Best Manual Breast Pumps for Travelling Moms

5 Best Manual Breast Pumps for Travelling Moms 2020

Best manual breast pumps for traveling moms- breast pumps started with the invention of manual breast pumps as the simple solution for traveling and busy moms’ yearnings to breastfeed their babies.

It is also an effortless way of not denying the baby the breast milk for moms who have other genuine reasons not to breastfeed their babies directly.

Mums who want to travel and will be needing the manual breast pumps while on the road sometimes find it difficult choosing the best manual pumps in the market.

So many moms want to breastfeed their babies following doctors’ prescriptions and advice but faced with several challenges stopping them from doing so.

Some mothers have infections placing restrictions on them. Some give birth to twins and triplets or more kids at birth, and breastfeeding them equally becomes a major problem.

We compile the list of the top manual breast pumps in the market using the unique features of these manual pumps as the yardstick for rating them.

The portability, cost, ease of dismantling, assemblage, and washing are the key features that make the best manual breast pumps for travel a convenient tool across the world.

Another major thing to look out for when choosing the best manual breast pump is the ease of using it. You don’t want to purchase a tool you will have to attend training before using it.

Steps Involved in Using Manual Breast Pumps for Exclusive  Pumping

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the bottles or any other part of the pump that will be in contact with the breast milk.
  • Place the breast shield on your nipple, making sure it is not touching the side of the shield.
  • Start pumping the breast milk by squeezing the handle of your manual breast pump. The milk does not start coming immediately until after some initial pumping.
  • Switch to the other breast and pump it too after a few minutes of pumping one breast.
  • When you are through with the breast pump, you dismantle and wash all the parts and allow it to air dry.  

Best Manual Breast Pump for Travel – Moms Ultimate Reviews

Let’s take you through a list of the experts picked manual breast pumps in the market at the moment.


1. The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Best Manual breast Pumps for Travelling moms

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The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump is the best manual breast pump in the market currently for moms with low breast milk supply.

It offers the highest possible suction needed to fully drain your breast to stimulate the production of more milk by the breast.

The Medela Harmony includes the breast pump, a 24 mm breast shield, one 5-ounce bottle with a lid and a stand, and all the breast pump parts you’ll need. It uses 2-phase expression technology.

During the first phase, you prepare your breasts for a let-down, by using the lever that is closest to the breast shield.

Once the breast milk begins to come out of your breast, you use the longer lever to pump the milk until your breast is emptied. The suction of the Medela Harmony manual pump is soft and gentle on the skin.

It is also straightforward to use and may not require the use of the instruction manual.


  • It gives the highest suction of all manual breast pumps in the market.
  • It makes little to no noise, and it is amazingly cheap for your use.
  • Easy to dismantle, wash, and reassemble to forestall the infection of your baby’s meal by germs.
  • For occasional time away from the baby. It can be used when you are away from your baby.
  • 2 phase expression technology; the short plunger prepares the breast for the milk to start flowing while the longer plunger keeps the breast milk flowing till the breast is fully drained.
  • Lightweight design is portable and discreet, making it very handy and ‘easy to carry around without any hassle.
  • Personal Fit 24 mm breast shield for improved comfort and breast milk efficient flow. Different sizes of breast shields are available for sale individually.
  • Each part of the Medela Harmony breast pump that touches the breast milk is made without BPA – which is much safer for your baby.


2.  Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Best Manual Breast Pumps for Travelling moms

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Lansinoh manual breast pump is by far the fastest manual breast pump around. It is made for moms who have very little time at work and on the travel to quickly drain their breast milk once or mostly twice in the day.

This pump is designed with two different modes, which are the stimulation and the expression modes. This feat allows moms to find the right suction and the best fit that works for them.

The ergonomic design and easy-express handle will prevent your hand and fingers from getting hurt due to repetitive squeezing movements.

The Lansinoh manual breast pump can be used with other milk-saving bottles. 


  • The Lansinoh Manual breast pump uses innovative two-phase technology to conveniently and comfortably express breast milk. The handle of the pump can be easily adjusted to switch between Stimulation and Expression phases. The Stimulation phase allows more rapid suction, similar to your baby’s suction pattern at the beginning of a breastfeeding session, which will cause the milk to start flowing freely. Once the milk starts flowing, it’s easy to switch to the Expression phase by giving slower cycles with more suction to efficiently express the breast milk endlessly.
  • The lightweight manual breast pump has an ergonomic easy-express handle to reduce hand fatigue and pain due to continuous squeezing. It can be easily carried in any bag while traveling for quiet pumping sessions on the road.
  • This breast pump features dual-mode pumping & includes 2 flange sizes (standard 25mm & large 30.5mm), and Natural Wave nipple cap & collar. It provides ideal and excellent suction, storage, and feeding pattern at your convenience. 
  • The Lansinoh breast pumps allow you to pump directly into our pre-sterilized Lansinoh breast milk storage bags for convenient, hygienic pumping that saves precious breast milk from contamination at rapid successions.
  • It is designed from the best BPA friendly materials in the market to give your baby breast milk just like he/she is suckling directly from your breast.
  • It is also ridiculously cheap and straightforward to use. Most buyers have confessed to its simplicity in dismantling, washing, and reassembling. It is arguably the most affordable manual breast pump in the market.
  • The Lansinoh manual breast pump is uniquely invented by a breastfeeding mom to assist other moms across the world to achieve breastfeeding with manual breast pumps with a difference.


3. Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

Best Manual Breast Pumps for Travelling moms

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  This breast pump, as the name implies, is very comfortable in so many great ways.

It has a nicely compact structure that is easy to fix in place on the breast, and its continuous pumping gives comfort to the hands.

The Philips Avent Manual Comfort breast pump has very lightweight, making it an excellent kit to carry around while traveling.

It also has a textured massage cushion to boost the let-down, which leads to the woman’s breast milk flow.

The shape of this breast pump males it quite easy to fix on the breast and find the best position for free milk flow from the breast and also set it in place while pumping goes on.

There are special bottles that work perfectly with this manual breast pump, as well as other large-mouthed bottles in the market.

They are easy to dismantle, washed, and reassembled with relative ease and little difficulty. The Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast pump is arguably the fastest in milk expression amongst the quality manual breast pumps in the market.


  • Very easy to pump and quite comfortable to use at all times while traveling
  • More suiting and comfortable pumping position due to unique design.
  • Soft, textured massage cushion helps stimulate milk flow at a rapid rate.
  • Compact, lightweight design of the pump body makes it easy to hold and position on your breast
  • Compatible with other Philips Avent feeding products, such as Natural and Classic bottles and breast milk storage containers, as well as other wide-mouthed bottles.
  • Made from BPA-Free materials to make the baby free from milk contaminations and infections 
  • The collection container that connects to the pump also works as a bottle with the included natural, breast-shaped nipple.
  • The breast pump also features an uncomplicated design with only a few parts that can all be washed in the dishwasher. 


4.  Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump


Best Manual Breast Pumps for Travelling Moms

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Haakaa Silicone manual breast pump is the most comfortable manual breast pump for traveling moms ever produced. It is used on one breast when the baby is suckling the other breast.

The let-down on one breast prompts the milk to continue flowing on the other breast. It might not be suitable as the main breast pump as it pumps quite slowly and also pumps a small amount of milk since it requires no squeezing before the milk start flowing continuously.

Fold the flange back, place over your breast, then release the flange back again to create a super stronghold.

The Haakaa Silicone breast pump is the best used manual breast pump across the world as a milk catcher rather than used on as your only pump.

Some moms have been able to pump by squeezing and releasing, but others find it better as an occasional relief only and still uses a stronger pump at other times.

Haakaa breast pump has a bit of a cult/blind following amongst breastfeeding moms around the world for quite several good reasons.

Its iconic design couldn’t be simpler, with a single piece of perfectly shaped silicone that you use to suction your breasts manually. 


  • Soft and comfortable on the skin while in use.
  •  It is approved by FDA as 100% high-quality food-grade silicone. Every mom wants green- safety baby products, and the Haakaa pump is BPA PVC and Phthalate Free.
  • The Haakaa Silicone manual breast pump is built as a lightweight and portable. 
  • Simply suction to your breast and let the pump do the work for you as it draws your milk using suction, or you can use it for let-down what would otherwise be lost in a breast pad as you breastfeed on the other breast. Perfect for long-distance trips, planes, car rides, or anywhere you would like to express silently and discretely.
  • For dishwasher and can be sterilized. No cords, batteries or assembly required. It’s easy to clean and use.
  • It is made from 100% food-grade silicone material and could work with flower stopper or silicone lid.

5.  NUK Expressive Manual Breastpump

Beast Breast Pumps for TRavelling Moms

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Moms with large breasts, sizes have found it quite challenging to get the perfect manual breast pump to work conveniently for them without any hitch. The NUK expressive manual breast pump is specifically designed for the plus-size moms.

This pump, made for occasional use, costs a lot less than many of its competitors in the market. Moms can adjust both the speed and suction of this pump as they use it, and the milk pumps straight into any NUK bottle that you attach.

It works at a super-efficient speed to quickly pump all the breast milk so that moms can rush off to other things while traveling.

It is also designed with an ergonomic handle to reduce the strain on your hand while pumping. The Nuk Expressive breast pump weighs just about 5 Oz and with few parts for easy dismantling and washing and also very easy to carry around while traveling.

t will be found that this pump works best when the breastfeeding mom leans slightly forward – that allows the milk to go into the bottle and not run out of the unit.  


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to clean and assemble.
  • It is built such that you can control the suction and speed you need with relative ease, the shape of the cushion molds perfectly to the shape of your breast to help stimulate let-down and efficient flow of milk while pumping.
  • Ergonomic handle helps to minimize hand fatigue while pumping. The ergonomic handle is designed to align closer to the milk collection bottle while pumping.
  • It is designed with breast cushion for ultimate comfort on moms.
  • possess the ability to weighs only 5.5 ounces making it the lightest manual breast pump in the market.
  • It is designed with simple parts to clean and assemble without training and less time-consuming. Press down faster on the handle to help promote let-down when you first start pumping, then change to slower presses on the handle after let-down to better mimic baby’s deep suckling once your breast milk is flowing.


If you need to pump your breast milk for our baby while traveling is not too consistent and much, you will most likely fall in love with the manual breast pumps.

The very best manual breast pumps for traveling moms are amazingly cheap, and they are also useful alternatives for the electrically powered breast pumps.

You manual breast pumps will assist you to skip the hassle of trying to recharge your pump often. Although efforts are firmly on to eliminate the manual breast pumps, they are still handy for progressing moms to help them give their babies the best.

I sincerely hope that this write up will assist you in making the right decision in choosing the best manual breast pump for traveling moms.

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