10 Best Hand Pump for Breastfeeding in 2022

Manual pumps are also handheld or hand pumps; when choosing the best hand pump for breastfeeding, you need to go for comfort.

Hand pumps are mainly used for occasional purposes or by moms who stay home or spend most of their time around their babies. A handheld breast pump is the best when traveling on vacation because it does not require batteries or electricity to function.


The primary purpose of using a hand pump for breastfeeding is to maintain a mom’s milk supply. Some moms may also use it for stacking up milk in the freezer, which their baby can feed on while on the go.

Aside from being reliable and portable, there are several reasons you may need to choose a manual breast pump over an electric breast pump. Still, with the varieties on the market, it can be tricky to decide which one to choose.

When choosing a pump, you need to make sure they fit your style and purpose since you will be intimate with your pump.
Stay around, and let us show you some analysis of the best hand pump for breastfeeding and how to choose a pump that fits your lifestyle. Also, what you should look for before selecting your next manual breast pump.

Overview of some of the best handheld breast pump

1. Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

best hand pump for breastfeeding

This breast pump uses two-phase expression technology to conveniently and comfortably express breastmilk. The pump’s ergonomic handle can easily switch between stimulation and expression stages. The breast shield is a comfortable fit, with two different sizes for you to pump conveniently without pain.

With this breast pump, you can choose to store by pump directly into the lansinoh sterilized storage bags to avoid milk transfer that could cause milk spillage. Also, a bottle holder keeps your expressed milk in place and protects it from accidental kicks. You can also pump to bottle feed directly with the help of the bottle teeth that come with the pump.

The ergonomic, easy-express handle allows for comfortable positioning to reduce hand fatigue; two flange sizes, standard (25mm) and large (30.5mm), to ensure ideal suction and pumping comfort.

The soft rim on the flanges provides a more comfortable experience and creates a better seal when pumping. Lansinoh milk collection bottles are designed to fit the full Lansinoh breast pump, milk storage, and baby bottle feeding range.


  • Fitting flanges for comfortable milk expression
  • Portable, discreet manual pump
  • Comes breastmilk Storage Bottle with a slow flow nipple
  • Easy to wash and assemble – there are few parts to clean.
  • Extra valve and lid to enhance your pumping experience.


  • Create a squeaking noise – this may be disturbing.

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2. Chicco Manual Breast Pump

best hand pump for breastfeeding

If you want a pump that does it all, Chicco manual breast pump should be on your list. The pump was uniquely designed to provide comfort and efficiency for nursing mothers with its awesome features. The pump flange is soft to provide a comfortable massage to the breast to stimulate letdown.

A nipple flow mouth comes with the pump to bottle feed your baby directly without transferring milk after breast pumping.
Also, the pump comes with a cap to keep pumped milk intact and avoid spillage after pumping. The pump also comes with a shield to provide extra protection while making use of the pump.

The ergonomic handle is soft and uniquely designed to provide comfort while using the pump. This is to ensure no strain or hand cramp while using the pump.
Though the pump bottle is small, it is efficient and gets the job done correctly without pain, and that is what every mom desires when using a breast pump.


  • Made with a delicate material that can be easily maintained
  • The pump is easy to use and maintain – parts can be easily clean when necessary.
  • Come with a pump cover to keep pumped milk intact.
  • Also, there is a nipple flow design to feed your baby comfortably.
  • Soft handle to ensure easy and avoid hand cramp.
  • The unique pump design helps to compliment the total function of the pump.


  • none for now

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3. Medela Manual Breast Pump

best hand pump for breastfeeding

The medela harmony breast pump is designed with two-phase expression technology. The phases consist of stimulation and expression; the stimulation phase helps massage the breast to prepare it for letdown and switches to expressing when letdown begins.

Generally, manual pumps are made with few parts, but medela made it easy to assemble in this model. This helps make washing and maintaining easy even on a journey.
The pump has an instruction manual and a breastfeeding information guide, making it perfect for a new mom. This pump package includes a pump stand to prevent accidental kicks that can lead to milk spillage.

