12 Best Electric Breast Pumps Reviews for 2022

Breastfeeding moms are usually at sea, finding which of the acclaimed best electric breast pumps is worth splashing their hard-earned money on.

The competition to win the hearts of breastfeeding moms is at the fore of the new inventions and innovations from these breast pumps.


Some of them combine multiple features perfectly which makes them very potent tools for breastfeeding moms and their babies. Gone are the days of manual breast pumps that are slow and negatively affect moms’ health too.

What a time to be a breastfeeding mom with numerous electricity-powered single and double breast pumps currently on the market, you will wish you have a baby to breastfeed too.

best electric breast pumps

Which Electric Breast Pump is Best, Single, or Double Breast pump?

Single breast pumps are usually of smaller sizes and are easily moved around than double breast pumps.

Stay-at-home moms and moms who have some spare time around their homes typically go for single breast pumps. The double pumps are the most suitable for busy moms, exclusive pumping mom, or mom that travels a lot 

You will maximally utilize your time pumping your two breasts simultaneously and stack up the rest for later feeding of the baby.  Some double breast pumps even come with cooling compartments to help you preserve the milk for your baby whenever he is ready to take it.

One major factor determining which pump to go for between the single or the double breast pump is the price of these pumps in the market. The double breast pumps are more expensive than the single pumps. This comprehensive piece is set to dissect the best electric-powered breast pumps on the market.

We aim at assisting breastfeeding moms in making the best choice amongst several arrays of breast pumps being paraded in the market.

The Best Single Electric Breast Pump Reviews – Our Choice

The choice is solely yours to make based on the unique features of each of these pumps. We take a look at the best single electric breast pumps available. If you’re more interested in the double breast pump, use the table of the content above to go directly to the list 

1. Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump

best electric breast pumps
The Elvie single electric breast pump is a great step ahead of all-electric breast pumps with its state-of-the-art technology. Such as its ability to be connected to an app to control and provide additional tips and features on maximizing the pump.

The pump is wearable inside your bra, and as such, you can pump while on the go, at work, or at home while doing other things conveniently.

The Elvie single electric breast pump works automatically with just a touch of a button on it or the app. Come with the ability to switch between stimulation to expression modes and stop automatically when the bottle is filled with milk. Also, the Elvie single electric breast pump is hands-free and powered by electricity and rechargeable batteries.


  • It comes with the ability to pump discreetly, with no wire or tubes attached to the chest. 
  • Its revolutionary technology makes it very quiet while in use. Your discreet pumping is always guaranteed anytime and anywhere.
  • The Elvie single electric breast pump is built as a small and lightweight pump that can be worn inside a standard nursing bra, making it truly hands-free while in use. It is simply freedom at its peak.
  • The pump is hassle-free from its set up to clean up. Using Elvie Pump is simple – it has just five parts to clean and takes seconds to assemble. No cords, no wardrobe changes, no fuss whatsoever.
  • This breast pump can also be connected to the free Elvie Pump app to monitor milk volume in real-time, track pumping history, and control the pump remotely.
  • The Elvie single electric breast pump automatically switches from Stimulation into Expression mode when it detects let-down and will pause when the bottle is full. One less thing to think about.


  • Very silent when in use
  • allows you to track and monitor your pumping activities 
  • It works automatically and stops by itself when the bottle is filled with milk
  • Also, it is wearable and highly convenient to use at all times.
  • It is very portable and wearable.


  • You can only pump in an upright position

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2. Philip Avent Single Electric Breast Pump

best electric breast pumps reviews Philips Avent single electric breast pump works quickly by allowing you to pump at the touch of a button. This pump Includes a soft massage cushion to stimulate milk flow and a power cushion for additional suction.

This is a quiet, compact pump for milk expression anytime. This pump features three expression settings, all of which let you sit back and relax while the pump does the work.

This pump also comes with a Philips Avent Natural bottle and nipple, which allows you to breastfeed your baby directly after pumping. The super-soft cushion and highly powerful suction allow moms to express milk completely from their breasts while having the most comfortable breast massaging session.


