Best Hospital Grade Breast Pumps Reviews for 2022

Breast pumps have proven to help a lot of breastfeeding moms in a lot of astonishing ways. The best hospital grade breast pumps are the most sought after.

These pumps have the highest sales in the market because they give breastfeeding moms absolute value for their money. The best hospital breast pumps were designed to be multi-user rental breast pumps.


best hospital grade breast pumps

These pumps come with stronger suction strength, unique wavelength, and special programming that allow mothers with peculiar medical situations to produce the maximum amount of breast milk that is humanly possible.

These breast pumps are quite expensive, but they were manufactured with the most exceptional hygiene and safety elements in mind.

They are considered the best breast pumps that follow the baby’s natural breastfeeding pattern and do not irritate breastfeeding mothers. They are also fast when expressing milk from the breast.

A first-time mom will most likely get the most beautiful experience when she lay her hands on any of the quality hospital-grade breast pumps available on the market.


Unimom Opera Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump 

best hospital grade breast pump
Of all the pumps on the list, our recommended pump is the Unimom opera hospital-grade double electric breast pump. This breast pump outclasses all other contemporary breast pumps in the market with its super efficiency and flexibility. Its other unique advantages are

  • The smart memory function automatically remembers the settings you used last time, making it convenient to use. No setting of the pump whenever you want to use it.
  • It provides fantastic comfort to breastfeeding moms as well as excellent massaging functions.
  • Backflow Protection technology protects expressed milk and baby from bacteria, mold, and viruses while pumping.
  • The Unimom opera hospital-grade double electric breast pump comes with the most reliable motor system to allow multiple pumping per day.

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Best Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

1. Medela Symphony Breast Pump

best hospital grade breast pump
Introducing the first breast pump with a 2-Phase Expression technology– Medela Symphony Breast Pump- A powerful hospital grade breast pump engineered to closely mimic a baby’s nursing patterns and rhythms, to achieve an unprecedented 18% more breast-milk production when double pumping.

It is an efficient and comfortable breast pump produced by Medela, which has long been recognized since 1961 as an expert advocate of breastfeeding through its development of research-based breast pump technology. 

As a result, Medela is the number 1 breast pump brand in the United States of America and most parts of the world. It is also the most recommended brand by doctors and is used in most hospitals.

The Medela Symphony Breast Pump features an innovative design- the Overflow Protection- which prevents milk overflow by a specially designed membrane, which creates a closed system. 

It has also been clinically proven to achieve a faster milk ejection and flow when pumping at a Maximum Comfort Vacuum. 

Its second-to-none whisper-quiet technology provides discretion during late night or early morning pumping, thereby creating an enhanced pumping experience.


  • Madela’s patented 2-phase Expression technology: Proven to get 18% more milk when double pumping
  • Maximum Comfort Vacuum: Proven to achieve faster milk ejection and faster milk flow
  • Symphony 2.0 program card: A computer chip that stores all information about the pumping program
  • Medela Symphony double pumping kit: Two separate, independent membrane units that allow switching between single and double pumping by directly applying or removing the second collection kit to the breast
  • One-touch let-down button: Easily will enable moms to return to the stimulation phase while pumping quickly
  • Card and cord protector
  • Detailed instructions for use; maximum effectiveness and lifespan of the equipment


  • It can successfully accommodate multiple users
  • Ultra-easy switching between single and double pumping
  • Parts are easy to clean, so you can conveniently continue to feed your baby for as long as you choose


  • In case of damage to equipment, very few technically competent personnel are available to effect repairs

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2. Unimom Opera Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump 

best hospital grade breast pump
The Unimom breast pumps is a hospital grade breast pump with rechargeable batteries. This breast pump possesses a strong suction, making it efficient and effective, saving moms a lot of time. Also, this pump comes with a rechargeable battery making it useful away from home and electricity. In addition, this battery will give you more than six pumping sessions when fully charged, making it suitable for moms on the go.

Furthermore, this pump features a smart memory function that automatically retains previously used settings for better convenience. With that, you don’t have to go through the settings whenever you want to pump. This pump is also a closed system pump, as it ensures expressed milk does not find its way into the tubes, which could cause contamination.

You can use this pump any time of the day as it comes with an LCD making it useful during the dark. With this, you don’t have to put o the light, which can wake your sleeping baby when you need to pump.


