10 Best Silicone Breast Pump 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

My discovery of the best silicone breast pump was magical. Each time I see the precious milk from my breast wasting away, I feel dejected.

My nursing pads are usually wet after every breastfeeding session. I often feel like having the gadget to collect this precious gold and keep it for my baby’s consumption when I’m not around.

The answer to my quest is simply the silicone breast pumps that work by using powerful suction to draw the milk out of my breast. It takes care of the milk from my breast while nursing my baby on the other breast.

Silicone manual breast pumps usually are suitable for traveling. To use it, suction the pump while you are nursing on the other breast, and it will collect all breast milk conveniently in a bottle for your baby feeding. 


Why You Need a Silicone Breast Pump with Flower Stopper

It is never enough to collect the excess milk and be spilled accidentally from the bottles. The milk can be kept safe in clean bottles with beautiful silicone breast pump flower stoppers on them.

They are made in different colors and flower shapes to attract your baby. Babies are attracted to the bottles with their flower stoppers, and they will be tempted to take the milk in them.

These silicone breast pump flower stoppers are also a great way to prevent the milk in the bottles from getting contaminated with germs before your baby takes them.

It is not a great idea to get your baby infected with food poisoning. Another reason for using the silicone breast pump flower stoppers is that your nursing pad is intact and never wet anymore. You can now stay dry and neat after every breastfeeding session.

How to Use a Silicone Breast Pump

  • Sterilize your pump by boiling in water for 2-3 minutes.
  • Place the pump flange over your nipple, making sure your nipple is centered comfortably in the neck of the pump.
  • To start milk flow, apply suction by squeezing the base of the pump.
  • Adjust your pump position a couple of times, and once the pump is in place, you are good to go.
  • When the milk starts flowing, simply allow the pump to do its thing.
  • When the pump is filled, empty into a glass storage bottle and repositions it to start pumping all over again if you need more milk.
  • If you wish to encourage faster milk let-down, place a warm flannel on top of your breast and massage gently.
  • Also, collect precious milk that would otherwise be lost in a nursing pad, add your silicone pump to the other breast while your child is sucking.

Silicone Manual Breast Pump Reviews

Let me take you through the list of the best silicone breast pumps in the market at the moment.

1. Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump & Silicone

best silicone breast pumpThe Haakaa Silicone Breast Pumps are one of the most popular silicone breast pumps around and a must-have in your baby’s bag.

I have purchased other huge, loud, and complicated automatic pumps; this Breast Pump is made with 100% food-grade silicone, is super simple to use, and changed my breastfeeding life.

I only need to squeeze, press to my breast, and let the pump do the work for me as it draws the milk using natural suction.

The Haakaa silicone breast pump comes with a suction base that sticks to flat surfaces to prevent accidental spills and make your excess milk safe.

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pumps are the most portable and travel-friendly pump I have ever found in over a decade of nursing my babies.

It fits beautifully into any handbag as well as a baby bag, allowing you to pump on long-distance journeys, trains, car trips, family BBQs or anywhere you want to express yourself comfortably.

They don’t come with any cords, cables, or batteries and are 100% silent. They are super friendly and are safe for mums, babies, and our environment.

Here is taking breastfeeding to another exciting and comfortable height. Mums, doulas, and lactation counselors around the world love the Haakaa brand and recommend it.

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  • It doesn’t require any wire, cable, or battery to function.
  • It works as a great hands-free breast pump.
  • Portable and can be easily moved around.
  • Easy to clean and requires no assemblage. 
  • It is arguably the quietest breast pump.
  • It helps to save excess milk and prevent wastage and wetting your nursing pads.


  • It confines the user to a single position 
  • Its flanges might not size some moms

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2. Lansinoh Breastmilk Collector for Breastfeeding

best breast pump for low milk supply

The nursing moms like me work very hard to feed our baby. The Lansinoh breast milk collector provides a powerful suction that gathers every last drop of breast milk manually from your opposite breast when breastfeeding.

It is made with 100% food-grade silicone. BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. Your baby’s sound health is always intact with this pump. Unlike other Milk Savers, the Lansinoh Breast Milk Collector provides a neck brace and suction base to avoid accidental milk spills.

The Lansinoh Breast milk Collector for Breastfeeding is dishwasher-safe and convenient to clean, saving busy moms valuable time. Works perfectly with Lansinoh Breast milk Storage Bags and Lansinoh Bottles for storing and freezing for future consumption.

One full milk expression is capable of collecting up to 4 ounces/100ml. It comes with a built-in spout that makes pouring the breast milk into feeding bottles or Lansinoh Milk Storage bag convenient and straightforward.

It includes a suitable cap to keep breast milk collector dust-free, clean, and ready for use. The s milk is just like it’s coming directly from my breast, ever pure and hygienic.

