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Best Wearable Breast Pump 2020 – Elvie – Freemie – Willow

If you’re the type of mom that always gets her hands busy, then you are looking for the best wearable breast pump.

Unlike other breast pumps, Wearable breast pumps do not keep you idle while pumping; it gives you the freedom you need to move around and get things done.

Few weeks after giving birth to my second baby, I need to get a new breast pump that will provide me with freedom and won’t make me look silly (you know that type when people see you with a pump attached to your breast)

I did lots of research about a hands-free breast pump, but all I was getting was the regular pump with a pumping bra.

I know you don’t like moving around the yard with visible pumps attached to your breast because that how exactly I feel.

My further research brought me close to some of the best wearable breast pumps we have in the market now, and that’s what I’m about to unveil to you.

Now I can pump while going to the store to get groceries without eyes staring at me, and that’s what you also want because I have been in your shoes.

Why you need a wireless or wearable breast pump

Hey, don’t get confused, a wireless breast pump is the same as the wearable breast pump. Wireless breast pumps are pumps that do not have to connect tubes and are made in such a smart way to express milk without having to use hand support.

All other pumps come with a tube connecting the pumping machine to the bottles. Well, you may need a breast pump for a variety of reasons and lifestyles.

If you’re planning on resuming work after birth and want to continue breastfeeding, then you need a breast pump to stack up breast milk in the freezer for your baby needs.

You may be in need of it also if you’re a stay at home mom. There may be a need for you to increase your milk supply, so in this case, aside from constant breastfeeding, you might need to pump in order to stimulate and prepare your body for better milk production.

Brief reasons why you need a wearable breast pump

  1. You’re planning to spend some time away from your baby, such as resuming work or going on a trip without your baby.
  2. You will be dropping your baby at daycare, and you want to continue feeding her with the right quantity of breast milk.
  3. If you’re looking to maintain your milk supply, because of an illness, your baby can’t nurse, or you’re using a medication that’s is not safe for breastfeeding
  4. You’re dealing with engorgement

Will the Wearable Breast Pump Work for me

If you’re the busty type, that’s if you have a big breast, the smart pump might not work for you.

So if you’re having a large or big breast, you can go for the standard breast pump as the wearable breast pump might not fit well. We have reviewed the best breast pump for breastfeeding.

Best Hands-free Breast Pump Review

4. Freemie Liberty mobile wearable breast pump

Best wearable breast pump

This is another wearable breast pump but doesn’t allow you to pump discreetly, because you have the tubes all over you when pumping.

This is the pump that automatically shutdown itself when your pumping bottle is full or according to the timer you set.

It also comes with a programmable sleep timer that allows you to set a shutoff time between 5 and 40 minutes to save battery life.

It also a closed system like Freemie freedom breast pump, but this is mobile, and that’s what you want as a mother.

The collection cups are light, adding little to no weight while you’re putting it on. Fit well with your nursing bra to hold the cups in the proper position for expression without discomfort.

You don’t have to worry much after your purchase, as the packages come with everything you need to start pumping at a go.


  •  Can be charged anywhere you find yourself, home, work, car and so on
  • USB compatible enables you to charge without getting a separate cord
  • Covered by some insurance policy
  • Portability; you are free to move around while you pump
  • Mobile and unique design
  • Amazing customer service, in case of technical problems


  • Useless for moms that need breast massage before pumping
  • Battery get weak easily
  • Suction power is not strong and can easily stop working

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3. Freemie Freedom Double Electric Hands-Free and Concealable Breast Pump

best wearable breast pump


Though the name doesn’t sound familiar like Medela or Philip’s advent, this is a pump made by a company that has mother love in mind (spectra).

This is a pump that allows you to pump with your clothes on. Unlike the Elvie, Freemie freedom breast pump is not portable, but the fact that it allows you to pump discreetly is worth mentioning.

Though I don’t like having breast tubes running all around me since it collection cup can fit intimate nursing bra and also comes in different breast shield for different breast size.

You can choose to use the single option when your baby is nursing on the other one or the double pump when you express milk for storage.

Each Freemie collection cup can hold up to 8 ounces of breast milk, that’s a total of 16 ounces from the two cups at a go, a great time saver.

One great feature about this pump is that you can use its parts with other brands like you can use the cup with Medela symphony breast pump for better pumping experience.

