best breast pump for everyday use

Best Manual Breast Pump For Everyday Use In 2022

Getting hold of the best manual breast pump for everyday use either while traveling or when you’re at home can be all you ever wanted to make breastfeeding less traumatic.

Nursing can be difficult for anyone, whether a new mom or a midwife. My experience with my two kids was different during nursing as they respond differently to feeding.

Many factors can determine if you will need a manual breast pump or electric breast pump for exclusive pumping your daily use.

If you’re the lazy type like me and hate going through severe stress before pumping and not suffering from low milk supply, you may consider a manual breast pump is your best option. 

They are usually made with few parts to clean and assemble; silicone manual breast pumps are a better example of this; you only have the pump or milk bottle and the flange cap to clean.

We have put together some of the best manual breast pumps in the market with our views about them so you can make a better choice for yourself.

How to use a silicone breast pump

This illustration can be used for any silicone breast pump if you are willing to buy one or you have one and do not know how it works. We notice that putting this into writing might be difficult to understand; that is why we have a video to put you through without misconception.

How to use a hand manual breast pump

Best manual breast pump for low milk supply

1. Medela, Harmony Breast Pump, Manual Breast Pump

best manual breast pump for everyday use This portable and silent breast pump allows you to pump with ease. The pump bottles are compatible with the other medela electric breast pump bottles, so this is an excellent compliment if you own the medela electric breast pump.

To mimic your baby’s suckles, these pumps are made with two-phase expression technology to give you better comfort while pumping.

The pump comes with a 24mm breast shield that fits well for most breasts to improve the mother’s comfort and efficient flow of breast milk; you can buy other shield sizes if that’s too small or too big.

The portability and lightweight of this pump make it easier to move around; also, it fits into any purse perfectly. 


  • Strong suction mode 
  • Manual Control vacuum for better suction experience 
  • Comes with two 150ml bottles (5 oz), bottle stand 
  • User guide for better user experience 
  • Lightweight and very portable 


  • Weak suction over time as a result of weak O ring that comes with the pump 

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2. Haakaa Gen 3 Manual Breast Pump

best manual breast pump for everyday use

To serve nursing moms better, Haakaa develops generation 3, which is bigger and better. The pump comes in 3 different sizes to give nursing mothers a better option to collect milk from their breasts.

The only silicone breast pump comes with bottle teeth; with this amazing development, you don’t have to transfer your milk from one bottle to another; you can now feed your baby directly after expressing.

The big silicone bottle provides continuous usage when your baby moves from liquid to solids; no money is lost with this wonderful pump.

A double anti-colic vent is positioned on the nipple to prevent unwanted air intake from providing a comfortable, smooth drinking experience for your baby.


  • Leakproof design to keep expressed milk from spilling off.
  • wide bottle mouth for easy cleaning
  • Convex angle to quickly change from a silicone pump to a feeding bottle.
  • Light and comfortable while in use 
  • Big flange compatible for any breast size 
  • Safe in the steam sterilizer and boiling water 


  • Poor suction due to the convex angle 

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Best manual breast pump for working moms

3. Q-JING Manual Breast Pump 

best manual breast pump for everyday use This is the pump I will call the combo pack. This pump comes with everything that’s needed to give you a wonderful pumping experience. The Q-jing manual breast pump comes with a silicone bottle for collecting let down and a hand pump that gives you complete control over your pumping section.

With this pump working, moms are faced with various options to provide milk for their babies when necessary, either you choose to pump, or collection let down.

The hand pump is designed to switch between the stimulation and expression phase for a convenient and comfortable moment while pumping.

Both parts are easy to sterilize, clean, and also compatible with a dishwasher.

With this pump, you can choose to pump into the bottle and feed your baby directly from it without having to transfer from one bottle to another.


  • Provides multiple choice for a few bucks
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Both components are light and portable.
  • Can also be used as a feeding bottle
  • Includes a complete pack for everything you to start pumping


  •  The silicone bottle doesn’t fit well and might fall off if care is not taken, causing milk to spill

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4. SMLZV Manual Breast Pump Silicone Hand

best manual breast pump for everyday use Working moms are usually faced with little to no time while at work, so there is a need for an efficient pump that will give the maximum results within a limited period.

SMLZV has proven to give nursing more comfort while breast pumping as it is made with a petal massage pad that protects the breast and a soft massage cushion so the pump can fit well.

The pump is made to prevent air leaks with an adjustable function that could trick your baby’s action of suckling.