It is quite small and portable, making it very simple to toss into my handbag and use it anywhere. My excess breast milk is never wasted again. This pump is made with premium food-grade soft silicone and makes it safe for both mom and baby.

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  • It is tranquil while in use.
  • It has an extreme suction power that encourages maximum milk let-down.
  • Prevents wastage of excess milk from the other breast
  • It doesn’t require any cord, wire, or battery to power it.
  • It is hands-free and gives you total freedom.


  • The suction power is a bit too strong at the initial usage.

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3. NatureBond Manual Breast Pump Silicone Breastfeeding Milk Saver Nursing Pump

best silicone breast pump

The NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump collects breast milk manually through the most intense natural suction pressure. It is hands-free with the best milk saver ability during breastfeeding.

Every drop of your breast milk is made to count. I was taken aback by what I got when I took the delivery of this pump. I received the pump pack, personally vacuum-sealed and packed.

For better comfort, the breast cupping flap is re-engineered to remove the redundant pouring spout that usually causes a piercing feeling and discomfort to my breast skin while using other manual breast pumps.

The sleek and soft silicone design ensures total comfort for my breast while pumping. The pump comes with a dual ring smart pressure design that gives the best comfort to your breast while pumping. I don’t even have to bother my head over varying the suction levels of the pump.

Gone are the days when the milk in the bottle of my other manual pump spills overdue to accidental knocks and kicks; the NatureBond pump comes with a Strap as an extra safety measure in place.

It also comes with a unique “scallop hem” breast pump stopper, capable of preventing absolute breast milk leaks from the pump, unlike other regular “lids” in the market.

The pump kit is enclosed in air-tight vacuum packaging with a pump collar, pump stopper, dust cover lid, and velvet pouch. NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump is every breastfeeding mum’s must-have portable breast milk saver in a diaper bag.


  • The milk is safe from spilling over.
  • The milk is safe from germs and contaminants. 
  • Pumps breast milk with utmost comfort
  • It is a highly efficient and fast breast pump.
  • No wire, tubes, or cable is required.


  • It has a kind of strong suction power that may be too rough for your breast

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4. Bumblebee Breast Pump Manual Breast Pump Breastfeeding Collection Cups

best silicone breast pump
The Bumblebee Silicone Breast Pump has made nursing and breastfeeding very simple for me. Breastfeeding and pumping used to be a very hectic job for me.

This silicone pump comprises 100% food-grade silicone to ensure that your breastfeeding milk comes with a natural feel and safe for your baby’s consumption.

Silicone breast pumps are designed to collect breast milk leaks and relieve engorgement using pure natural suction pressure and a breast pump stopper to stop milk leakage.

Every ounce of breast milk wasting is always a pain to every mom. The bumblebee silicone breast Pump is usually recommended by lactation mama and nurses from the USA family and Health Presbyterian Hospital for its efficiency and comfy nature.

I was advised that the Bumblebee brand manual breast pump has an anti-fake label, a patented Lotus Pond, and Lotus flower inscribe.

The manual Breast Pump has a fantastic lightweight with a tight breast pump stopper, a dust cover lid for breast pumps, a luxury pouch for your breast. It comes with a full-color instructions manual written in simple English language with quality hardcover box packaging.

I tag it as my most treasured baby shower gift for my unborn baby. It is very Light and Perfect for traveling when compared to electric breast pumps and other manual pumps. The breast pump has no cords, batteries, or assembly required.


  • It is very comfortable and safe to use
  • Strong suction power and pumping mechanism
  • Portable and lightweight making it easy to move around
  • It is simply 100% quiet when in use.
  • It is totally hands-free and pumps effortlessly.


  • Silicone becomes weak with time

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5. Godehone Silicone Breast Pump 2 Pack

best silicone breast pump

My milk always comes within 24 hours after birth, and I am always engorged and miserable by the time I reach home, and the week after.

I ordered these sets because I always leak from the other breast while nursing. So, I wanted something to catch it to work out some of the milk for relief. I used the Godehone silicone breast pump during just one breastfeeding session and got over 4 oz just trying to take the edge off.

The Godehone silicone breast pump comprises 100% food-grade, BPA-free, and skin-safe silicone and will protect your delicate skin to keep your milk healthy and natural for your baby’s consumption.

The pump is one of the most suitable milk savers for breastfeeding, easy to collect and save breast milk while feeding, compact to carry when commuting.

This silicone manual breast pump has such an effective but quick design and is quite easy to clean. Only a bottle brush, mild soap, and warm water are all you need. I got an all in one complete pump set with Air-Tight Vacuum Packaging 2 hand breast pumps, making it an ideal gift for now mothers.

The upgraded design makes the silicone breast pump have the function of collecting milk and pumping milo.