  • The Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump features a unique design that prevents you from leaning forward to express your milk. 
  • Also, this breast pump features easy to use control buttons with clear instructions. 
  • Features a massaging petal designed to mimic your baby’s suckling action, which can help with easy milk let down.
  • The Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump is made with a power cushion suction that is perfect when you need a little stronger suction.
  • This breast pump has been designed with only a few parts, is intuitive to assemble, and is easy to clean.
  • The Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump is designed with a wide, breast-shaped nipple that makes it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding. The nipple’s shape and feel mimic the breast to provide an easy transition from breastfeeding to bottle.


  • Easy and soft breast simulation allows smooth milk expression
  • Highly hygienic with a closed system of pumping
  • Comes with several suction levels to choose from to reach your own personal, convenient milk expression rhythm
  • Allow the expression of milk in a more relaxed form 
  • The pump can be easily dismantled and cleaned.


  • A perfect understanding of its use requires a keen study of its manual
  • Replacing any damaged accessory is a bit expensive.

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3. Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump

best electric breast pumps reviews
The Medela Swing Breast Pump is a portable, lightweight, single, electric breast pump designed for moms who pump occasionally. The swing breast pump features 2-Phase Expression technology, which resembles a baby’s sucking rhythm and is effective for complete breast milk removal.

Wonderfully, it’s a compact breast pump and can be taken anywhere with ease; it even fits neatly in your purse. The medela swing comes with a belt clip and neck/shoulder strap to make mobile and tabletop pumping more comfortable.

For women searching for a lightweight and reliable single electric breast pump, the medela swing is an exceptional and affordable choice. It has been designed to deliver easy and convenient breast pumping at home, at work, or anywhere you travel.

This breast pump can also be powered by an included AC power adapter or batteries, making it perfect for on-the-go option with the included carrying bag. 


  • The Medela Swing single electric breast pump features a compact and lightweight pump that delivers easy and convenient pumping for moms. 
  • This single breast pump includes a compact and lightweight motor that fits easily into your purse, backpack, or tote bag. It’s easy to bring with you anywhere and anytime.
  • Unique to Medela breast pumps, this research-based, and patented design allows moms to pump more milk in less time. It resembles a baby’s natural sucking rhythm for improved comfort and efficiency for the moms.
  • This pump can be powered with an AC adapter or batteries for better flexibility. 
  • A single pumping kit with 24mm Personal Fit breast shields has been added as part of its kits for comfortable, and efficient pumping,
  • It also features easy-to-use vacuum controls, which let you choose the most comfortable setting for you for the most exciting milk expression sessions.
  • All parts that come into contact with breast milk are made without BPA: Safe for you and your baby.


  • Small and portable making it very easy to carry around
  • Expresses more milk in a short period
  • Comfortable and very convenient to use at all times.
  • Also, its multiple power option makes it very flexible to use anywhere, anytime.
  •  Made with health-friendly materials for your baby’s safety while feeding.


  • It vibrates while in use, which may not be too comfortable for most moms
  • Replacing damaged accessories is quite expensive.
  • Milk or vapors get into ducts very easily.

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4. The Motermed Single Electric Breast Pump

best electric breast pumps
The Mothermed Single Electric breast pump was created for moms who need to pump frequently. It is solely meant for moms whose baby feeds a lot. With this pump, nursing moms need not border on satisfying their baby’s hunger with their exclusive breastfeeding.

The Mothermed Single Electric Breast pump comes with three different pumping styles to choose from, allowing moms to choose the option that is most like their baby’s feeding patterns. This function is conveniently displayed on the digital LCD screen for moms to choose from.

This single electric breast pump also offers eight suction levels that can easily be adjusted in the pump unit by pressing the “+” button for higher suction or the “-” control for lower suction.

The LCD light will also automatically switch off if no control buttons are pressed for 20 seconds to save power. Also, Suppose the breast pump unit is left on and unattended for more than 30 minutes. In that case, the control system will automatically power off.


