9 Best Electric Pump for Breastfeeding 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Feeding Chloe was like a trek from hell, especially in public settings, not until I found the best electric pump for breastfeeding. He will cry for several hours, mostly when I was away to work and had finished his formula. 

The strong bond between moms and their kids happens due to effective breastfeeding, which tends to be hectic and stressful for a lot of moms across the world. 

I felt too distant from my boy until I picked samples from these pumps to help me express enough breast milk for him to last him whenever I am away.


These breast pumps tend to work more efficiently than other regular pumps because of their super-fast rate at which they express the whole milk in your breasts.  These pumps have served me so well that I now see breastfeeding as one of the most exciting and fun-filled activities in raising Chloe. 

Both my boy and I now look forward to our next breast pumping session because it’s another opportunity to tighten the bond between us.  The excellent rate at which these electric-powered breast pumps works caught my fancy, and none of them had ever disappointed me to date. 

They express my milk by giving me the value of two functions for the price of one pump. They also pump the milk by mimicking Chloe’s natural sucking pattern. 

Virtually all the best electric breast pumps used for breastfeeding purposes are designed to work with digital features such as bright and colorful LED screens that record your milk expression progress. 

They also work with a mere touch of buttons, making your breastfeeding sessions something to look forward to.          best electric pump for breastfeeding

How to Use Electric Pump for Breastfeeding

Maximally using electric breast pumps require the best know-how in using them. These are the steps I took to get the best out of all my past electric breast pumps.

  • Go through the instructions in the manual of the pump you acquire.
  • Ensure all breast pump parts are clean, and wash your hands to ensure you won’t contaminate your baby’s milk.
  • Think about your baby before pumping your breast milk and find a secluded place where you feel relaxed. This will trigger the hormones that help release the breast milk to start flowing.
  • Place the assembled breast shields on your breasts, holding the shields in place, and not the attached bottles, so you can adjust them as needed. Make sure the pump shields are fixed correctly over the nipples. The suction becomes highly damaging if the shield is not placed correctly on your breast.
  • Turn the breast pump on.
  • When the milk starts flowing, usually within two minutes of pumping, you should adjust the pump’s suction speed if your pump doesn’t align itself to fit into your baby’s different sucking motions and patterns. Make sure you get the most comfortable and efficient speed for you. Breast pumping should never be a painful task in any form.
  • Keep your mind on your baby allows the continuous flow of the milk, or you can engage in some other everyday activities such as listening to soft music, checking your mails, or even watching a movie. Staring at the bottles can impede milk flow in some women.  
  • When your milk flow has slowed down, and you feel like you are done expressing all your milk, turn off the pump and remove the breast shields.
  • Carefully unscrew the bottles and replace their caps.
  • With warm, soapy water, wash any of the kits and accessories that touched your body and your milk thoroughly.
  • Air-dry the pieces/parts wholly and adequately to avoid contaminating your baby’s milk the next time you will be using the pump.

Best Electric Pump for Breastfeeding – Our Picks

The following are the best electric breast pumps for breastfeeding in the market right now; enjoy the read.

1. Spectra Baby USA S1 Breast Pumpbest electric pump for breastfeeding

The Spectra Baby USA S1 Breast Pump combines the features of hospital-grade pumps with single and double pumps.  Moms who want to pump a large amount of milk for their babies and do it several times a day have a perfect answer for their yearnings. 

The Spectra Baby USA S1 Breast Pump is made as a closed breast pump so, there is no need for cleaning any narrow tubing. 

This closed system keeps the internal part of the pump dry by preventing airflow and the milk’s exposure between its expression and the pump tubes while pumping, thereby protecting the milk and baby from bacteria, mold, and viral infections.

It also prevents your precious milk from wasting. The Spectra S1 has a convenient, built-in rechargeable battery. 

Moms are handed total freedom with this pump; you can customize your pump’s settings to your body’s response and follow the flow to find the best settings that perfectly suit your body system with the S1’s completely adjustable suction and 2 phase cycling in let-down and expression mode. 

This breast pump is made to cater to all you desire in a breast pump because the Spectra Baby USA company is owned and run by registered nurses, board-certified lactation consultants, and, most importantly, moms who have gone through the stage of breastfeeding and babywearing in the past. 

Relax and grab the Spectra Baby USA S1 Breast Pump, and you will find your breastfeeding sessions your most exciting moments with your baby.


