Diet for Breastfeeding Mom – What Every Mom should Know

Diet for breastfeeding mom should not be taken seriously, though it is important to stay healthy while breastfeeding and avoid certain foods whiles nursing.

Though what you eat is important because your breast milk carries the taste of whatever you eat, especially what you drink.


Calories are more important while breastfeeding; your body system needs about 500 more calories to produce milk from your body. So when you are exclusively pumping or breastfeeding, you should know you will need more calories than an average feeder.

This is one of the reasons you need to reduce the intake of alcohol while breastfeeding because it has a way of getting into your system fast, just like water.  

And if you choose to stay on a diet, you need to know that the body finds a way of tapping into its own stores to produce the milk required for your baby.

Food to avoid while breastfeeding 

There are only a few things that you need to stay away from while breastfeeding, and this won’t have any effect on your wellbeing only if you are addicted to them.  

No matter your level of addiction, I implore you to stay away from these consumables for 4- 6 months. Within this time your baby system and digestive organs would be strong enough to

Alcohol: You can take a drink but not often, and there is a limit to the amount of alcohol you can take. When you feel like taking alcohol, a cup of red wine or beer is okay 2 hours before breastfeeding. The time frame will reduce the amount of alcohol your baby will consume through your breast. The truth is there is nothing your baby will benefit from taking alcohol, while don’t you ignore and eat what will benefit you and the baby.

Caffeine: Though caffeine might make you and your baby feel jittery, irritable, and sleepless, you’re your body needs some to keep you going. Excess of everything is not good, that while you need to watch the amount of caffeine you consume. Some sources of caffeine include tea, soda, all types of chocolate, coffee, kola, and so on. Two cups of tea or coffee a day is not a bad idea while trying to watch the amount of caffeine you consume.

High- Mercury Fish: It is important to note that you can’t take this fish while you are pregnant, and the same applies while you are breastfeeding. Avoid high mercury fish, which includes shark, swordy fish, orange roughy, marlin, tilefish, bigeye tuna, ahi tuna, king mackerel. High-Mercury fish are fish that have a high level of mercury. These fishes should be avoided by any woman who is breastfeeding, pregnant, or trying to conceive within a year.

Too many additives: try to avoid any processed foods with too many additives. Before consuming any processed food, try checking the label to an idea of what you are about to consume.

What to eat when breastfeeding

There is no best food to eat while breastfeeding as you can eat whatever you like, but it necessary you make it nutritious.

It is important to maintain a regular meal schedule to give the body the strength it needs to keep producing meals for your baby.

For a busy mommy is who is pumping exclusive needs to eat well and keep her stomach filled. Don’t worry, you won’t put on weight while breastfeeding, but there are high possibilities that you might put-on those weight after nursing.

Here are some of the foods you need to keep in your store during nursing to keep you and your baby healthy:

Folic Acid: folic acid is a mineral crucial for preventing birth defects; its power also continues during your baby infancy by encouraging growth. You need to know folic acid is also friendly to your heart. You can aim for 500 micrograms of quite less than the 600 micrograms you need during pregnancy.

Sources: Some of the foods that contain folic acid are fortified cereal, black-eyed peas, and asparagus are a good source of folic acid.

Calcium: this is an important mineral your body needs while nursing if you don’t give your body enough of this mineral, your body will tap into your bone make sure there is enough of this mineral in your breast milk to nourish your baby nervous system and bone. Your body needs about 1000 milligram of calcium a day while breastfeeding, some

Source: of calcium includes milk cheese and other dairy foods, green leave vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, okra, but not spinach), soya beans, tofu, nuts, fish you can eat the bones such as (Titus or sardines).

Plenty of Water: you don’t have to be surprised that water does not boost your milk supply, but it is necessary you take water whenever you feel like or when you feel thirst during pregnancy. Drink plenty of water during nursing helps your body to recover from stress and provides the energy that needs. You will know you are taking enough water during nursing when your urine is pure. To monitor your water intake, it is advisable to drink water every time you pump or breastfeed.

Fish: Fish is a good source of Omega 3 acid; the more fish you eat, the more Omega 3 acid your breast milk carries. This acid is important for your baby’s eyes and brain development. Too much of everything is bad; too much of this good fat acid is bad for you because a high intake of it might lead to heart disease or cancer, so you need to watch yourself.

Proteins: this essential for bodybuilding, breastfeeding takes a lot from nursing mothers, stress, time, and energy, and there is a need to replace all this and keep your body back in shape. Adequate protein is needed to ensure that your body can repair, maintain, and build tissues and organs that are important for a baby’s growth and mother’s health. To get this, your body needs about 65 grams of protein per day, which can come from two to three servings. Some good source of protein includes poultry products, lean meat, and so on.

Note: Other foods you will need during nursing includes, vitamin C, high-fat food (not too much), prenatal vitamin

How many calories should I eat while breastfeeding

Though every woman is different the same as their energy need, a nursing mom will need over 500 grams of calories a day than non-nursing moms. The more your baby grows, the more calories required; this will be influenced by the size and appetite of your baby as well as your own body max index and how active you are.

Calories are a combination of three (3) nutrients, which include: Protein, carbohydrate, and fats.

So when you eat well, there is the assurance you have enough calories needed to provide milk for the baby and still stay strong.

To increase your breast milk supply and have healthy milk for your baby, the key is to eat well and rest well.

Do I need a diet plan when breastfeeding 

Though there are many plans out there to give an insight into the diet for breastfeeding mom. The combination of every table you see out there is to give an idea about what to eat, you can practically do this your self by putting together what you love to eat.

From this list above, you can squeeze out what you will like to eat from that, without having to worry about the expensive diet plan you saw on google.

the sources of each vitamines are listed so you can taste a variety of meals while achieving the same purpose.

Though you don’t need a diet plan to have a glimpse about what to eat at a particular time comes as a problem to many of us (the problem of what to eat).

At this point as a mom, your creativity with food will go a long to help you decide on what to eat, I hope you love to cook just like I do.

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