  • The Mothermed electric breast pump can be operated with just a single hand because of its small and exquisite nature. It is easy to carry around and does not occupy much space. 
  • Also, it is designed with split straws, making it very easy for moms to use it as a split electric breast pump at home for more comfort and everywhere they deem fit.
  • It has an anti-backflow design that provides a hygienic closed system to prevent breast milk from backing up to the pump and prevents milk infection.
  • Also, The cover is made of 100% safe high silicone material and BPA-free.
  • The pump is built with 3-phase pumping expression technology, which starts with a gentle pacing mode to stimulate milk flow before expressing. 
  • Relatively silent, making it suitable to use at night without disturbing your baby’s sleep and in public.
  • It comes with a built-in 850 mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can run the pump for 2-21/2 hours if it is fully charged.
  • Also compatible with USB for a more flexible charging option. 


  • It is easy to use and clean 
  • Also, lightweight and portable for easy mobility 
  • It is designed with an extra milk collector to prevent leakage 
  • Once fully charged, it lasts for about five full milk expressions before the batteries are fully drained
  • It could be used hands-free with a pumping bra and get other chores done in the house while pumping
  • Also, it collects your milk with a cup for the other breast while one is being pumped.
  • It has an excellent suction power meant to last the rigorous stress of several pumping.


  • Constant usage makes the suction power reduce with time.
  • Replacing any of its damaged parts is quite expensive.

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5. Tommee Tippee Made for Me Single Electric Breast Pump

best electric breast pumps The Tommee Tippee Made for Me breastfeeding products is made specifically for busy breastfeeding moms. This single electric Breast Pump is portable and compact. All you need to do is charge it up, get comfortable, and find one of the 14 modes that feel right for you. 

Tomme knows breast milk expression is not going to be always in the same way, so this pump is incorporated with the ability to regulate the settings to provide maximum comfort while pumping. 

Compatible with all Tommee Tippee closer to Nature are the advanced anti-colic baby bottles. It is made to support your breastfeeding journey by enabling you to feed your baby wherever and whenever you feel like doing so. 

The ability to recharge this pump using different options gives all breastfeeding moms the required flexibility and freedom to use the pump anywhere and anytime. 


  • The Tommee Tippee Made for Me Single Electric Breast Pump is notably quieter than the leading breast pumps in the market at the moment, having passed several tests done on it.
  • Your maximum flexibility is granted with this pump due to its USB rechargeable option. It can be used whenever and wherever.
  • This breast pump is built with a very soft, cushioned silicone cup that’s gentle on sore breasts and massages the breast for comfort and maximum expression. 
  • When fully charged, it takes over 60 minutes of power to pump on the go using the Tommee Tippee Made for Me Single electric breast pump.
  • It is designed with five massage modes & 9 suction modes which stimulate milk flow and express breast milk while treating your breast to the most comfortable feel ever. 
  • It comes with a large and clear LED screen to help record your pumping time as well-calibrated bottles to measure the amount of milk expressed per time.
  • This pump features a closed system, so the milk doesn’t flow back into the tubes, preventing expressed milk from contamination. 


  • It is very portable and flexible to use
  • It is highly hygienic with a closed system
  • Excellent memory to save your maximum milk expression mode on the pump
  • It is tranquil when in use and offers you the perfect discreet.
  • the battery gives you more than three pumping sessions 


  • It hardly works with kits and accessories of other breast pumps
  • Getting your perfect suction rhythm requires careful attention and attentiveness

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6. Yihunion Portable Electric Breast Pump

best electric breast pumps reviewThe Yihunion portable electric breast pump is one of the lowest-budget electricity-powered breast pumps in the market right now, with its efficiency put at 98% by most breastfeeding moms who had been lucky to use this tool.

It’s also one of the quietest pumps at 48dB; you could be pumping your milk and still make your calls without any interference whatsoever.

The small size and the package bag that comes with this pump make it easy to carry around conveniently. You can also be using it with one hand and carrying out other duties with the other hand.  It gives breastfeeding moms the needed freedom making the duty of breastfeeding a fun-filled event.

The YIHUNION portable electric breast pump has eight varying suction modes, which usually mimic the baby’s sucking rhythm anytime in use. In summary, it comes with a user-friendly LCD screen that allows moms to choose their preferred setting while pumping easily.