  • Hospital Grade/Multi-User: Longer operating hours with stronger suction.
  • Closed System with anti-backflow protection.
  • Memory Function: The smart memory function automatically remembers the settings you used last time.
  • It comes with two twin motors that allow full suction power without decreasing during double pumping. You can also set a different vacuum power on each side.
  • Also, feature three different illumination levels that allow you to pump during the day or night.

What we like 

  • Strong suction for better pumping efficiency
  • Portable and lightweight making it easy to around
  • Can be used at any time of the day
  • Smart memory for better convenience
  • Parts are easy to assemble and clean
  • Allows multiple users
  • Easy to easy with clear instructions


  • None for now

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3. Spectra Baby USA S1Plus Electric Breast Pump

best hospital grade breast pumpThe spectra S1 is one of the best breast pumps in the market as it comes with many features, which makes pumps for moms easy. This breast pump is quiet and uses a rechargeable battery, making it more portable than Spectra S2. With that, you can have the breast pump with you wherever you want and make use of it in the absence of electricity.

The pump comes with easy-to-assemble parts, making it an easy-to-use tool for moms. Also, this pump features a closed system to ensure expressed milk is free of contamination. This will also make the pump parts easy to clean, s there are no parts to hold milk secretly.

Furthermore, The spectra S1 allows you to customize each pumping session so moms can choose a more comfortable setting. In conclusion, this pump is lightweight, making it easy to move around and also relatively quiet when in use.


  • Comes with a timer to shut down the pump for better comfort and convenience
  • Also, this pump features a closed system to prevent expressed milk from contamination.
  • Strong suction power for better pump efficiency
  • Comes with customizable settings for better convenience
  • Also, this pump design features a handle for moving the pump around.
  • Features a timer for shutting off the pump to save battery

What we like 

  • Easy to clean and assemble parts
  • Portable making it easy to move around
  • Strong suction for efficient pumping
  • Can be used at any time of the day as it comes with an LCD
  • Relatively silent
  • Backflow protection to prevent milk from contamination.


  • Not so lightweight

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4. New Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow

best hospital grade breast pumpThe new medela pump in style is made to ensure comfort is served to exclusive pumping moms. This pump is newly designed to ensure it gives the appropriate comfort that is needed to pump. We all know pumping or breastfeeding should not come with pain for a better pumping experience.

This new breast pump features a personal flex Fit flange for better comfort and convenience of pumping. In addition, this pump comes with simple-to-use buttons, which makes this pump a less complicated machine for new moms. It is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to move around and suitable for the go pumping. 

Furthermore, this pump features a closed system, which is important for a hospital-grade pump to prevent expressed milk from backing up into the tubes. Also, it comes with a bag making it suitable for moving the pump around in a more organized way. 


  • The new MaxFlow breast pump is inspired by the almighty, symphony hospital-grade multi-user breast pump – in a highly effective yet easy-to-use closed system pump.
  • More efficient with few parts to clean and assemble
  • Includes two sizes of PersonalFit Flex breast shields with soft rim and oval shape for more comfort and better fit
  • Comes with everything needed to pump at home or away, including a cooler bag, stylish pump bag, and convenient battery pack for mobile pumping
  • Comes with 2 phase expression technology that mimics the baby’s natural sucking rhythms

What we like 

  • Newly designed for comfort 
  • Easy to use with a less complex setting 
  • Easy to clean and assemble parts 
  • Lightweight and portable making it easy to move around 


  •  Cant be used conveniently in the dark 

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5. Ameda MYA Hospital Strength Electric Breast Pump

best hospital grade breast pumpThe Ameda MYA breast pump is a portable hospital grade breast pump that allows moms to pump comfortably wherever they find themselves. The pump comes with a tote bag that enhances the portability of moving this pump around. With that, you can have this pump with you while going to work or traveling in a more organized way.

This pump’s compact features make it easy to have around you, which enhances your pumping schedule. Also, this breast pump makes use of a rechargeable battery which makes it more convenient to use while away from home. When fully charged, its battery will give up to two hours of usage, giving more convenience and flexibility while on the go.

The pump features a closed system that prevents expressed milk from running into the tubes, which could cause contamination. In addition, the pump comes with customizable settings, allowing you to customize each pumping session to the settings that fit you most.


  • Comes with a portable and lightweight design
  • Uses a rechargeable battery for better convenience and use
  • Also, feature a closed system design to ensure expressed milk is safe from contamination. 
  • Furthermore, this pump features a customizable setting that allows moms to choose different settings that suit them.
  • It also features a memory function that retains the last suitable settings for more convenience. You don’t have to go through the same settings always.
  • It also comes with an automatic power-off feature that powers off the pump after 30 mins of use.

