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The Medela Symphony breast pump is an effective hospital grade breast pump produced by Medela. This pump has long been recognized since 1961 as an expert advocate of breastfeeding through its development of research-based breast pump technology.

As a result, Medela is the number 1 breast pump brand in the United States of America and most parts of the world. It is also the most recommended brand by doctors and used in most hospitals.


Medela Symphony Breast Pump Reviews

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Medela Symphony Breast Pump Instructions

Expresses More Breast Milk

Medela Symphony breast pump’s 2-phase Expression technology is as efficient as indicated. This hospital-grade pump demonstrates an unprecedented milk expression rate not seen in other breast pumps due to its power.

This is particularly noteworthy. According to the National Academy of Medicine, mothers who have undergone breast surgery, including breast implant surgery, are at least three times more likely to have an inadequate milk supply (lactation insufficiency).

Mothers who have undergone breast implant surgery have reported the Medela Symphony pump’s efficiency in increasing breast milk production.

In one such example, a nursing mother who had been battling with 0.5 oz per session (both breasts) dramatically had it increased in just two months to 4-5 oz per pump session (both breasts).

This has been attributed to the maximum comfort vacuum function, which has been clinically proven to achieve a faster milk ejection and flow.

Medela Symphony Breast Pump Kit

In case of any faulty part, the pump has its kit, which is more affordable. The amazing thing about the Medela symphony breast pump kit is that it includes all the components you will need to start pumping again.

Ranging from bottles, valves, breast shields, tubes, and other accessories are included to get you pumping immediately. This kit is authentic and made by Medela and not a third party company.

 Medela Symphony Breast Pump Kit

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How to Set up Medela Symphony Breast Pump

The Symphony breast pump is a hospital-grade pump with a multi-user pump with a pumping pattern closer to the baby’s nursing pattern than personal use pumps, so this means it will do a better job in establishing and maintaining milk production and remove more milk effectively.

Especially in the case of engorgement, your symphony double pumping kit comes with everything you need to attach to the pump for pumping.

Usually, the hospital kits are sterile, and those purchased outside hospitals are non-sterile, so if yours is a non-sterile kit, it will be a good idea to wash and sterilize before the first use.

To sterilize separate parts, wash and sterilize unmet using MIDI TLAs micro steam bags, another type of sterilizing or the good old-fashioned way of boiling for 10 minutes; the tubing should not be washed sterilized.

Sterilizing can sometimes damage the tubing and leave water inside; once your parts are dry,  reassemble, attach the parts to the pump, and are ready to pump. It is advisable to always wash your hands before handling the pump parts or before pumping.

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Closely Mimics Baby’s Nursing Patterns and Rhythms

This breast pump has proven advantageous to mothers whose babies are tongue-tied or do not easily latch or have a cleft palate, as it is engineered to mimic a baby’s nursing pattern closely. It does this by using technology that pumps in an initial rapid stimulation phase, then a slower expression phase.

Using the Initiate program followed by the maintain program achieved significantly higher daily milk volumes in the second week after birth. This, together with its power, will keep your supply up as you feed your baby.

Medela Symphony Breast Pump

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Points to Consider

Silent Technology and Comfort

While in use, the Medela Symphony breast pump has been reported to be extremely quiet and comfortable. Mothers can easily adjust suction to their comfort level to prevent soreness usually experienced when using other pumps.

Ease of Use

Having fewer parts, the whole system is less fidgety and more convenient to use. Its closed system can be used for several babies at the same time in a hospital setting.


The pump is extremely durable and has been reported to last for over 9 years with a proper maintenance culture. All the parts are also fixable, unlike other pumps.


Proper hygiene must be maintained while using the Medela Symphony breast pump. This will mean disassembling the breast pump for cleaning, which could be really troublesome.

The yellow valves come in contact with the milk and will need to be cleaned after each use. The disassembly of the yellow valves from the breast shield is really hard.


The Medela Symphony breast pump is not what one will call easily portable. Weighing three kg, many have found it difficult to move around with its parts. This isn’t much of an issue if you regularly pump in the same location.

Medela Symphony Breast Pump FAQ’s

Is Medela a symphony hospital grade?

Yes, the Medela symphony is a multi-user hospital grade breast pump approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

This pump features a 2-phase expression technology for strong suction without causing pain to the nipple. Furthermore, the medela symphony breast pump helps mom reduces the risk of contamination with its closed system making it suitable for many users. 

This pump’s strong suction may be associated with some pain; to avert this, get yourself the right flange size or pump fit. This will give you a better experience with the medela symphony pump.

Does Medela Symphony increase milk supply?

Increase milk supply has to do with frequent pumping; if you use the medela symphony for exclusive expressing only, you can have an increase in milk supply. Also, pumping both breasts at the same time has proven to produce more milk and saves time. 

Using medela symphony to increase milk supply is more efficient; make sure you drain your breast whenever you pump to trigger your hormones for more milk production. 

Is Medela Symphony better than the pump in style?

The medela pump in style is a small version of the medela symphony, as they perform efficiently in the expression of milk as fast as possible. It should be noted that there would be some little difference, such as suction power.

The medela pump in style does not have the same suction strength as that of the symphony. This gives symphony a better edge than medela as it is potent in emptying the breast as fast as possible. 


Through its pros and cons, the Medela Symphony breast pump remains unarguably one of the best breast pumps in the market. Its quality, durability, silence, and ease of use are the driving factors of its high demand.  

There are various alternatives breast pumps for exclusive pumper looking forward to increasing their milk supply at affordable prices. Nevertheless, the medela symphony stands out to be the best, most trusted hospital grade breast pump.

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