  • This breastfeeding pump has eight relaxation modes that will enable moms to achieve improved lactation and more support while they are pumping. Such amounts of suction often put the breastfeeding moms in the normal sucking state of breastfeeding their infants.
  • The YIHUNION handheld electronic breast pump is designed to keep the milk from returning to the machine and prevent milk contamination. 
  • The YIHUNION electronic handheld breast pump is by far the quietest breast pump on the market.  
  • Many breast pumps powered by electricity are useless when there is no electricity source around. The YIHUNION lightweight electronic breast pump comes with an inbuilt 900 mAh rechargeable lithium battery and sleek design making it possible to use anywhere.
  • Moms can express their milk at any time to get enough baby milk, handy for the road, workplace, or home use.
  • The YIHUNION handheld electronic breast pump comes with a bag that can be used to pack all the kits at once.


  • It is portable and lightweight, making it easy to move around 
  • It is very quiet while in use
  • This pump is a closed system pump making it easy to clean
  • Comes with few parts making it easy to use 


  • The suction mechanism becomes weak with constant usage.
  • It comes with only one flange size (26 mm). Moms with bigger nipples will have to buy other flange sizes.

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The Best Electric Double Breast Pumps Reviews

Having taken a look at the single electric breast pumps, we must take a deep into the world of the double electric breast pumps too. Relax and check out the list of the best double electric breast pumps available in the market.

1. Elvie Electric Double Breast Pump

best electric breast pumps reviews
Like every other Elvie product, the Elvie electric double breast pump is designed with all the modern gadgets befitting a great pump’s contemporary trend. With Elvie Pump, you can lead the meeting, get outside, or enjoy some peace while you pump.

Also, this pump is usable with an app that is connected to a phone through the pump Bluetooth to track and monitor the pump activities. Making it more convenient to use this pump, you don’t have to check through your bra to know how far you have pumped. 

The Elvie electric breast pump comes with in-built rechargeable batteries making it more convenient to use the pump. Also, it comes with a USB cord, which enhances the flexibility of charging the pump. You can charge with a power bank, laptop, or in your car while going to work. 

The pump does not require any wire or too many accessories, so it is one of the most portable breast pumps ever made.


  • The smallest, lightest, and quietest wearable breast pump, Elvie Pump, makes it possible to pump on your terms – at home, at work, or on the go. You can now rest your mind over long hours spent glued to a spot and save your time doing other things. 
  • Revolutionary technology eliminates noise so that you can pump in peace – anytime, anywhere. Please put it in stealth mode so that you don’t have to be given away while pumping.
  • Small and lightweight, Elvie Pump is worn inside a standard nursing bra, making it truly hands-free. You no longer need to be tied or glued to a spot anymore because you need to pump your breast. 
  • From setting up to cleaning up, using Elvie Pump is just simple. It has only five parts that require regular cleaning and takes seconds to assemble: no cords, no wardrobe changes, and no fuss at all with Elvie products.
  • Connect to the free Elvie Pump app to monitor milk volume in real-time, track pumping history for each breast, and control the pump remotely.
  • Elvie Pump automatically switches from Stimulation into Expression mode when it detects let-down and will pause when the bottle is full. That gives moms one less thing to think about in their pumping sessions.


  • Wearable and portable with compact size and limited kits
  • Very fast in milk expression at all times.
  • Various levels of suctions for flexibility
  • Easy and convenient to use with the app attached to your pump on your smartphone.
  • You have the freedom and flexibility of charging the pump with several options available.


  • Getting compatible accessories and kits to work with it isn’t very easy.
  • Getting it to work to maximum effectiveness require careful study of the manual. 

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2. Spectra Baby USA S1Plus with Black Tote and Cooler

best electric breast pumps reviews
Spectra breast pump is one of the best-selling breast pumps available in the market. This best breast pump possesses good suction making it the favorite of many moms. Also, this pump is portable and lightweight, which makes it easy to move around. You can take it while taking a walk or going to work. 

This breast pump features a closed system design that helps to prevent expressed contamination. Also, a closed system pump reduces the number of parts to clean, making the breast pump easy to care for. The breast pump also features a night light to ensure you can use the pump any time of the day.

Furthermore, the spectra breast pump features an easy-to-move-around design, which enhances the portability of this pump. Spectra S1, unlike the spectra S2, uses a rechargeable battery so you can make use of it while away from home or when away from an electric outlet. This battery will give you up to five pumping sessions while away from home, which is enough for a working mom. 