  • Suitable for exclusive pumper; comes with a durable battery giving u to 6 pumping sessions.
  • It can work as a single as well as a double breast pump.
  • Also, this pump is super quiet, giving the peace and comfort you need to pump
  • Comes with strong suction to express milk as fast as possible 
  • This pump comes with a night light that enhances the functionality of the pump. 
  • This pump also comes with two flange size for better convenience.
  • Assembling and cleaning this pump is super easy


  • None for now

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2. Elvie Pump Double Silent Wearable Breast Pump

best electric pump for breastfeeding
With this breast pump, you are handed the total freedom to breastfeed your baby in class and style. It is by far the quietest breast pump ever-made. It is made as a wearable pump to be worn inside your standard nursing bra.  You can now pump and still conveniently attend to other chores in your home or at work, or even on the go. 

The Elvie Pump Double Silent Wearable Breast Pump is built with modern revolutionary technology; it could be connected to a free app (downloadable from google play store or apple store) on your smartphone. 

This app can be used remotely to start, monitor, and stop your breast pumping without even touching the pump all through. 

That’s what I call being the master in the game of breastfeeding your baby. The Elvie Pump Double Silent Wearable Breast Pump automatically switches from Stimulation into Expression mode when it detects let-down and will pause when the bottle is full. One less thing to bother yourself about while pumping.


  • It is a very portable and compact breast pump
  • Usable with an app for convenience and comfort
  • It totally puts you in charge of your pumping at all times with just a touch of buttons
  • No wire ore tubes and also easy to use
  • Comes with soft and gentle suction that mimics your baby suckling 
  • It comes with a USB cord for a flexible charging option 


  • You can only pump while in an upright position

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3. Ameda MYA Portable Hospital Breast Pump

best electric pump for breastfeeding Built With a half-pound pump body that conveniently fits in the palm of your hand, The Ameda Mya portable breast pump has an ultra-quiet motor that operates at less than 45 dB for better privacy when pumping on the go or when your baby is resting. 

This breast pump comes with Mya’s built-in, rechargeable battery capable of giving you two straight hours of pumping between charges so you can pump on-the-go with no extra batteries or any power adapter. 

The Ameda Mya portable breast pump has a closed protection system that helps prevent breast-milk from backing up into the tubing and pump to keep your milk-free from contaminants. 

The pump has a magnificent 2-Phase Adjustable Suction Modes with ten different levels of Expression Modes and five levels of Massage Modes; all for a unique pumping session each time you use your Ameda Mya Portable breast pump. 

This breast pump will automatically power down after 30 minutes with its smart auto power-off feature. You need not wait on the pump to finish your milk expression anymore. 

The Ameda Mya portable breast pump helps breastfeeding moms massage their breast for healthy living, just like when your baby is naturally sucking your breast.


  • Strong suction for fast expression of milk 
  • Portable and lightweight making it easy to move around;
  • The pump is quiet, giving mom the peace and comfort they need 
  • This pump is relatively easy to use with clear buttons
  • Also, it comes with a durable battery


  • Too many parts to assemble – this makes cleaning and assembling difficult 

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4. Bellma Euphoria Pro – Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump

best electric breast pump for breastfeeding The bellema euphoria pro-rechargeable breast pump is designed with advancements over the standard single or double electric breast pumps. 

It has a 3D pumping technology that imitates a baby’s feeding behavior (i.e., Massaging, Squeezing, and Sucking), making moms produce more milk in less time effectively. 

This pump also has a unique independent dual control (IDC) technology, which allows independent suction control of left, right, or pumping to maximize comfort and milk production. 

Every mom can now find her own best and most suitable setting with the IDC technology. It is also a hospital-grade breast pump built with nine adjustable suction levels and 2-phase modes. 

This hospital-grade closed system breast pump ensures an efficient expression for daily use and moms who pump several times a day. 

It is also equipped with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that lasts for more than 2 hours of pumping after it is fully charged. 

It is made to be a compact electric breast pump for convenient single/double breast pumping while at home, at work, on-the-go, or traveling.


  • It is built strong and tough to withstand multiple pumping.
  • It comes with a reliable rechargeable battery that can last a long period of pumping time.
  • It produces more milk within the shortest time
  • It could be used as a single breast pump or as a double breast pump
  • Features a closed system which prevents contamination of milk


  • Reduction in suction strength over time – though this is nothing to worry about

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5. BelleMa Plenitude Double/Single Electric Breast Pump

best electric pump for breastfeeding The belleMa plenitude double/Single electric breast pump is purposely built for moms on the go or extra busy moms with their babies’ best interest at heart. 

They are designed with a built-in rechargeable battery and battery level indicator, touch screen technology, and memory feature that memorizes your favorite settings, as well as an anti-backflow flange design to prevent milk from flowing back into the pumping mechanism excellently well. 

The milk expression is an exciting chore to look forward to. The pump is made with a quiet design of less than 60 dB of working noise to create a discreet point for moms wishing for freedom to use the breast pump freely at home, while traveling, in the office without any worries about disturbing colleagues, family, or even your baby’s sleep. 