You will be amazed at the quietness of this pump as it makes little to no noise when in use, giving you the opportunity to pump while at work or anywhere you find yourself


  • Very easy to clean
  • Super quiet, can be used anywhere even at work
  • Collection cups fit well for various size of the breast from A to F
  • A close system pump to ensure your milk does not get contaminated
  • Excellent customer service – what more does an end-user want
  • Ready to use after purchase, but don’t forget to sterilize before use
  • It kits can be used with other brands motor for better pumping experience


  • Doesn’t come with a car adapter
  • Ac adapter is non-removable
  • Not portable, You can’t move around while pumping
  • Not battery operated, need a power outlet to function

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2. Elvie wearable breast pump review

best wearable breast pump

If you’re getting this pump, don’t forget to get it breast shield as this will help the pump fits well and enhance pumping.

If you’re looking to pump everywhere and anywhere, you are, this is the pump for you. This pump is made to give you the freedom to handle your daily task, either business or other daily routines, while you pump.

The pump fits well inside a standard nursing bra, so you’re free to pump hands free anywhere. This fantastic smart pump will be another amazing catch in your pumping experience as it allows you to control the pump from an app.

This will surely not allow your colleagues or business partners to know what is going on if you’re the shy type.

The Elvie wearable breast has the ability to switch mode from stimulation expression mode and will stop pumping when the pump bottles are filled. Though the pump might not be completely silent, it makes less sound than other consumers’ breast pump.

The Elvie breast pump app allows you to control the pump remotely, monitor the amount of milk pump in real-time, and track pumping history.


  • Portable
  • Decent battery life (I can pump at least four 20 minutes sessions)
  • Easy to assemble and wash ( some parts are compatible with dishwasher)
  • Comes with four bottles instead of two (other pumps did two)
  • Amazing customer service


  • Sensors aren’t great and often predict inaccurate amounts. While the bottle holds 5 ounces, it stops between 3.5 to 4 for the change out. Not a huge deal, but annoying. (Depends on posture, I’ve noticed.)
  • The app is buggy and loses connection to pumps often (usually auto recovers). It also has issues with updating pumped amounts.
  • Bottles are not durable enough. They started having cracks after a couple of months

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Willow Breast Pump Reviews


best wearable breast pump

The willow breast pump is still the best thing that has ever happened to the breast pump space, as it eases some of the worst pumping experience.

With the spill-proof, now you can pump wherever, whenever, and in any position or style as the pump gives you the freedom you need.

This breast pump is battery powered, fits well into most bra, all nursing bra, and also hands-free, which is what every mom is looking forward to getting.

What more can I say about a pump that’s dishwasher safe with few parts to clean, that’s little stress for exclusive pumping moms.

With the continuous advancements in technology, new moms now have the opportunity to enjoy the generation 3 willow pump; you get to monitor and control your pumping session through its mobile app.

What can be easier, you don’t have to keep checking through your bras to know how far you have pumped


  • Dishwasher save
  • Comes with custom brushes for easy cleaning
  • Portable and very quiet to use
  • Only Few part parts to clean, the breast shield and the milk bag


  • Can’t charge and pump at the same time
  • Few flanges size, from 24 – 27

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 Some frequently asked Questions about Wearable Breast pump

What is the best wearable breast pump, Which is better willow or Elvie?

The best wearable breast pump still goes to willow, as they never stop improving in giving us what we want. Now we have the willow generation 3.0, which is more advance and stronger than the former grade.

The willow and the Elvie breast pump cost the same price. But you can get the Elvie single breast pump for half the price of the double breast pump, thus saving you some bucks for other nursing equipment.

Can you lay down with Elvie pump?

The Elvie pump spills when in the wrong position, so it’s not advisable to use aside from sitting, standing, or working in an upright position.

To pump wherever and whenever I do recommend the willow breast pump, you can use that in whatever position you find yourself. I do use it while doing my yoga exercise, and it has been of great help to me.

Is the willow pump hospital grade?

Thought the manufacturers didn’t say it a hospital grade pump, but I will take it to be one. Since it has all the features of a hospital-grade pump which includes the

Close system: this is to avoid milk spillage in most hospital-grade pumps, but willow doesn’t have a tube, and it is manufactured to avoid milk spillage in any position you’re.

Suction level: suction levels in hospital-grade pump mimics your baby suckles, same as some levels on the willow pump.

Conclusion on The Best Wearable Breast Pump

Now you need to worry less about choosing your next wireless, tubeless or wearable beast pump as we have got you covered with everything you need.

The willow breast pump is now available on Amazon at the moment, and you can also get it on the willow website.

Your go-to wearable breast pump on this list still goes to Elvie breast pump, why we didn’t make it our preferred choice is because of it spillage when using in the wrong position.

The Elvie comes with a single or double pump option, and it should be suitable for any mom who is willing to give it a trial. All pumps on the list are worth every penny they cost and suitable for whatever choice you made of them.

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