  • A closed system helps prevent expressed milk from mold and germs and reduces the number of parts to clean. 
  • This breast pump features a rechargeable battery, which enhances its flexibility 
  • Also, with this pump, every mom can customize each pumping session to choose the one that works best for them
  • This pump features night light making it convenient to use at night. 
  • It also features a big and clear button, which makes it easy to use 
  • Also, this pump is portable and lightweight; you can easily move it around for more convenience. 


  • It could be used for a dual purpose; a single exclusive breast pump or as a double breast pump to save time
  • Very safe for you and your baby.
  • It comes with a pre-sterilized bag to preserve the milk for your baby.
  • Also, it comes with a very large rechargeable battery for better convenience 
  • It is highly portable and comfortable to use for busy moms as well as moms on the move.
  • Parts are easy to clean and assemble. 


  • Getting the best setting for your body requires careful attention
  • It’s a very sophisticated breast pump and needs a keen interest to grab the usage fast.

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3. Willow Electric Double Breast Pump

Best Electric Double Breast Pumps Reviews

Here is the all-in-one electric breast pump that fits in your bra and goes where you go. Our patented, no-spill technology lets you pump smarter and fully hands-free. This breast pump is compatible with iOS (iPhone 5 and newer) and Android (supported models). 

The willow electric breast pump can be operated remotely from your smartphone with just a touch of a button. Also, there are only two parts of the pump to clean, and these parts are dishwasher safe. It is also made from the best silicone and BPA-free materials making the pump safe for your baby. 

They are built with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 pumping sessions to get you through your whole day without any hitch or urge to recharge the pump at all. 

This pump also can be fast-charged and fully charged for full milk expression. This wonderful product is sold with a year warranty for first-time users of the willow wearable breast pumps.


  • The only wearable pump offering the option to pump into either Milk Bags or a Reusable Container
  • The only electric breast pump that is spill-proof in any position you may find yourself.
  • Quiet for discreet pumping and doesn’t disturb your baby’s smooth pumping. 
  • Seven suction levels are comparable to most traditional double electric, and hospital-grade pumps to make moms find their best milk expression rhythm. 
  • This pump is designed to connect to the willow pump app for easy volume tracking, session history, and personalized pumping tips.
  • Portable Electric Breast Pump with all its kits easily fits in your small bag while going out. 
  • The Willow portable breast pump is made from BPA-free & FDA-certified silicon, saving the best milk for your baby all the time.


  • It is highly portable 
  • Also, very flexible to use at all times
  • It is a highly hygienic breast pump
  • A strong rechargeable battery also powers it.
  • It works excellently well with other kits and accessories.


  • It is quite an expensive breast pump to own.
  • The suction power is not too strong to handle exclusive pumping.

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4. Ameda MYA Portable Hospital Strength Electric Breast Pump 

best electric breast pumps reviews
The Ameda MYA is a portable breast pump with strong suction, which makes the pump more effective. The pump features a small design with an LCD, making the pump usable at any time of the day. This pump’s small design makes it portable and easy to move around as it fits well into the palm. 

This package comes with a bag that helps moms stay organized while on the go and enhances the pump’s movement. You can easily move the pump and parts conveniently from one point to another. For added portability and flexibility, this pump comes with a rechargeable battery, making it convenient to use away from home or with electricity. 

Furthermore, the pump comes with a memory feature that helps retain the previous settings to enhance the pump’s comfort. With that, you don’t have to set the pump whenever you want to make use of it. The pump also comes with a power-off feature, which shot down the pump to save the pump battery life. 


  • Comes with a memory feature to ensure it is convenient for use 
  • Also, this pump comes with an automatic power-off feature that helps to preserve battery life 
  • Mya offers ten levels of expression and five levels of massage stimulation for the ultimate comfort while pumping.
  • Ameda allows for double customizable pumping; Since no two pumping sessions are the same, Mya allows you to personalize each pumping session for better comfort and convenience. 
  • Features a rechargeable battery for more flexibility in use
  • Also, this pump features a closed system design that prevents expressed milk from contamination. 
  • The Ameda MYA features a compact and portable design for added flexibility. 