What we like 

  • Works with Freemie collection cups for a discreet pumping experience
  • Great suction to ensure more milk is expressed as possible.
  • Small, discreet pump housing. Fits in a robe pocket or trousers
  • Relatively portable and lightweight for easy mobility
  • Easy to assemble
  • Also, parts are easy to clean.


  • None for now

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6. Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump

best hospital grade breast pumpThe Medela sonata smart breast pump is a fantastic double electric breast pumping machine with unique properties.

It is a breast pump that is designed with a unique tote bag to cater to working mothers. The tote is built with a removable tote bag and contoured ice packs that can hold and cool four bottles at once. It was produced in Switzerland and designed for moms who wish to pump more than just a couple of times a day.

It is also made with built-in bottles to avoid spilling the milk and prevent germs contamination. They come with informative and easy-to-see screens for digital display.

The suction and membrane’s rugged nature makes the Medela sonata smart breast pump a great piece all breastfeeding moms can buy without fear or doubt.


  • It is made of two shield sizes (24 mm and 27 mm shields) to suit moms’ typical breast size.
  • It comes with one microfiber bag that can be used to pack all the kits and quickly move them around without tension.
  • 4 Oz sealed breast bottles with cover to hold all the milk pumped whenever you are not around for your babies ‘ consumption.
  • It’s also provided with a cooler and Ice packs to keep your baby’s milk new and hygienic until they are ready to feed.
  • It has a dual-phase system of expression that includes a letter button with one-touch activation.

What we like 

  • Good suction capability
  • Its parts are easy to clean and assemble.
  • Replacement parts can be easily available, as the brand is a popular one.


  • Not lightweight or portable

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7. Spectra Baby S2 USA Double/Single Breast Pump

best hospital grade breast pumpThe spectra baby USA S2 double or single breast pump is one of the quality hospital grade breast pumps with special digital features that make it very easy and comfortable to use.

It could be used to express milk from both breasts simultaneously or as a single breast pump. It is made from the best plastic material, making it safe for breastfeeding mom and baby.

The pump is designed with a light and timer to know when the bottles are filled to avoid milk spillage and wastage. With that, you can easily make use of the pump any time of the day, especially in the dark conveniently. Also, this pump comes with strong suction, and does not cause pain to the nipple while expressing, making it one of the favorites for moms.  


  • Very quiet and could be used anywhere without attracting anybody or waking your baby.
  • It is designed to come with a closed system ensuring hygiene for both breastfeeding mom and baby.
  • Everything is included in the pump for single or double pumping. It works excellently for double breast pumping, which will make you express all the milk in your breast within the shortest time.
  • Includes a night light and a timer to cater for midnight breast pumping. It also indicates the
  • Adjustable, powerful suction
  • It starts with a massaging letdown mode.
  • Fully programmable to adjust to the mom’s body.
  • The standard Spectra baby USA breast pumps are powered by electricity, but it is outrightly possible if you want a battery pack with it.


  • It mimics your baby’s sucking pattern to give the breastfeeding mom comfort.
  • It comes with a suitable backflow filter to prevent contamination between the milk and the pump motor. This makes the breast pump the most hygienic on the market.
  • It expresses the milk to the last drop within the limited time possible.


  • Does not make use of Batteries
  • Also, the breast shield part of the system does not detach, making it difficult to swap to a different size or breast shield style.

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8. Ardo Calypso-to-go Double Electric Breast Pump

best hospital grade breast pump
Here is another master-class Swiss-made breast pump with super-efficient 3-in-1 properties. Single electric pump, double electric pump, and manual pump for all breastfeeding moms who wants to pump on the go.

It is usually recommended by 97% of midwives and gynecologists. The Ardo Calypso-to-go double electric breast pump offers all breastfeeding moms the greatest milk expression comfort with its in-built Optiflow breast shell inserts. Also, It massages your breasts while pumping, helping to relieve pain and discomfort. Thanks to the included massager bag.

It is easy and comfortable to pump everywhere you are. If the batteries are drained and the electric source is not readily available, the conversion handle lets you pump manually with relative ease. This is indeed the future of breastfeeding and breast pumping for all moms’ delight.