  • It has an upgraded and efficient milk leakage option. 
  • It is quite easy to wash and clean.
  • Works to save all your milk from wasting 
  • Relatively quiet
  • It is portable without any cord, batteries, or wire to carry around.


  • It becomes heavy as the milk starts filling the pump

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6. Tekstar Manual Silicone Breast Pump 2pack

best silicone breast pump
This is another effective manual silicone breast pump you need to check out. This silicone manual breast pump comprises 100% high-quality food-grade silicone, BPA and phthalate-free, soft, comfortable, and safe for both mom and baby; using the pump is quite very easy and simple.

All I need to do is simply suction the pump to my breast and let it do the work for me as it draws my milk using intense but smooth and highly comfortable suction power. Collecting all the let-down milk that would have been lost in a breast pad as I am breastfeeding my baby on the other breast.

After use, you only just clean the bottle with mild soap and water. You don’t need any special training to use this pump. It is perfect for long-distance trips, planes, car rides, or anywhere, Hassle-free, and fits perfectly into any handbag or diaper bag.

It is designed as a complete set with air-tight vacuum packaging, double Hand Breast Pump. Newborns can get immunity from breast milk, and breast milk is the best option for growing babies.

I just name it, my good helper, with anti-back-flow design, and the wide-mouth bottle makes it easy to store milk, help feed, and prevent breast milk from spilling.


  • It is easy to use and wash.
  •  Safe and hygienic to use at all times 
  • Highly efficient and fast in milk expression 
  • It is swift and efficient in milk expression.
  • It prevents wastage of milk and leakage.


  • The suction power is not too strong.
  • The cover isn’t too tight to prevent contamination 

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7. Bessentials Silicone Manual Breast Pump

best silicone breast pump This is another must-have maternal baby product for every breastfeeding mom. Learning to collect and preserve breast milk is a compulsory course every mom has to take very seriously, as I did.

My quest to stop milk wastage and cure myself of breast gorging pushed me to discover the Bessentials silicone manual breast pump. After every milk collection, you can transfer it into the baby bottle for feeding or place it in the fridge or freezer to preserve for future consumption by your baby.

I usually thaw at first when the milk is taken out from the freezer, and then heat the milk with a bottle warmer or place it in hot water for a few minutes. It is recommended to clean the pump with a soft brush to protect the pump from damage.

Just as the name implies, this pump is designed to be an essential gadget for babies and moms alike. This hand breast pump is made of high-quality food-grade silicone, which contains no BPA, PVC, and phthalate to ensure the safety and sound health of breastfeeding moms and their babies.

Thanks to the silicone material, this breast pump is soft and flexible to fit different breast sizes. Causing no pain during pumping. The small size and lightweight of the pump make it just perfectly fit into your handbag so that it can be carried around and used anywhere, anytime.


  • It pumps milk smoothly and comfortably.
  • It works quietly and discreetly. 
  • Provide a fast, effective, and efficient way of milk expression
  • It prevents milk wastage and wetting your nursing pad.
  • Does not require any cord, wire, or battery to power it


  • If the new ones are damaged, the kits are not readily available.
  • Getting compatible accessories and kits to work with it is quite difficult.

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8. Momease Portable Manual Breast Pump and Breast Milk Catcher

best silicone breast pump
The Momease portable Manual breast pump is designed to help eliminate spills. Just the way I want my gadgets, the pump has no power cords, less bulky equipment, and requires any messy clean-up after use. It is made from lightweight, soft, frosted silicone.

It also comes with a food-grade plastic travel case that allows you to store your saved milk over ice while on-the-go. This pump helps me to save every drop of my milk by stopping the loss of my precious milk to my nursing pad.

This Manual breast functions in two ways, as a milk collector and saver, allowing my baby the option of free milk while I am away. While breastfeeding my baby, I create suction on the other breast and catch the let-down.

With the silicone lid included, you can cover your pump,d put it in your refrigerator for up to 3 days, or move it to a suitable container for later use. The pump has a soft silicone breast Pump, a silicone Leak-Proof Lid, and a reusable Food-Grade Plastic Storage Container.

Your fear should be allayed because this pump is made from Food-Grade Silicone and BPA-Free; no more crying over spilled milk, just put your pump bra on, then walk around and get other stuff done while you pump.

The MomEase silicone breast milk collectors are a convenient, safe, and hygienic way to collect, express, and store breast milk I have ever seen. 


  • It is a very convenient and efficient way to stop milk wastage. 
  • Works with comfortable and intense suction
  • It is very portable and easy to move around. 
  • It has the flexibility of no cords or batteries and so can be used anywhere.


