includes the removable cooler bag with a contoured ice pack to hold breast milk bottles and an ice pack to keep breast milk bottles cool after pumping.
All components that touch breast milk are made without BPA safe for your baby with a dual voltage that allows mom to pump wherever.


  • This is a salvation kit for women who work and want to continue with their baby LM.
  • can be connected to electricity or can be used with 8 AA batteries
  • It has several suction levels with an average speed of fewer than 20 minutes to finish both breasts.
  • Having everything inside a Tote style bag makes it easy to move around.


  • If the hoses get stained (inside), it is impossible to clean them, so new hoses must be purchased.
  • Hands must be used to hold the bottles during extraction, but if you buy the hands-free bra, this problem is solved, and other activities can be performed.

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4.Top rated portable breast pump: Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

top rated breast pumps This is a new pump from medela, and it has been making waves since it was released in the market. With over 100s reviews, the pump is what every mom needs to have a new pumping experience as it comes with everything needed to pump wherever you find yourself.

This pump is not just portable; it is also becoming one of the most versatile in the market, small enough to fit any purse or handbag; you don’t have to worry about that because it comes with a tote bag for convenient mobility.

When writing this content, the pump comes with a bonus pack that includes the motor, which weighs less than one pound, 100 breast milk storage bag, and other extra benefits for you to start pumping.

The pump is a closed system pump with easy to clean parts; these parts are made to ensure no milk leakage or spillage.
Comes with a rechargeable battery and also compatible with USB for more flexibility, also compatible with a Bluetooth that allows you to connect to


  • Sound – it is super quiet.
  • Display – very cool display, the white light shines through.
  • Functions – basic functions. On or off, two stages stimulation or let down with nine levels of suction.
  • Portable- this puppy is only 2 inches thick and 6 inches long.
  • App – super cool tracking app that connects to MyMedela, that tracks and keep your information
    Breast shield – the flex is a great fit!


  • None for now

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5.Top-rated wearable breast: Elvie Pump Silent Wearable Breast Pump

top rated breast pump

Elvie beast wearable breast is one of the leading pumps for discreet pumping; its unique design makes it outstanding in the market.

The pump is battery powered and can fit into any nursing bra for discreet pumping.
The pump gives you the freedom to pump wherever you find yourself, on the train, bus park, work, or on the go, without making you look silly.
You can now move around the neighborhood while you pump, track, monitor, and control the pump remotely and keep pumping history your activities through the Elvie smart app.

Elvie double wearable breast pump and single breast pump at more economic value; the portability and lightweight of this pump make it easy to move around while you pump or in the bag.
The hands-free pump is easy to clean as it comes with five parts and takes less than a minute to assemble, no cord, no fuss.
The pump is designed to switch from stimulation to expression mode when it detects letdown from the breast and automatically switches off when the bottle is filled.


  • Discreet pumping – pump fits into any nursing bra and allows you to pump anywhere you find yourself.
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Hands-free – no tubing or pumping bra needed; design to fit into any nursing bra
  • Smart pumping experience – apps allow you to track, monitor, and control the pump remotely.
  • No pain or discomfort when in use


  • There is leakage or spillage when in the wrong position.

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6.Top rated single electric breast pump: Medela, Swing, Single Electric Breast Pump

top rated breast pump
This wonderful pump is another pump that has gained a lot of customers’ trust with close to 2000 reviews.

Suitable for women searching for a lightweight and reliable single electric breast pump, the Medela Swing is an exceptional and affordable choice. As the leading breast pump brand by doctors, Medela specializes in making high-quality, reliable, and efficient breast pumps.

The Medela Swing is both lightweight and compact, offering women an occasional-use solution for single pumping.
It was created to deliver easy and convenient breast pumping at home, at work, or anywhere you travel.
This simple to use breast pump makes use of electricity or batteries so moms can pump whenever, however – the perfect on-the-go option.
This single motor breast pump is infused with patented and research-based 2-Phase Expression Technology.