Silent while in use is another amazing feature of this pump; it’s also portable and would fit well into any bag or purse so that you can have it with you anywhere for easy expression.

It comes with very few parts for easy assembly and disassembles, making it easy to clean after and before use to save the mother’s precious time.

It also comes with a cover that prevents germs, dust, and other bacteria from finding their way into your precious milk.


  • Provides more comfort for pumping mom
  • Milk is safe from infection and
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Can withstand any temperature for sterilization
  • Portable and lightweight – easy to care around.


  • None for now

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Best manual breast pump for travel  

5. Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual

best manual breast pump for everyday use
The best manual breast pump for travel needs to have the characteristics of whenever, however, and that’s what Phillips Avent is giving.

It features a soft massage cushion with five textured petals with the purpose to help gently stimulate milk flow by mimicking your baby’s natural suckling patterns.

This pump offers the opportunity to pump on the go conveniently while relaxing. You can use this bottle as a feeding bottle with that; you don’t have to transfer milk from one bottle to another after pumping.

Suitable for babies from birth to six months old. The breast shape nipple makes conversion from breast to bottle easy for the baby by encouraging a comfortable latch.

Simple and easy design with few parts to assemble and also dishwasher safe. If you’re comfortable with the massage cushion, there are other sizes available for sale, which you can actually check out. 


  • Comes with bottle teeth to be used as a breastfeeding bottle 
  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to clean 
  • Compatible with other electric Avent pump bottles 
  • Comfortable massage cushion for better expression 


  • Usually loud and squeaky

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6. Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump & Silicone 

best breast pump for everyday use

This is the silicone breast pump for every mom willing to collect letdown and provide constant milk for their babies. 

If you’re a nursing mother and willing to go on vacation with your baby, I think you need the manual breast pump for travel. 

With this pump, there is no need to wait for an electric supply or look for batteries; all you have to do is squeeze the pump to let the air out of it and allow it to do its magic. 

The pump comes in 3 different sizes 3Fl oz, 4Fl oz, and 5.4 Floz, giving nursing moms the different options that suit them favorably with a fitting cap that prevents spilling milk.

The silicone flange sticks well to the breast surface to provide hands-free pumping to prevents it from falling off the breast. 

Sterilizing this pump doesn’t affect the pump as it is safe and has a high resistance to high or low temperature.

Since it’s just the pump and the cap straightforward to clean and maintain, you can use a brush for cleaning if your hand can’t get into the pump.


  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to clean 
  • Super easy to use 
  • Secure and friendly for your baby (made with the best material) 
  • The flange is a size for all. 


  • The silicone rubber get weak over time 

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Best manual breast pump for small breasts

7. Unimom Manual Breast Pump with Soft Silicone Massaging Breast Shield

best manual breast pump for everyday use Unimom manual bread pump is an amazing breast pump for small breasts that fit into any nipples size for better comfort.

The breast is made with comfort in mind with a soft silicone shield that warms and massages the breast to make pumping a better comfortable experience.

You don’t worry about transferring breast milk from the pump bottle, which can cause spillage; instead, you can pump and feed your baby directly from the pump with the help of the bottle teeth or nipple that comes with the pump.

The primary freedom manual breast pump gives you the ability to control the suction rate, the ergonomic handle that comes with this pump is soft, easy to use, and doesn’t cause fatigue to the hand when i.

For easy pumping on the go, the pump fits perfectly into diaper bags, handbags, or purse, and all parts are free from harmful chemicals that could contaminate your precious milk.


  • Easy to use assemble
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Comes with a teeth cap for direct bottle feeding


  • Milk does get stuck under the funnel reducing the suction power.
  • Too many parts to clean

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8. MAM Manual Breast Pump

best manual breast pump for everyday use The MAM manual breast pump is a single transportable breast pump designed for supreme comfort and flexibility for you and your baby. The ergonomic appearance of the handle on this breast pump allows for smooth pumping, while its quiet performance makes it ideal for home, work, and on the go. 

The breast pump includes a transparent adaptor that permits you to see the funnel’s positioning on the breast, a detachable silicone funnel for maximum comfort while pumping, and a funnel cover to preserve the silicone breast pump from dust and dirt. 

This portable breast pump is harmonious with all MAM Easy start anti-colic baby bottles. Its sealing disc can be used to convert MAM Baby bottles into storage containers for breast milk.

