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9 Best Breast Pump with Bag for Working and Traveling mom 2020

Breast pumps are important tools for moms that are willing to increase or maintain their milk supply, so buying a breast pump with bag will help you have your pump with you always for this purpose or more.
Breast pumps with bags are designed to accommodate everything you need to pump while you’re on the go to enable you to provide adequate milk supply for your baby.

Though there are several breast pump bags in the market design for multifunctional purposes, and you don’t need to incur extra expenses to a pump bag.
These bags are designed to relieve you from the stress of having to move too many items around because you want to pump – yes, it helps you stay organized.

To help you save time and make the right choice for your yourself, we have put together some of the best pumps with bag in the market.

Why you need a breast pump with bag

For traveling: breast pump bags help you to stay organized, and traveling without it may be very hectic for anyone. A breast pump bag helps you to keep track of everything you need to pump while traveling, and when you get to your destination. If anything is missing inside your pump bag, it can be easily identified and included before you set on the journey.

To stay organized: the pump bag help to keep you classy; there are lots of accessories that are needed to make pumping more convenient, and all these accessories need to be in other. You don’t want to back and forth before you can prepare yourself for a pumping session, especially when you are on a journey.

Best breast pump with bag – our pick

9. Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump

breast pump with bag

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The sonata is a hospital-grade pump with a stylish bag that is suitable for office and other outdoor activities. Included in the bag is a cooler bag with an ice pack to preserve your expressed milk while away from home. The pump suction is effective and efficient, just like that of the medela symphony, to mimic your baby suction. The closed system kit helps to preserve your milk from getting contaminated by preventing milk from entering into the tubes and motor.

Also, the pump is a rechargeable pump that ensures pumping on the go with a universal power output that allows you to keep up with power supply anywhere you are. There are bottle lids and stand to prevent accident kicks and spillage of milk.

The silicone membrane is there to make the flange comfortable on your breast while massaging the areola for an effective letdown. With an illuminating touch screen that promotes pumping on the go and in the dark, no pumping session is missed. The smart app is there to track, monitor, and control your pump for more flexibility.


  • Stylish bag for moving your pump and pumping accessories around
  • Cooler bag and icepack to preserve your milk while on the go
  • Close system – to prevent your milk from getting contaminated and also making it easy to wash
  • Hospital-grade performance for effective and efficient expression
  • Smart pumping experience


  • Not portable
  • Only works with the personal flex-fit

8. Dr. Brown’s Silicone Breast Pump

breast pump with bag

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If you’re looking for a small bag to move your pump and pumping accessories, this will be your best option. The bag is suitable enough to contain and move most manual pumps around, though you can also get the normal breast pump bag for this purpose. Bags design for this purpose is usually more convenient in holding pumps and other pumping activities.

The package comes with a silicone breast pump to catch letdown while you breastfeed on the other breast. The pump is soft and gentle on the skin and sticks well to the breast to enhance strong suction. The pump includes a bottle to save your expressed milk or breastfeed directly with the help of the bottle teeth that come with the pump.

All materials made with this pump are dishwasher safe and easy to clean with no hidden or difficult holes. The pump design makes it easy to transfer expressed milk from the pump to the storage bottle without losing any drop of milk.

  • Comes with a bag for moving the pump around, also to stay organized
  • Easy to clean – a few parts and simple design with no hidden holes
  • No parts to assemble – which makes pumping a breeze
  • You either pump to store or pump to bottle feed with ease
  • Portable and silent – suitable for discreet


  • No lid or pump stopper – you have to transfer into the bottle to safe keep every time you pump.

7. Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump 

breast pump with bag

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This is a smart portable breast pump that allows mom to pump directly into a storage bag, which helps to prevent ilk spillage that could occur during milk transfer. The pump is closed that that ensures expressed milk does not get stuck in the tubing, which could cause the bacteria to grow, thus contaminating your breast milk.

The pump design is sleek with parts that can be easily fixed without using a manual, making it easy to assemble and clean after use. After pumping, you can choose to save for later use or bottle-feed directly with the help of the bottle teeth that come with the pump package.

The pump bag is designed to hold everything you need to pump on the go at an affordable price. Included in the bag are a cooler bag and an ice pack to preserve expressed milk while you are away from home.
The pump is rechargeable to ensure you don’t miss any pumping session while you are on the go, though this doesn’t work with USB. There are two flange sizes that come with the pump, they are soft, and comfort-fit to enhance easy letdown of milk.


  • The pump is portable – suitable for outdoor and on the go pumping
  • The suction is great
  • comes with extra accessories – which makes it flexible for any mom to keep with pumping
  • The app is very helpful in tracking how many Oz are pumped in a day, monitor your pumping activities, and remotely control the pump.
  • It comes with nipples that you can attach to the pump bottle to feed the baby right after pumping.


  • The pump is a little loud
  • suction strength reduces with the battery

6. Ameda MYA Portable Hospital Strength Breast Pump

breast pump with bag

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Ameda breast pump is one of the wonderful breast pumps I would always recommend for any mom. The pump is portable and handy, which makes it easy to pump on the go, no extra weight is carried.