  • Poor suction that becomes weak with use

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9. Q-JING Manual Breast Pump

best silicone breast pump
The Q-jing Manual breast pump uses revolutionary two-phase technology to convey my breast milk in a convenient and relaxing way. The pump handle can be adjusted to easily switch between Stimulation and Expression phases with such an easy switch.

The Stimulation phase allows more rapid suction, similar to my baby’s suction pattern when she begins to breastfeed, which elicits a total let-down. Once the milk starts flowing, I can easily switch to the Expression phase, which provides slower cycles with more suction to efficiently express more breast milk.

The ergonomic easy-express handle eliminates hand fatigue by allowing for comfortable positioning. This actually changed my earlier impression of manual breast pumps.

The smooth rim on the flanges makes the feeling more relaxed and provides a stronger seal while pumping. You can clean the pump and lid with just water either by hand or by a dishwasher.

I usually sterilize the pump in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, and I have avoided putting it in the microwave. My Q-JING breast pump allows me to pump directly into Q-JING milk bags for convenient and hygienic pumping.


  • It helps to save a lot of breast milk. 
  • It has an intense but strong suction. 
  • Easy to use and wash 
  • It is very portable and can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • Convenient and comfortable to use  


  • It is cumbersome

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10. Tommee Tippee Made for Me Single Manual Silicone Breast Pump 

best silicone breast pump It’s as if the Tommee Tippee Made for Me Manual Silicone Breast Pump is specifically designed, having me in mind because it’s simply one of a kind.

This silicone pump is the gentler way to pump or collect milk. I just use it to express, catch let-down while nursing, and provide relief to milk filled breasts. The feeling of ease from the pain I feel in my breast due to engorgement is best imagined.

The pump is simple, cord-free, and made from 100% food-grade silicone materials safe for both mom and baby. The reusable travel & microwave sterilizer bag fits discreetly into every handbag, holding the device in a sterile space and ensuring its precious contents remain safe.

It’s also made for on-the-go sterilization, a perfect alternative to a big pump kit. This pump supports my quest to feed my baby wherever and whenever I feel like it. With this pump, you earn an opportunity to use it as a breast pump, a let-down catcher, or to provide relief to your engorged breasts.

It has a Light suction, which helps draw milk from your breasts with comfort and relative ease. It is small and discreet enough to use anywhere.

The transparency of this pump helps to show how much milk you have collected and prevented overfilling. I just Use as a let-down aid to collect my precious milk while nursing my baby on the other breast.


  • Mimics your baby’s natural sucking pattern 
  • Safe and Hygenic
  • It helps to keep and preserve excess milk on the go
  • It is very user friendly and highly effective


  • Fall off easily 
  • The pump doesn’t have a cover and may cause milk contamination.

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Manual Silicone Breast Pump Suction 

Breast pump suction level is the pressure from the pump required to squeeze out milk from the breast. This is measured in mmHg (millimeters of mercury), which is the standard unit measuring vacuum pressure.

The mercury there has nothing to do with your breast; it’s just a unit. This number is written as part of the product features of all breast pumps. It generally ranges from 220 to 350 mmHg, which is the maximum suction level for all pumps.

Silicone breast pumps are usually within the range of 180-250 mmHg suction level. The squeezing from silicone breast pumps is achieved by a completely non-automatic procedure of removing the milk from the breasts.

It is done manually; many moms choose pumps with manually operated suction levels since they are less costly and can easily be changed whenever components have grown damaged from usage.

Silicone Breast Pump Flange

This is the breast pump part that actually touches the breast, covering the nipple and areola area. They are made of varying sizes to fit different nipple sizes of moms.

The flange is the part that connects your breast to the pump from where the milk will travel down the tube to the bottle or another collection device. It is also called a breast shield.

After giving birth and start pumping severally, your breast size is meant to change so that you may need multiple flanges for your pump. It will be a great idea to check the fit from time to time, and when buying your breast pump, look out for the ones with multiple flanges/shields.

You may also want to get a pump that can work with other flange sizes too. The average flange, which corresponds to the size of your nipple, is between 24 and 27 millimeters (mm). There are other bigger sizes, such as 35 mm and 40 mm in plastic and glass flanges.

Conclusion on The Best Silicone Breast Pump

Breast pump remains one of the most priced items breastfeeding moms find difficult to part with due to its importance and how hard some moms like me go to get it produced.

Gone are the days when we just watch our milk waste away and sometimes stain our nursing pads without any solution in sight.

The advent of the best silicone breast pumps has added another excitement to the art of breastfeeding.

Moms can now relax and collect the milk from the other breast while nursing their babies on one breast into a bottle and keep for your baby to feed on later.

You now have some breathing space to leave your baby for a few hours so long you have expressed enough milk for him to feed on while you are away. The act of breastfeeding has just become another exciting part of moms’ lives, and it can only get better. 

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