It comes with a bottle adaptor that will fit standard size bottles of other popular brands of breast pumps. They have a special 3D Silicone Massage Cushion with 3-Rings Frosted Design that is meant to massage your Breast and Stimulates the most comfortable Lactation. 

The two-phase model mimics the rhythm of a baby’s natural pulling, squeezing, and sucking motions on your breast. 


  • This pump allows breastfeeding moms total freedom. 
  • It could serve as either a single or a double electric breast pump.
  • This pump is relatively quiet and comfortable.
  • It is highly compact and portable, making it easy to move around. 
  • Also, this pump comes with a bottle stand, which prevents accidental spillage.
  • It is very efficient and effective in breast massaging and milk expression.


  • The battery loses its power of longevity with time.

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6. Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus Electric Breast Pump

best electric pump for breastfeeding
The spectra S2 plus premier electric breast pump is meant to bring soothing confidence to each moment throughout your breastfeeding journey. 

The S2 is a quiet and discreet breast pump for the smoothest and most comfortable pumping sessions. The added night light allows you to pump at any hour of the day easily. 

The spectra baby USA – S2 plus electric breast pump conveniently weighs only 2.9 lbs. With a maximum suction strength of 250 mmHg and the ability to be used as a single or double pump, The Spectra Baby USA-S2 will be a great asset in your breastfeeding journey. 

These breast pumps are completely flexible and work with a mere touch of buttons. 

They are designed with special digital controls that allow you to line the pumping program to your body’s best speed and rhythm. 

During the let-down and expression mode, the S2 can be adequately adjusted as you wish. This pump also has a timer for monitoring the time taken to express your milk maximally. 

You don’t just have to pump your breast milk endlessly. We understand that your breasts require great massage to stimulate your baby’s natural suckling; this pump has the quietest motor available.

 It also has a perfect closed system to prevent the contamination of your baby’s milk. As moms, the producers of this pump also includes a gray tote for discreet transportation of your pump, as well as a pink cooler to keep your milk at the right temperature.


  • Strong and gentle suction – Expressing more milk as fast as possible. 
  • It is very quiet when in use for privacy and discreetness.
  • Also, it works with a built-in rechargeable battery in the absence of an electric source.
  • It helps to massage your breast before the final milk letting down.
  • It is compact and portable for ease of moving the pump around.


  • Does not make use of a rechargeable battery, limiting its flexibility

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7. Evenflo Deluxe Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

best electric pump for breastfeeding This is a cheap breast pump you will be interested in checking out, a hospital-grade that works well for its price. With this pump, you have the control to personalize your pumping session with multiple combinations of speed and suction that enable you to maximize your milk expression by encouraging multiple letdowns, just as if you were breastfeeding your baby.

Also, the Evenflo breast pump is easy to take around as it portable and uses 6AA batteries that allow moms to pump anywhere they are. Design to give breastfeeding mothers comfort when they pump, the flanges are made of rubber to eliminate the pains caused by breast pumping.

This pump comes with a tutorial to put nursing moms through the stress and joy of breastfeeding and breast pumping because they know and understand the hassle moms pass through when nursing.


  • Strong suction power – being able to express enough milk within a short time.
  • Closed clean pumping system – the hoses never come in direct contact with the milk.
  • Rubber flanges to give comfort during pumping. There are so many flange sizes in this set you’re bound to find one that fits.
  • Easy to clean and assemble – it’s super quick to assemble for those moments when you need to pump and run.
  • Multi setting – makes for the perfect setting at a pace when you need it.


  • Too many settings – it can be complicated for first-time moms.

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8. BelleMa E3 Double Electric Breast Pump

best electric pump for breastfeeding
Like every other Bellema breastfeeding gadget, the belleMa E3 double electric breast pump was invented to make the duty of breastfeeding effortless and fun-filled. 

With great features designed on the pump, it is safe to call this pump breastfeeding moms’ perfect buddy. They are made of patented 3D Collection of a closed system to prevent breast milk contamination and wastages. 

The belleMa E3 Double electric breast pump is built very toughly to prevent quick and easy damage to the motor and establish and augment moms’ milk supply. 

It has a superb anti-backflow flange Design meant to prevent your baby’s milk contamination and prevent wastage too. 

The belleMa E3 double electric breast pump has a 2-Phase Pumping Mode with 9 Adjustable Suction Levels to help you find the most efficient and soothing milk expression pattern. 

We sincerely believe that milk expression time for your baby should never be a time to detest. 

We also like all our moms to conveniently bond with their babies using their breast pumping time as the best tool. 

Hence, these pumps come with 3 Power Supply Modes. i.e., an AC Adapter, the Built-in Battery Box for strong AA Batteries options, as well as a USB cable that can be plugged into any device to charge your pump in the absence of any available electricity source. 