The pump comes with a rechargeable battery that allows you to pump anywhere you go. This pump is also designed to make your milk contamination-free by preventing the expressed milk from getting trapped within the tubes. The pump design is also sleek and simple, making it easy to clean and assemble.

The bag comes with two sizes, which are the small tote and the big tote, to help move the pump around conveniently. The pump is time to automatically shut down every thirty minutes of pumping, to prevent over-pumping that could lead milk spillage

The adjustable settings that are incorporated in this pump allow mom to choose a setting that is soothing to them, to have an effective pumping session.
This is also good for new moms, as the pump comes with an instruction for use, to alleviate the stress and to use and maintaining the tool.


  • Portable and handy – the pump is palm-size, which makes it easy to around with you
  • The closed system makes it easy to clean with few parts coming in contact with the milk.
  • Comes with a tote bag for traveling and moving the pump around
  • Easy to use – the pump button and settings are less complicated
  • Silent enough for discreet pumping


  • Doesn’t hold a charge – this is a factory error and it not applicable to every pump

5. Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

breast pump with bag

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This is another breast pump with a bag that is effective with better options. The pump switches mode with three different settings that give better pumping experience. The soft cushion helps to massage the breast to stimulate the areolas, which mimic your baby suckling. And a soft power cushion for stronger suction, you don’t have to lean forward or backward, which can make you uncomfortable while pumping.

You can choose to pump and store or pump and bottle feed directly with the help of the bottle teeth that come with the pump. The ant-back flow is present is to make sure every drop of milk goes straight into the bottle, which helps to keep the tubing clean.

The pump is easy to use with clear instructions and buttons; also, it comes with a few parts, which make it easy to clean.
There is a cover to seal the bottles after pumping while on a journey, and a traveling bag to easily move the pump around with you, which make it suitable for traveling and on the go pumping.


  • Comes with a traveling bag, which makes it suitable for on the go pumping
  • Comfortable and convenient pumping – you don’t have to lean forward or back to express milk
  • Effective and efficient – strong massage cushion to enhance letdown
  • Simple to use – there are only a few parts to clean and assemble
  • Parts are dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean
  • Easy to assembly – the design is sleek and easy to fix with a cover to keep the bottle safe.


  • Suction may fail with time
  • You can only double pump

4. Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

breast pump with bag

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If you need a pump that’s flexible, portable, and handy, look no further as this pump gives you everything that could enable you to pump with little stress. The pump is portable enough to fit into your pocket to enhance pumping on the go, with a rechargeable battery and USB cord that allows you to charge anywhere you find yourself.

The pump bag design feature a multifunctional purpose bag that can use for office purpose after nursing, with a cooler and ice pack to preserve your expressed milk while o the go. The bag is spacious enough to hold everything you may need to pump while traveling.

The portable design also features a closed system that prevents your milk from getting contaminated with the help of a barrier that prevents the flow of milk through the tubes. Thus, keeping the air and other forms of bacteria away from your expressed milk.

The lightweight design makes it easy to move around and get things done while you pump. No pumping session is missed, with a two-phase expression technology that is efficient and effective.


  • The pack Bag comes with everything you need to pump – cooler, ice pack, and other pumping accessories.
  • Portable and compact making it easy to have with you everywhere you go
  • Hospital-grade makes it easy to clean with few parts to care for
  • Also, the closed system is present to prevent your milk from getting contaminated
  • Personal flex fix to ensure that the pump is comfortable while in use
  • USB compatible – to ensure no pumping session is missed


  • Suction is not that strong

3. Elvie wearable breast pump

breast pump with bag

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This is a wearable breast pump that allows you to pump anywhere anytime. The pump is perfect for discreet pumping as it fits well into any nursing bra. No tubes dangling over you while you pump.
The pump allows you to be flexible while you pump; you can continue with your daily activates.

It eliminates the time spent sitting in a corner trying to pump or the stress that comes with cleaning parts. Giving you a smart way to pump through the Elvie that can connect through Bluetooth to monitor, track, and control the pump remotely.

The pump battery is rechargeable and comes with a USB cord to give more options to power the pump. You can charge through a power bank, laptop, or through a car charger, so you don’t miss any pumping session.

When you buy the pump also comes with a carrying bag to easily move the pump and its accessories around. With bra adjusters to make it more convenient and fit well into any bra, You can also use the pump without using the app.


  • Portable and suitable for discreet pimping
  • Comes with a bag for moving the pump to enhance pumping on the go
  • Hassle-free and wearable –a few parts making it easy to clean
  • Rechargeable and USB compatible – making it easy to pump on the go
  • Smart pumping experience – control and track your pumping activities with the app connected through Bluetooth.


  • Not really silent –the sound can be heard by anyone close.