The MAM manual breast pump also comes with one 5 oz, a start anti-colic baby bottle with a size one slow flow bottle nipple, One Size 0 extra slow flow baby bottle nipple, one sealing disc, and two spare valve membranes. 


  • Quiet, Easy, and convenient pumping for small breast
  • Comes with a silicone insert funnel for more comfortability
  • Portable and can fit into any purse or Handbag for easy mobility. 
  • Reduced colic gas and reflux 


  • Too many parts, maybe difficult to out together 

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Best manual pump for large breasts 

9. NatureBond Manual Breast Pump Silicone Breastfeeding

best manual breast pump for everyday use To collect let down while you go about your chores, you need a silicone breast pump that fits well without any support.

NatureBond manual breast pump is the best at collecting letdown while you breastfeed your baby from the other breast with comfort.

The flag the comes with the pump is wide enough for any breast size, comfortable, and doesn’t cause any pain to the nipple.

The pump comes with a dual ring smart pressure design to provide a better suction level so mom can adjust the suction force to their desire choice.

The pump comes with a strap to prevent your precious milk from spillage by accidental knock or kicks; this strap is used to cover the flange to prevent any form of spillage.

Also, the pump stopper and duct cover are present to prevent milk leaks and dust or other bacteria from finding theirs into the breast milk.


  • Better suction with the invention of the dual ring 
  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to clean


  • Doesn’t stick well to the skin

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10. Bumblebee Breast Pump Manual Breast Pump

best manual breast pump for everyday use Bumblebee is a silicone breast for collecting leaks and let down while you’re breast freedom your baby on the other breast. 

The breast has a milk stopper that prevents spilling milk due to accidental knocks or kicks from your baby because every milk is precious.

The breast pump is made from the finest material as it can endure any temperature from warming and easy to clean because it comes with few parts. 

Every drop of milk collected into the pump is safe and clean from germs and other bacteria that can contaminate your precious milk as it comes with an anti-dust lid to ensure your breast milk is pure and clean.

The pump is soft on the skin, giving you little to no pain, and lightweight to give you a hands-free pumping experience.


  • lightweight and easy to clean
  • More suction levels
  • Super easy to use
  • made with the best material
  • Perfect for either small or large breast


  • The silicone rubber get weak over time

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What to consider before buying a breast pump

There are many manual breast pumps in the market, and buying the best that is effective and efficient is important. Here is a detailed guide of everything you need to consider before purchasing a breast pump.

Comfortability: Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt either should pumping. Though pumping may come with some difficulties like nipple pain, but should not be persistent. To get a pump that is comfortable on your skin, you need to look out for a pump whose flanges are made with soft silicone or petal cushion. These cushions help to stimulate the areola for a natural letdown. It would also help if you chose a pump where you don’t have to lean forward or backward to express, which can cause body pain. Check the features and comfortability before buying.

Flange size: Many pumps come with at least two flange sizes, though some only come with one. You have to check well before selecting any pump. Those made with one flange size may be too small or too big for your breast, causing the flange not to stay on you.
With a two size flange pump, you have the option to choose between the two options available without having to incur additional expenses. If the flanges are still uncomfortable, you can buy a fitting one.

best manual breast pump for everyday use

Easy of use: Pumps with complicated settings and instruction should be avoided, especially if you’re a first-time mom. You should be able to use a pump as smoothly as possible without going through any difficulties. This will help enhance pumping on the go, in the office, or in the car.

Portability: manual breast pumps are usually portable and lightweight. Although you are pumping away from home or traveling from time to time, you may go for a lighter pump. For that purpose, you need a breast pump with a bag and other pumping accessories to move your tool around.

Easy to assemble: coupling and decoupling your breast pump shouldn’t take your precious time and should be done in a split of seconds. With a silicone breast pump, you have nothing to put together. If you choose other types of pumps, you need one that’s simple and sleek in design. This will help you stay organized while you pump away from home.

Efficiency: effective and efficient is what you need when you pump away from home. No one likes to be tied to a pump for hours, all in the name of pumping, while there are other activities you need to do. It would be best to have a pump that fasts at expressing enough breast milk within a limited period.

Benefits of a manual breast pump over electric

Lightweight: manual pumps are usually simple in design and made with little parts. That little parts made it easy to clean and assemble, unlike electric breast pumps that are bulky and made with lots of parts. The lightweight makes it easy to have with and also promotes pumping on the go.