This pump’s compact design makes it easy to move around; it can easily fit into your diaper bag, handbag, or purse to ensure pumping on the go.
Its suction power has complications, but this can be corrected by replacing the ring under the handle to have its normal suction power. Also, a cap comes with the pump to keep expressed milk intact and prevent it from dust and bacteria or germs.


  • The pump is easy to use and maintain – there are only a few parts to care for
  • It comes with an instruction and breastfeeding manual and which makes it for new moms.
  • Bottle stand and cap to keep your milk in place
  • Easy to clean assemble – makes it a suicidal traveling pump
  • Soft ergonomic handle


  • Not perfect for moms with low milk supply

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4. Philips Avent Breast Pump Manual

best hand pump for breastfeeding

Philips is a comfortable Manual Breast Pump uniquely designed for a more relaxing and comfortable expressing position to promote milk flow.

Unlike other breast pumps that start working appropriately when you lean forward, the Philips Avent Comfort Manual Breast Pump permits you to sit comfortably as you pump.

Interestingly, the pump’s calculated neck lets milk stream normally from breast to bottle. At the point when you unwind, you can deliver more milk. This manual pump is extraordinary for moms who need to pump either at home or in a hurry.

It includes a delicate back rub pad with five finished petals expected to help tenderly invigorate milk flow by mirroring your baby’s common nursing style.

An ergonomic handle and lightweight, the reduced plan makes it simple to work with one hand. The assortment holder that interfaces with the pump fill in as a container with the included normal, breast-molded areola. The areola makes changing among breasts and containers simpler for your baby by empowering a casual hook.


  • The petal cushion is there for more comfort when pumping.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Promotes direct bottle feeding without having to transfer your milk
  • Lightweight and compact design, which makes it convenient to carry around
  • The bottle is compatible with an electric breast pump.
  • Flanges are comfortable on the skin, which helps to enhance pumping.


  • Parts are not readily available

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5. Q-JING Manual Breast Pump

best hand pump for breastfeeding

The Q-jing manual breast pump is a portable Chinese product designed for nursing moms with convenience. This small, lightweight design makes it easy to transport on a journey.

This pump is made without BPA and is safe for moms and their babies. The Q-jing Manual breast pump uses innovative two-phase technology to suitably and easily express breastmilk. Also, the pump’s handle adjusts to easily switch between stimulation and expression phases for a better milk letdown.

The stimulation phase allows for more rapid suction, similar to the baby’s suction pattern at the beginning of breastfeeding, to elicit a letdown. Once the milk starts flowing, it’s easy to switch to the Expression phase, which provides slower cycles with more suction to express breastmilk efficiently.

The ergonomic, easy-express handle allows for comfortable positioning to reduce hand fatigue. A soft rim on the flanges provides a more comfortable experience and creates a better seal when pumping. The pump comes with nipple flow teeth to help bottlefeed your baby without having to transfer the milk from one bottle to another.

  • Portable and lightweight for easy conveyance, which makes it suitable for traveling
  • The pump is easy to use and comfortable while using.
  • Its bottles are also compatible with spectra and other Avent pumps.
  • The flange is comfortable on the breast, which helps to ease the letdown.
  • The pump is easy to maintain and clean though there are many parts.


  • Too many parts to put together, which may be difficult for new moms.

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6. Unimom Manual Breast Pump

best hand pump for breastfeeding

The Unimom breast pump is another product you need to check out; it is structured to provide comfort for nursing moms and be perfect for traveling. Unlike other pumps for occasional use, this pump is made for everyday use.

The pump pack contains everything you need to pump; there is a pump stand to keep your expressed milk in place after pumping.
The nipple flow allows the mom’s bottle to feed without transferring milk, which could cause milk spillage; you can also pump directly into storage.

Though this does not come with the pump, you can get that separately if there’s a need for it. The ergonomic handle that comes with the pump is soft, which makes it easy to use.
Also, there’s a dust cover for the bottle and bottle to protect expressed milk from getting contaminated.

You can use the cover during or after pumping to protect expressed milk adequately. All parts that come in contact with your milk are safe and made of the finest materials.