  • Tiny & compact, easy to carry around with ease.
  • It expresses milk at a very fast rate
  • Easy to use and operate with clear instruction 
  • The pump’s parts are easy to clean and assemble
  • Also, the pump comes with a bag for easy portability and strong suction for more milk. 


  • Keeping its accessories clean and hygienic at all times is quite enormous

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5. Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

besr electric breast pumps reviews
The medela freestyle flex breast pump is a perfect tool for moms willing to breastfeed their baby with comfort and convenience.

It is made from the state of the art technological features for double breast pumping and milk expression experience for a comfortable pumping experience. This pup is usable with an app for tracking and monitoring the pump activities for more convenience. 

This pump also comes with a USB for a flexible option of charging the battery, making it more convenient to use the pump. You can charge in your car, with a power bank or laptop while at work. In addition, this pump is lightweight, portable, and handy that it would fit into a pocket perfectly. 

Furthermore, this pump is made with two-phase expression technology for better milk expression within a short period. This helps to save mom lots of time to concentrate on other activities. This package also comes with a tote bag for the pump’s easy movement and helps moms stay organized. 


  • Features portable and lightweight design. Small enough to take with you anywhere, fits into a pocket, purse, or baby bag for easy access and portability
  • Designed for daily use for moms who pump several times a day, 
  • Also feature a patented, research-based 2-Phase expression technology that produces more milk in less time
  • Features a close system that prevents the milk from backing up into the tubes to ensure expressed milk are contamination-free. 
  • Features a USB for a more flexible charging option
  • Compact design, easy to hold, and weighs less than 1 pound, 
  • it also comes with a backlight for easy use at night.
  • Also, it comes with Bluetooth for easy pairing between the app and the tool. 


  • Its portability makes it loved by a lot of breastfeeding moms
  • It is quite easy and comfortable to use 
  • Usable with an app for more convenience 
  • It is built to be a very hygienic breast pump with a closed system.
  • Also, It gives room for flexibility with its multiple charging and power options.


  • Reduction in suction power over time 

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6. Philip Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

best electric breast pumps reviews
Double Electric Breast Pump helps you save time and lets your baby enjoy the benefits of breast milk. It works quickly by allowing you to pump simultaneously from both breasts. This pump Includes soft massage cushions that help stimulate milk flow and power cushions for the option of additional but comfortable suctions.

It comes with a travel bag and features three expression settings, all of which let you sit back and relax while the pump does the wonderful work of smooth milk expression. Hence, it is designed with the BPA-free and best silicone materials available. It is a super-compact, lightweight breast pump with relative ease to set up, express, and clean too.

This pump is also relatively quiet and efficiently pumps your breast milk in a comfortable pumping position due to its unique no-lean-forward design. It saves moms a lot of time that could be used for other purposes.


  • The Philips Avent double electric breast pump features a powerful suction mechanism that expresses a large volume of milk within the shortest period possible. 
  • Features a unique for added comfort and convenience 
  • The pump is made of 3 powerful suction levels, which are preceded by a soft and gentle stimulation mode, all in a bid to assist you in easy milk flowing at all times.
  • The pump is designed with very powerful but soft suction for moms who wish to express their milk quickly and completely.
  • It is also a closed and hygienic breast pump making sure all the milk goes directly into the storage bottles without any backflow. It comes with easy-to-assemble, clean, and reassembled intuitively.
  • The pump has a wide, breast-shaped nipple, making it an easy task to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding.
  • Furthermore, this pump comes with a bag for the easy conveyance of the pump for better convenience. 


  • Strong suction for more milk in less time
  • Highly hygienic milk for your baby’s sound health and nutrition
  • Has a soft massaging mode which helps keep breastfeeding moms’ to keep sound health of their breast
  • It expresses milk with much ease and relaxation mode.
  • It can be used anywhere and anytime with great freedom.


  • Getting to replace worn-out parts is quite difficult because accessories of other breast pumps hardly work for it.

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Double Breast Pump and Working Moms

Stay at home, moms have all the time in the world to take great care of their babies because they have the luxury of all the time in the world to breastfeed and adequately nourish them specially.