  • Portable and easy to clean breast pump
  • Comes with a drawstring bag that keeps mom organized during pumping
  • Easy to use and maintaining
  • Multiple power supply options for mothers convenience


  • Bad battery life
  • Open system – might not be hygiene for your baby
  • Durability- works for a short period
  • Poor suction

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7. Top-rated hand manual breast pump: Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

top rated breast pump
The lansinoh Breast pump is starting to attract moms with over 1000 ratings and rated better in all features than the medela manual breast pump.

Lansinoh flange is comfortable and soft on the breast, providing good comfort and massage while still creating a good seal on the breast for better expression.
Its two-phase technology allows for pumping efficiency; also, the compact and lightweight allow mom to pump on the go.

Lansinoh offers you the opportunity to pump directly into a pre-sterilized storage bag for better convenience and save breast milk from spillage during transfer.
The bottle holder is just like that of the medela harmony breast pump to keep the bottle in place to avoid accidental spillage of your liquid gold.


  • Provide more comfort than many hand pumps
  • Easy to assembly and use
  • Portable for on the go pumping
  • Allows pumping directly into a storage bag


  • Weak suction compare to medela harmony breast pump
  • Difficult to clean

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Types of breast pump

The different types of breast pump we have are mainly categorized into two which are;
The electric breast pump and
The manual breast pump

The electric breast pump:

these are pumps that use electricity or batteries for their functioning; these pumps are usually automatic and provide more conveniences during expression.

All-electric breast pumps come with a motor that automatically allows the pump to function; there are usually many parts to assemble in an electric breast pump, making it a complicated instrument for moms. Still, these pumps are originally made to provide convenience to maintain milk supply and increase milk supply.

Top rated breast pump

The electric breast pump is subdivided into two.

The close and open system

The close system: these are pumps with barriers to prevent milk from leaking and flowing into the pump motor; this is usually between the expressed milk and the pump to prevent breast milk contamination.
Open system: does not have a milk barrier but bears in mind that contamination is deficient if you possess these breast pumps.

Types of electric breast pump

Double electric breast pump: this is used to pump both breasts at a go, there are usually efficient and comes with a high suctions level

Single electric breast pump: this can only pump one breast at a time; it can be used as though when you’re nursing your baby one the right breast, you’re pumping on the left, and

Wearable electric breast pump: this can either be a single breast pump or double breast pump;
They used to express milk while your garments are on, also the best for discreet pumping, more portable, and usually tubeless, unlike other electric breast pumps.

The manual breast pump:

The manual breast pump requires no batteries or electricity for it’s functioning. They are usually lightweight, portable, and less complicated; in this pump, individuals control the suction power, which is used to express milk from the breast. The controls and functioning procedure of these pumps are usually simple for anyone, even first-time moms.

The silicone breast pump: these are made of silicone materials that are usually stable at any temperature they are exposed to; this type of pump is mainly for collection letdowns. They can also be used as a pump and collect letdown as this pump has evolved into a better pump in the manual section. No handles or other materials to put together, just the pump made with a flange for a better pumping experience.

The hand pump: these are pumps made with an ergonomic handle to give mothers control over the suction power. Unlike silicone breast pumps, these pumps cannot collect letdowns and tubeless compared to electric pumps.


The top-rated breast pump brands have many loyal consumers and are not ready to jeopardize that for any reason; hence there’s a constant improvement on their brands to stay above in the market.

The above list comprises of the top-rated breast pump in the market, though this does not signify they are the best at what they do.

Other brands may perform better than the so-called popular or most purchased brands.
Also, it essential to note that expensiveness doesn’t always relate to quality; there are cheap breast pumps that do precisely or better than what the popular breast pump does.

I hope you make the best choice for yourself and your baby and make breastfeeding an enjoyable experience and not a nightmare.

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