  • Lightweight and can fit into any purse or diaper bag.
  • Parts are easy to clean and assemble.
  • It comes with everything you need to pump on the go
  • It comes with a bottle stand and other parts to keep expressed milk intact
  • Also, there’s a bottle nipple to feed your baby directly from the bottle to transfer milk from one bottle to another.


  • Expressed milk tends to back up into the funnel and diaphragm.
  • Poor suction power

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7. Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump

best hand pump for breastfeeding

This pump’s unique design and style make it exceptional, and that’s why mom gets easily attached to this pump. The tommee tippee manual breast pump has many features that cannot be overlooked; the pump flange is gentle on this breast, which helps to stimulate the areola for a better milk letdown.

The pump’s shape and design allow the pump’s easy grip, which complements the pump’s use. The narrow neck and curvy handle are ergonomically shaped for less power and reduced strain on your hand, making it comfortable for mom while in use.

Like every manual pump, the tommee tippee pump is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around while you are on the go. The pump parts are dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned when needed.

The pump also comes with a nipple flow head; you can feed directly without transferring it from one bottle to another. There are only a few parts to clean and assemble, and these parts can be easily put together without using any manual.


  • Unique design for easy and comfortable use
  • The flange is comfortable on the skin for an easy letdown.
  • It promotes direct bottle feeding – you don’t have to transfer milk after each breastfeeding session.
  • The pump and its part are easy to maintain and use
  • You can use it with other tommee tippee products and pump it directly into a storage bag when needed.


  • The materials are substandard – the plastic looks cheap.

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8. NUK Expressive Manual Breast pump

best hand pump for breastfeeding

Breast pumps are made with comfort in mind; you are in charge of the speed and suction power when pumping, which helps eliminate pains associated with a breast pump.

Nuk’s manual breast pump allows you to control the suction and speed needed with easy, one-handed pumping, just like every other manual pump. To do this, Press down faster on the handle to help promote letdown when you start pumping, then change to slower presses on the hold after letdown to mimic the baby’s deep suckling better once your breast milk is flowing.

The pump features a soft breast cushion with massaging rings to ensure comfort. The shape of the cushion molds correctly to your breast’s shape to help stimulate letdown and efficient flow of milk while pumping.

Also, an ergonomic handle is designed to align closer to the milk collection bottle while pumping. This helps to reduce hand fatigue and create a more comfortable experience while pumping with one hand.

The pump is easy to assemble and clean because it has few parts. Ensure the breast pump shield and valve are properly connected to the milk collection container to start pumping.


  • Simple and clean design for use and pumping
  • It comes with a massage cushion for an easy letdown
  • Easy to clean and maintain – comes with very few parts for cleaning
  • It also has a cap seal disk to keep expressed milk in place.
  • Easy to use the ergonomic handle to avoid strain and cramp


  • taking the handle is a bit complicated
  • the soft cushion piece holds on to breast milk, and all of it doesn’t go in the bottle

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9. MAM Manual Breast Pump

best hand pump for breastfeeding

The MAM manual breast pump is a portable breast pump designed for extreme comfort and flexibility for nursing moms and their babies. The pump has an ergonomic shape; the handle on this breast pump allows for effortless pumping, while its quiet operation makes it ideal for home, work, and on-the-go use.

The pump includes a transparent adaptor that lets you see the funnel’s positioning on the breast, with a removable silicone funnel for ideal comfort while pumping and a funnel cover to protect the silicone breast pump from dust and dirt.

This manual breast pump also comes with one 5 oz. MAM Easy Start anti-colic baby bottle with a size one slow flow bottle nipple, One Size 0 extra slow flow baby bottle nipple, one sealing disc, and two spare valve membranes. This portable breast pump is compatible with all MAM Easy start anti-colic baby bottles.

The sealing disc can be used to transform MAM Baby bottles into storage containers for breast milk. The MAM manual breast pump was developed alongside midwives and medical professionals and is made of high-quality, BABY safe materials. MAM breast pumps and all MAM products are BPA & BPS-free and meet or exceed both U.S. And International safety standards.