2. Spectra Baby USA S1Plus with Gray Tote and Cooler

breast pump with bag

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Spectra breast pump is one of the best silent breast pumps with amazing efficiency. This breast pump comes with a tote bag that allows you to pump on the go with a cooler bag to preserve your expressed milk while on the go.

The breast pump is a hospital grade pump that ensures your expressed milk is contamination-free by preventing the inflow of air, and the flow of milk through the tubes to the motor.
The pump features a rechargeable battery to ensure on the go pumping either while traveling or going to work with customizable settings so that moms to choose a setting that’s comfortable to them.

The night light located above the pump allows easy use of the pump in the dark with soft and less complicated buttons, which made it easy to use. Also, it includes a timer that shuts off the pump at a specific time, usually 30 minutes of pumping.

The pump features a 12-volt power adapter making it compatible with any country’s power volt. With a wide neck, which makes it suitable for any breast size.


  • Comes with a tote bag and cooler for easy pumping on the go
  • Easy to clean and assemble – there few parts to clean after each pumping session
  • It comes with extra pumping sets – you don’t need to expend more to pump.
  • Silent and efficient
  • Convenient and easy to use – you to lean back or forward to pump


  • Takes hours to fully charge

1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced with Tote

breast pump with bag

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This is the only pump that allows you to pump with style, with the three different bag styles designed to move the pump around. The pump is suitable for traveling, and on the pumping, the bags are spacious enough to accommodate everything you need to pump on the go.

The bag designs are a tote bag that’s convenient for any mom, a backpack that’s suitable for traveling, and a metro bag. All bags ate designed to accommodate a cooler bag and an ice pack to keep expressed milk cool all through your journey.

The pump is an electronics hospital grade breast pump with close to 3000 ratings to signify they are trusted by many. The closed system helps to keep expressed milk safe and contamination-free, with two-phase expression technology to ensure efficiency while in use.

The pump comes with a battery pack that and a rechargeable battery that lets you pump whenever, wherever. With a single knob switch for adjustable settings.
Also, the pump comes with built-in bottle holders to avoid accidental kick that can result in milk spillage. And a tubing storage pocket that helps prevent spills and keeps tubing organized between pumping sessions.


  • Different types of bag designs to choose from to give a perfect for your lifestyle
  • Hospital-grade to help prevent milk from contamination
  • Strong suction – Two-phase technology for better milk expression
  • Suitable for on the go pumping.
  • The bag is able to contain everything you need


  • Metro bag style is costly.

Breast pump accessories for convenient pumping

Bottle warmer: after preserving your expressed milk, there is a need to it take back to a perfect temperature to be consumable for your baby. A Bottle warmer helps to ensure your milk is free of hot spots that can cause burn in your baby mouth.

Storage bag: These are a convenient bag for stacking up your liquid gold. They help to preserve your milk for later use. There are many storage bags in the market that are suitable for this purpose. These bags support direct pumping into them or transferring pumped milk into them.

Nursing cover: Nursing and breast pumping in public can be weird, and for that, you need a nursing cover to nurse or pump discreetly without exposing your body to the public

Clean wipes: This is necessary if you will be pumping while traveling because cleaning during this period may seem impossible because of uneasy access to water. Wipes will be useful during this period to clean your pumping tools, so you don’t miss any pumping sessions.

Breast milk cooler: This is used to preserve your breast milk while you are away from home. Most medela breast pump with bag comes with a cooler and ice to preserve your expressed milk till your baby needs it.

Extra pumping set: The stress of moving pumps and pumping accessories from one point to another can be tiring. So there is a need to have an extra pumping set where you normally pump. You may have one in the office and one at home so you don’t keep moving your tools from home to office every day or waiting for your parts to air dry before you can use it.

What you should consider before buying a breast pump with a bag

There are different sizes and designs of breast pump bags in the market today, though many of the pump bags are created to fit their own product by the manufacturer. Still, in buying a breast pump with a bag you have to contemplate about a lot of key points

Design of the pump bag: I do prefer a bag I can take out after nursing; this kind of design should fit for office use and other minor outings like going to the store. The design should be simple, sleek with a fitting look to keep you organized.

Stylish and versatile: choosing a pump bag that can be used for outing purpose need to be considered. Matching your taste of fashion and style is also important while choosing a breast pump with a bag to have the full value of your money.

Durability: considering how durable a breast pump and the bag can be is also important. The weight of a breast pump and its accessories can damage some bags that come with the pump. You need a bag made with finesse material to move your pump around.

Spacious: the bag should be convenient, withholding the pump and its accessories in place, with lots of other pumping necessity to make pumping on the go a breeze. The bag should also have enough space for holding other items and a designated area for storing your expressed milk.

Staging mat: there is a square staging mat that provides a comfortable surface to layout your pump and its accessories while pumping. This mat does not come with many pump bags, though it might be important it necessary to keep your pump activities organized and clean.


Breast pumps with bag help you to stay organized for moms that will be pumping away from home. Also, this package helps to eliminate the extra cost that would be incurred in getting a pump bag that may be suitable for the pump

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