  • 3-in-1: single electric pump, double electric pump, single pump, and manual pump for all moms who want to pump while on the move.
  • Calypso features 64 independent vacuum and cycle settings, three different sizes of breast shells, and the active massage inserts Optiflow to ensure a comfortable, gentle, and efficient pumping experience.
  • Vacuum Seal Technology ensures a Completely Closed System: no milk can enter the tubes or the pump; complete protection from contamination and pathogens, and no cleaning of the tubes or pump is necessary.
  • This is an easy-to-use breast pump with simple and intuitive controls for very gentle yet powerful suction.
  • Highly portable due to its light (1 lb.) design
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery option making the pump independent of a power outlet.


  • You get the price for three breast pumps by buying one Ardo Calypso to-go double electric breast pump
  • It is designed with rare outflow breast shell inserts for the very best comfort in milk expression
  • also, it is made with a closed vacuum system to eliminate milk contamination
  • It has excellent flexibility and simplicity in its use.


  • Its portability is sometimes cumbersome, with so many parts to carry around.

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9. Youha Double Electric Breast Pump

best hospital grade breast pumpThis is the most compact portable hands-free breast pump with strong rechargeable batteries and is built as a lightweight to make it quite easy for moms on the move.

The Youha double electric breast pump is made to contain all the necessary kits needed for convenient day-to-day milk expression. The pump is also fortified with other features, such as a digital display with a one-touch letdown button.

This pump features a pumping timer for convenient tracking, a memory button, and a backlit display for easier late-night pumping sessions.

Adjustable speed and mode settings combined with memory capabilities allow moms to customize how they pump, based on individual comfort and overall effectiveness. 


  • The Youha double electric breast pump is best used with a pumping bra for the best hands-free and portability purposes. It allows you to be pumping and still be able to carry out other functions simultaneously.
  • The milk’s overflow is ideally prevented by the closed system of the kit, which prevents milk from entering the tubing & motor.
  • All breast pump parts are made from food-grade silicone (BPA FREE) and without harmful substances. The Youha double electric breast pump is by far the most hygienic on the market.
  • Also, the Youha double electric breast comes with larger batteries that last long after a short, convenient charging. It is highly suitable for working and traveling, mom.
  • The Youha double electric breast pump is the perfect gift for all breastfeeding moms because it is designed with the best package in the market and contains all the kits needed by moms on the go and busy moms.
  • It comes with three modes for more functionality; breastfeeding moms can use it to their comfort and delight. The massage mode that comes with fast and short frequency massages the areola and promotes milk secretion; The expression mode gently, deeply, and slowly sucks out the milk from the breast; the bionic model imitates the baby’s sucking rhythm and pattern.


  • It’s the best hand-free breast pump on the market.
  •  simple and easy to move around, i.e., mobile
  • It also works well with rechargeable batteries in the absence of an electric source.
  • It works with three pumping modes.


  • The kits are not easily accessible when the new ones are damaged.

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10. Ikare Double Electric Breast Pumps 

best hospital grade breast pumps The Ikare double electric breast pump is one of the most used electric breast pumps on sale in the market right about this period.

This breast pump is the latest innovative idea in electric breast pumps, which comes with freestyle pumping modes of 6 suction levels and 20 levels of cycles to give breastfeeding moms the most comforting and personalized expression anytime it is being used.

This breast pump is portable and lightweight, making it is easy to move around. With that, you can have this breast pump with you wherever you want. Furthermore, this breast pump has strong and less painful giving you the same feel of your baby suckling.

This breast pump comes with a cooler bag used to preserve expressed milk while away from home. This makes it suitable for exclusive pumping moms and moms that are willing to pump on the go. Also, this pump features less complicated settings making it easy to use for new moms.


  • The double breast pumping option reduces breast milk expression considerably since the two breasts can be pumped simultaneously.
  • The Ikare double electric breast pump comes with three replaceable flanges to cater to all moms of breast sizes.
  • The digital display features a memory function, timer, and backlight for easy tracking and recording pump sessions in any pumping environment.
  • Built-in large capacity Li-ion battery, one single charge lasts up to 2 hours or six expressions, enough for average breastfeeding moms per day.
  • The ikare double electric breast pump comprises a full touch screen design, sensitive touch panel, click by one finger to operate, easy, and convenient to use at all times.
  • The pump’s massage cushion, while in use, has a soft velvety texture that gives a warm feel to the skin for comfortable, gentle stimulation of your milk flow.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Options to use as a single as well as a double pump simultaneously
  • Simple and flexible to use anywhere and anytime.
  • Easy to clean and replace all its parts
  • Removable cooler bag with a contoured ice pack


  • Getting conversant with this pump requires a little time due to its digital nature.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Hospital Grade Breast Pump


The first thing you will want to consider is the suction power and hospital-grade breast pump settings. Their suction is strong and painful for some pumps while will give a strong suction that mimics your baby suckling. The latter is what every nursing mom desires. This is to say the pump’s suction needs to be comfortable, giving little to no pain.