  • It expresses all your breast milk within the shortest possible time
  • It is highly efficient and makes your breastfeeding a worthwhile experience 
  • features aa flexible charging option making it convenient to use
  • It is built tough and strong and can withstand several pumping sessions in a day.
  • It is very hygienic with its superb closed system.


  • It doesn’t work with accessories and kits of other pumps
  • Replacing damaged accessories of the pump is a bit difficult

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9. Electric Double Breast Milk Pump

best electric pump for breastfeeding
A lot of breastfeeding moms find it hard to get enough milk letdowns that can satisfy their baby. 

The Electric double breast milk pump is designed with an improved milk flow such that its advanced rhythmic massaging pattern mimics your baby’s natural sucking behavior; you can safely and conveniently release more milk, faster and consistently too. 

Your baby will never starve again for lack of enough milk letdowns from your breast. This is a quiet breast pump featuring a whisper-quiet motor mechanism that will never give you away while in use anytime. 

It also has a rechargeable lithium battery capable of serving you on several pumping per day so long it is fully charged. 

It is designed as an extremely lightweight breast pump and milk bottle making it one of the most travel-friendly and portable breast pumps ever designed. 

Moms can now pump their breast milk and still breastfeed their baby on the other breast. You convert the device into a single pump by simply closing the second loop to pump your other breast while your baby is feeding on the other breast. 

It has a dual-mode technology, which gives you the chance to select between 20 fast or slow pumping patterns to change suction power and milk flow based on your comfort or time available. 

The Electric Double Breast Milk Pump is designed with a specially cushioned silicone breast shield that maximizes comfort and prevents your milk leakage. At the same time, its BPA-free nipples feel soft and natural on your breast. 

The feeling is simply magical for a maximum milk expression each time you use the pump.


  • Comes with great suction and comfortable
  • It is compact and portable for breastfeeding moms on the move.
  • It could be used for single as well as double breast pumping.
  • Also, feature a soft flange for a better user experience. 
  • It works quietly and discreetly.
  • This pump is easy to assemble and clean.


  • Replacing its damaged kits and accessories is quite difficult.

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Best Electric Pump for Breastfeeding FAQ’s

Does an electric breast pump produce more milk?

A good electric breast pump will produce more milk than a manual hand pump. Electric breast pumps are made to ensure maximum milk is expressed comfortably without wasting mom’s precious time. Electric breast pumps possess strong suction for the expression of milk as fast as possible. 

However, the expression of milk varies from person to person base on the individual body state. Suppose you notice a reduction in your milk supply after expressing exclusively for weeks. It necessary you take in more calories, rest more, take more water, and, most important, don’t diet to increase your milk supply. This is because your body will determine your milk production. If there is no change after observing this, see a doctor. 

best electric pump for breastfeeding

How do I increase my milk supply with an electric pump?

Increasing milk supply with an electric pump has become easier than it used to be before wearable breast pumps. The invention of this pump has giving mom the freedom and confidence to pump whenever and however. With these pumps, you don’t have to take a break from work or be tied to a pump for pumping. 

To increase your milk supply with an electric breast pump, you need to pump more often and eat enough calories. For this to be successful, you need to schedule your pumping hours and set a reminder, so you miss any pumping sessions. Also, when pumping, make sure you empty each breast to signal your body to create milk as fast as possible. In summary, the more you pump, the more and fast your body produces milk. 

How long after pumping can I pump again?

Are you interested in increasing your milk supply and curious how often should you pump? You can pump one hour after nursing or after breastfeeding. You can also pump if you notice your breast is filled; this may not take up to an hour on some days. 

Furthermore, you can have a scheduled pumping period, which you can make your body adjust to. To do this, you need to set a timer for every hour, more or less, for constant pumping. You will find this difficult at first, but after a few days, you will get used to it and feel comfortable pumping even without a timer. 


I hope this list ends your search for the best electric pump for breastfeeding so you can enjoy your nursing period like other moms.

I no longer suffer just to get my baby adequately fed. He started growing healthy and became so fond of me since he was always well fed by the babysitter.  We all know that breast milk remains the best for babies, especially at an early age. A mother’s milk is more nutritious and essential than powdered milk or formula. 

Therefore, we want to ensure our baby doesn’t miss out on this benefit because working moms have to return to work and still adequately feed their babies. 

Buying a breast pump and storing breast milk solves this problem. This allows working moms to provide healthy milk for their babies when they are not around to breastfeed.  With the different fantastic options in the list above, that challenge should be permanently solved like me. 

It will also allow you to bond with your baby well strongly. Lay your hand on any of the breast pumps treated above, and you are on your way to discovering freedom as I did. 

I sincerely hope you won’t be too economical considering the high price of some of these pumps. I’m assuring you that you will get absolute value for any amount spent acquiring any of the pumps. So, go ahead and pump your breast with class and style.   

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