How to Nurse a Baby – Tips on How Long to Nurse A Baby

It is necessary for new moms to know how to nurse a baby properly. Nursing covers everything that has to do with breastfeeding, sleeping, and all proper care needed to keep your baby healthy.

The common myth that goes with nursing is breastfeeding, but for a mother, nursing goes with everything you need to keep your baby alive and happy.

While nursing, you don’t just breastfeed alone; you need to play and provide your exciting baby toys to keep him alive and healthy.

Though breastfeeding is natural stuff and has been in existence since the beginning of time, though the process doesn’t come naturally, there is a need for proper know-how since you are breastfeeding for the first time, and your baby is suckling for the first time also.

Nursing can be tough, but with patience and love for your baby, you will get used to it and, at the same time, enjoy doing it.

For a first time nursing mom, it is advisable to nurse in the presence of a nurse or a guardian, this will help them put you through. Placing your baby in the right position and positioning yourself while breastfeeding is the key to proper breastfeeding.

This position will allow your baby to feed well on the breast without getting choke or underfeed.

How long should I Breastfeed my Baby – How Long to Nurse A Baby

Breastfeeding your baby can last from 5 minutes up to 40 minutes, depending on how well your baby feeds.

For a newborn baby, it will take less amount of time around 5 to 10 minutes, and the amount of milk consume too is less. With time your baby demand will increase and also spend more time suckling on your nipple. 

For a mom that wants to exclusively feed her babies, i.e spend more time nursing their baby. There might be need to pump and breastfeed to provide adequate milk when necessary.

Some of the Things that Can Influence Breastfeeding Time

Age: The age of a baby influence a baby’s suckling method. The older a baby gets, the more the baby will be able to get enough milk from the breast within a shorter period.

Health: the mom’s state of health says a lot about the mother’s milk production. Also, a baby born prematurely or born with issues may not be able to suckle on well on the breast.

A baby state: the baby state of alertness can also determine how a baby suckles on the breast. A sleepy baby might not be able to nurse well at the moment.

Latch: A good latching position will help a baby remove milk from the breast effectively and get fed in less time.

How to Feed a Newborn Baby

It has always been difficult for new moms to understand the language of their newborn baby since he or she can’t talk. The only communication you will be expecting from your baby is sign language, which will come in the form of crying or reacting.  

Feeding your newborn baby demands you to study your baby’s reaction to almost everything that’s happening around.

Thought for the first week might be difficult to understand, so it always advisable to breastfeed once your baby starts crying until you get to understand your baby’s reaction to its environment.

When you are ready to breastfeed, latching is important, especially for your newborn, to allow him to suck and swallow well.

If your baby is not suckling well, don’t panic; with time, the suckling mode and time will surely increase, especially when he or she is stressed.

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