Furthermore, the pump needs to be lightweight and portable to ensure it is easy to move around. This will enhance the comfort of using the pump and also be able to have it around you when you want.


The next thing you will want to consider is the battery and flexibility of charging the pump. It is necessary to go for pumps with a long-lasting battery, which will give you the freedom to pump while you are away from home. Also, pumps with USB compatibility are important, as it allows you to charge the pump from multiple sources.

The USB option will allow you to easily charge your pump while at home or away from home. With that, you can charge with a power bank, in the car, laptop, and more.


The next is the portability of the breast pump, being able to have the pump with you to enhance the use of this breast pump, especially for exclusive pumping moms. For this reason, you need to ensure the pump is lightweight and compact for easy mobility. When checking out for your next hospital-grade breast, ensure you go for the one with a carrying case.

In case your choice does not have a carrying case, there are different types of carrying bags you can choose from in the market. Also, a pump that is portable and lightweight comes with many goodies, such as helping you stay organized or being able to pump whenever.

Double pumping

Finally, you need to look for a breast pump furnished with effective double pumping abilities. The explanation for this is the sped-up and the general effectiveness of every pumping session. With the assistance of a double pumping breast pump, you can have as much milk in a short time as you would in any event 30-45 minutes utilizing a standard pump. Also, pumping helps to expand prolactin levels, which is the hormone liable for milk creation.

best hospital grade breast pumps

Hospital-grade Breast Pumps VS Regular Breast Pumps

The most important factor considered in picking the hospital-grade breast pumps is the suction strength, which is usually 300 mmHg, while other regular breast pumps are built with a 200 mmHg suction level. 

The suction level for hospital-grade breast pumps is made with the frequency of pumping in mind. Hence, they are built with strong mechanisms to be able to withstand multiple users with ease. 

  • A hospital-grade breast pump lasts longer than the personal breast pump meant for only one user who only wishes to pump once in a while.
  • The hospital-grade breast pumps are built with unique wavelengths and programming that allow breastfeeding moms with specific health challenges to express breast milk maximally. 
  • Also, the hospital-grade breast pumps’ added strength gives the moms a near-natural feel that mimics the baby’s natural sucking pattern while pumping. 
  • The hospital-grade breast pumps are sometimes available for rental and are recommended for newly lactating moms whose milk flow is not yet regular and much to feed their babies. 
  • Overall, hospital-grade breast pumps’ effectiveness and efficiency are higher than those of other regular or personal breast pumps. 

It should be known that, because of the higher performance of hospital grade breast pumps over personal breast pumps, they are expected to be more expensive than personal breast pumps.    

Is a hospital grade breast pump better?

Yes, the hospital-grade breast pump is better when compared with other types of breast pumps. Hospital-grade breast pumps are closed system pump that helps prevent expressed milk from contamination or viruses. Also, hospital-grade pumps are more effective and efficient than regular breast pumps.

Furthermore, these pumps provide a comfortable and more convenient suction than the regular breast pump giving it an edge over it.

Should I rent a hospital-grade breast pump?

There are many affordable hospital-grade breast pumps on the market. Renting a hospital-grade breast pump could save moms some dollars, but this is only ideal for moms who do not pump frequently. For moms looking to establish their milk supply or battling with low milk supply, it is better to have a personal hospital grade breast pump to pump whenever, wherever, however.

Furthermore, there are some risks attached to renting a hospital-grade breast pump, the major one is milk contamination, though this can be avoided by getting your pump parts, which come with some cost. In this case, it is ideal when you own your hospital grade breast pump as the cost of renting and getting personal pump parts could amount to the same while you can’t pump at your convenience.


We hope this list ends your search for the best hospitable grade breast pump so you can enjoy the pleasure of pumping without discomfort.  The efficiency of breast pumps in the market currently is posing serious competition. Manufacturers are beginning to invent different hospital grade breast pumps with unique features to multi-task.

Most of these pumps can also be used for single and double breast pumping functions to limit time wastage. Also, any of these pumps will give any moms absolute value for their money as all the manufacturers are out to make a statement with their products.

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