  • The flange is comfy on the breast.
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Parts are easy to clean and assemble.
  • Lightweight – can fit into any purse or diaper bag.
  • Also, there’s a bottle nipple to feed your baby directly from the bottle without transferring milk from one bottle to another.
  • The bottle is compatible with other mam bottles.


  • Poor suction power – a gradual reduction in suction power over time.

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10. Green Star Naturals manual breast pump

best hand pump for breastfeeding

The green star manual breast pump is another breast pump you need to look out for; it allows you to pump enough milk ounces quickly due to its strong suction. With the lightweight of this pump, you can express it while on the go. You can also easily store bottles or bags for convenient feeding with Green Star Naturals.

Green Star Naturals has a silicone pad that creates a strong vacuum seal when pumping to make it quick and effortless. This also protects the milk from bacteria and ensures each bottle is easy to fill. The vacuum extractor makes expressing milk a breeze. That is what we all want.

Both the pump and bottles are made with flexible, lightweight plastic BPA-free to keep baby’s milk safe. The plastic is durable and can be easily cleaned for repeated use. The handheld design means quiet pumping, so you can calmly nurse wherever you find yourself.

The package comes with the pump, a bottle, an adapter, a stabilizer stand, and a pump cover. It is everything you might need for the easiest pumping at home or on the go.


  • Comes with pump stand and cover to keep expressed milk in place
  • Few arts make it easy to assemble and clean.
  • The flange is gentle on the breast, which helps for an easy letdown.
  • Pump parts are easily detachable – making them easy to clean.


  • Only one size flange is available, and this size is suitable for moms with tiny nipples and breasts.
  • It does not come with bottle teeth for bottle-feeding

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Consideration when choosing a manual breast pump

Easy to use: this is a crucial factor to look out for when buying a manual breast pump. You don’t have cramps or strains in your hand every time you pump. How soft the ergonomic handle is will determine how easy to use the pump.

Comfort: How comfortable you are while using a breast pump is another factor to look out for when buying a hand pump. Your posture and design of the pump will complement how comfortable the pump will be when in use.

Suction strength: Apart from the silicone breast pump, you are in charge of your pump’s suction power. This is because how fast you squeeze the handle will determine how fast or powerful the suction will become. Regardless of how fast you pull the handle, some pump suction will never be adequate. Don’t worry; we won’t have much on this list.

Methods of pumping: some breast pumps require you to use your two hands while others with one hand or even hands-free. Pumping with one hand or hands-free will promote flexibility; you can be pumping while you are breastfeeding at the same time.

Bottles and teats: some breast pump comes with a bottle teat to feed your baby immediately after pumping. You can either choose to pump and store or pump and bottle feed; this also allows you to provide while you are away from home without spending extra dollars on feeding bottles.

Why you should choose a manual breast pump

Your purpose of pumping will determine which pump you may need. You may need a manual breast pump if you want to pump occasionally or maintain your milk supply.

A nursing mom who chooses to pump exclusively may consider using an electric breast pump because it’s fast and efficient.
Some of the advantages of choosing a handheld breast pump are:

Affordable: hand pumps are usually inexpensive compared to electric breast pumps. There is no electric component that is responsible for the reduction in the price of these pumps.

best hand pump for breastfeeding

Comfortable and portable: manual pumps are usually lightweight, making them easy to move around. No accessories are needed, like tubes, motor, batteries, or another electric component that could make it bulky to move around.

Convenient: manual pumps are usually more comfortable than electric breast pumps in manual breast pumps; moms generally control the suction power. Unlike electric breast pumps, the motor is already programmed to a certain speed for suction. You feel more like a human with a manual breast pump, unlike a cow being milked – lol.

Quiet: The manual breast pump is generally silent. The motor running sound is not present in a manual breast pump, though you might sometimes hear a squeaking sound.

The sound a manual pump brings may be more pleasant to hear than the electric pumps. The low noise makes it great to use when your baby sleeps without disturbance.