Cheap: many manual breast pumps cost less than $50; unlike electric breast pumps that are usually expensive. You can also check out some cheap electric breast pump, but are usually less effective.

Quiet: These types of pumps are generally quiet though you may experience some squeaking sound. You can use it anywhere, even when your baby is sleeping, without disturbing them. They are generally silent compare to electric pumps.


It does not require batteries: manual breast does not require batteries or electricity to function, making it easy to use anywhere. You may not be able to electric pumps while away from the electric area. There are also possibilities that batteries may get damaged, which you may need to replace. All these do not apply to a manual bread pump.

best manual breast pump for everyday use


Some questions that are worth answering about manual breast pump and why you need one

How often can I use a manual breast pump? 

You can use a manual breast pump whenever you like enough milk to pump or collect. For your breast to be ready for another pumping section, it will take a minimum of an hour or two after a nursing or pumping period.

It is important to always sterilize your pump after each pumping section and before use to keep your milk germs free. 

Since a manual breast pump does not require a battery or any power outlet, this gives you the freedom to pump whenever you want to without having to worry about the pump battery life.

Does a manual breast pump work better?

That depends on what you want to use it for; if you’re collecting milk to feed your baby later or wish to increase your milk supply, a manual breast can be your go-to option.

If your options are beyond that, you will want to opt-in for an electric breast pump with different power suction modes for better expression of your breast milk. 

In some cases, you might want to try the silicone or the manual breast pump with a handle to see which works best.

Silicone breast pumps usually collect milk or let down, while other manual breast pumps with handles allow you to pump by squeezing the handle to milk out of your breast.

Do I need to sterilize my breast pump every day?

Yes, you need to; in fact, I suggest you sterilize before every use to give yourself a good conscience that your baby is taking what’s clean. 

When you can’t go through sterilizing before use, you have to make sure you clean every part of the pump immediately after use and before usage.

While nursing, your milk goes directly into the baby’s mouth without been contaminated, and that’s what you’re trying to do again by making sure every part that comes in contact with your breast milk is safe.

best manual breast pump for everyday use

Is a manual breast pump better than electric?

The most prominent advantage of having a manual breast pump is that you can pump whenever you want without electricity or batteries.

Manual breast pumps are usually easy to clean because they come with few parts and are readily available for use anytime. 

Besides that, you can always go for an electric breast pump; we have varieties of them in the market, the hospital-grade pump, wearable breast pump, and the standard breast pump to choose from different features and capabilities. 

If you’re looking to pump conveniently without stress exclusively, an electric breast pump will be your best option.

Do you get more milk with a manual pump?

This varies depending on each individual; I get the same amount of milk when using a manual pump, though at a longer period than an electric pump. Manual pumps like the medela hand pump could get more within a shorter time frame because you get to control its suction rate. 

And if you’re collecting letdown using the silicone pump, you won’t have much milk, unlike when you’re hand expressing or using the electric breast pump. 

How long after pumping Can I breastfeed?

Though milk is being produced non-stop by your body, you will have to wait until you feel you have enough milk to give out, usually 1 to 1 and half hours after pumping or breastfeeding. 

Within this time frame, your body will have produced enough milk for your baby, which is usually more than enough for your baby. 

So you don’t have to pump and dump; instead, you pump and stack up in a freezer or fridge for your baby consumption at a later day. 

You can as well pump and breastfeed simultaneously; all this practice is to allow your body to produce enough milk for your baby because the baby’s demand increases as they grow. 

Is it better to pump more often or longer?

Pumping longer can cause severe pain on your nipples; it’s the same as nursing for a long time. So it is advisable to pump more frequently, and if you’re planning to increase your milk supply, you can always pump till you feel your breasts are empty; this will help increase your milk supply with time. 

Too much of everything is bad while pumping more often; make sure you are giving your breast enough time to produce enough milk for your baby to nurse on or for you to pump.

Conclusion on the best manual breast pump for everyday use

For relief and an adequate supply of milk, you need the best manual breast pump for everyday use, and some varieties are suitable for any occasion you find yourself.

Manual pumps with handle can cause fatigue when used frequently, unlike silicone breast pump that’s we have put together in the article so you can have a flexible choice to make.

With the manual breast pump, you can attend to your baby’s needs anytime, anywhere you find yourself.

Are you planning on going for any vacation, spending some time away from your baby, or probably you’re about to resume work? Why don’t you get one of the best manual breast pumps for everyday use and be sure of a constant milk supply for your baby wherever you are.

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