Easy to use: you don’t need formal education to operate a manual braes pump. There are no complicated settings that can complicate your pumping process. All you have to do is squeeze the ergonomic handle to pump your milk according to your comfort.

Easy to clean: manual pumps are usually made with few parts, with no difficult or inaccessible holes holding milk-like tubes in the electric pump. The few parts make washing a breeze and assembling and dissembling less of an issue. This is perfect for traveling.

best handheld breast pump

Hand Pump vs. Electric Pump

Hand pump

Handheld pumps or manual breast pumps are pumps that do not make use of electricity. Its suction power is controlled by how fast you squeeze its handle.

Manual pumps are occasional pumps due to the stress you have to go through to pump, but some nursing moms use them how they feel.

That is using it occasionally or every day, and this is mainly for stay-at-home moms. There are different types of manual breast pumps. We have the silicone and the hand breast pump. The manual pump is unsuitable for exclusive pumping due to the stress you must go through when squeezing its handle.

Electric breast pump

Electric breast pumps are pumps that use electricity or batteries to function. This pump gives nursing moms the freedom they deserve. It is less stressful but more complicated.

With electric pumps, you don’t have to be idle when pumping. Many electric breast pumps allow you to carry on with your daily life while pumping – no time to be idle. An electric breast pump is usually the best for this purpose if you want to maintain or increase your milk supply.

Is a breast pump necessary?

Not every nursing mom needs a breast pump, especially if you are a stay-at-home nursing mom; you may doubt possessing a breast pump.

Full-time nursing moms will spend more time with their babies, but sometimes you may spend some time away from home, leaving your baby alone.

During the hours you stay away from your baby, you don’t want to leave your baby alone without providing her with what to eat before your return.
But for, busy mom or moms who tends to spend less time with their baby, they may consider giving the purchase a second thought.

best hand pump for breastfeeding

How to use a manual breast pump

Ensure all your breast pump parts are clean and sanitized before use. Use the manual to acquaint yourself with the procedure to follow. Locate a peaceful spot to pump. At that point, follow these general advances.

  • Wash your hands to vouch they are clean.
  • Start hand-expressing by delicately rubbing each breast in a pumping movement to crush and haul the breast out and then releasing it as it falls back into place.
  • When you’ve stimulated your breasts, focus one areola inside the spine of the pump and position it at levels against your breast.
  • Start by squeezing the pump handle with a rhythmical, smooth activity that should mirror your baby’s sucking cycles. The fast you press will determine how powerful the suction will be.
  • Repeat stages 3 and 4 on the other breast. Move between breasts the same number of times needed to help with milk flow.
  • Wrap up by hand expressing.

How to clean a handheld breast pump

  • Wash your hands before utilizing your pump, and use disinfectant wipes to clean the outside of your pump.
  • After each utilization, dismantle the pump parts and wash them under running water. Try not to put them straight in the sink!
  • Clean your pump parts at the earliest opportunity with hot, soapy water in a washbowl, and a brush used uniquely for cleaning pump parts or in the dishwasher.
  • Rinse in freshwater (don’t return them in a similar bowl).
  • Air dry on a perfect drying towel, yet don’t rub the parts with the towel to spread germs.
  • Rinse your bowl and brush, and leave them to air dry. Clean them also at regular intervals.
  • If you’re using a washer, place on high-temperature water and warmed drying or a clean cycle. Wash your hands before taking out the parts, and let them air dry.
  • Store parts ad items in a perfect, secured region simply after they’re dehydrated.

Conclusion on Best Hand Pump for Breastfeeding

The best hand pump for breastfeeding or a manual breast pump is necessary for many nursing moms unless you don’t wish to have one – it’s no problem. The manual pumps are lightweight and suitable for any traveling purpose.

I like seeing new places some months after giving birth to relieve myself of the stress during pregnancy and delivery.
From the list above, your choice will depend on what may fit your lifestyle. I suggest going through each and reading buyer’s reviews better still going with your mind.

We have taken our time to ensure everything we have here is close to accurate. Though your experience may differ from what we have here, don’t forget these are only our personal opinion about each product.

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