Working moms are not lucky to be blessed with the luxury of time to breastfeed their babies and, as such, require the best and most efficient breast pumps to help them pump enough milk for their babies’ consumption in their absence.

These moms tend to multi-task and, as such, need a breast pump that will adequately express all their breast milk within the shortest time possible.

The only breast pump that fits this usage is the electricity-powered breast pump. Some of these pumps are designed with special preservation bottles to store the breast milk for the baby’s consumption in the mom’s absence.

Some of them are also powered with rechargeable batteries, which generally last for several hours of usage. The best breast pump for a working mom is easy to use, easy to dismantle, and clean.

Furthermore, it has to be light for easy portability. Besides, it is excellent to pump, store, and feed on the same bottle, as this allows you to buy several spare parts that fit together.

If you need to use it at work, you can consider buying two breast pumps to use simultaneously, as this will stimulate milk production quite well.

best electric breast pumps reviews

Best Electric Breast Pumps FAQs

How do I choose an electric breast pump?

When choosing an electric breast pump, different factors need to be considered to ensure you have the right breast pump tool. How often you wish to pump will go a long way in determining your choice of a breast pump. Also, if you will be resuming back to work will influence these factors. Some of the factors you may need to consider include 

  • Suction

Firstly the pump suction needs to be considered as it will save pump moms a lot of time. An effective and gentle breast pump will get much milk as possible within a short period. This type of pump will give you a suction of that of your baby’s suckling. A pump with strong suction without causing pain is the real deal as it makes you comfortable and gives you a better pumping experience. 

  • Flange Size

The next thing you need to look out for is the flange size, also known as the pump fit. The are many pumps that come with different flange sizes to ensure they are comfortable for use. Choosing the right flange size is crucial as it determines your pumping experience. For this reason, you need to ensure your nipple fits well inside the flange for a pain-free pumping experience. 

The flange size should not be about the breast size, as the flange size is more concerned about the nipple. The breast’s size does not affect the size of the flange once the nipple can be positioned perfectly inside the flange.

  • Portability

The next is the portability of this pump; there are different breast pumps on the market. Some are portable and lightweight; some are cumbersome. You need to ensure your breast pump choice is portable and easy to move around for better convenience. This does not only make you convenient it also helps to ensure you can pump wherever and however. 

By being portable, it means it has to make use of a battery, enhancing the portability of this breast pump. With that, you can also make use of while away from home and without an electric outlet. Furthermore, it should also be lightweight, so you can easily move this pump around without giving yourself a strain on the hand.

  • Flexibility

The next is the flexibility of the pump; a flexible pump will come with some sort of comfort and convenience. For example, for some pumps, you can only use it while plugged in an electric outlet while you can make use of some while charging or after being charged. The latter will give you the convenience of use while around an electric outlet or not. 

Furthermore, the flexibility of charging this breast pump also needs to be considered; this will allow you to charge your breast pump wherever you want. With a USB-compatible breast pump, you can easily charge in your car, with a power bank, laptop, and many more.

Is a hand pump better than an electric?

Generally, hand pumps are used occasionally and are mostly used as a supplement to the main pump, which is usually an electric pump.

Although the main reason for owning a hand pump varies, an electric breast pump will perform better and provides more comfort, and a better user experience. With a hand pump, the suction is determined by the speed of squeezing its handles, which could cause hand strain after some use.

While an electric pump suction is automatic and comes with different speed levels to enhance its comfort, many electric pumps do not keep you idle to the pump; you can pump while you go on with other cores.

The case is different for a hand pump because it stops pumping once you stop squeezing its handle. So when you think of comfort and convenience, the electric breast pump is your best bet. 

Are electric breast pumps worth it?

Yes, Electric breasts are pumps worth every penny they are being sold for the comfort and convenience they serve. They provide nursing moms the opportunity to provide adequate milk for their babies whether with them or not. Making the right nutrients needed for the physical and mental development of the baby accessible.

Also, electric breast pumps have taken away the stress that comes with breastfeeding. With the availability of electric breast pumps, moms can now pump whenever, and however, giving them the comfort and freedom they deserve. Furthermore, the idleness of breastfeeding has been averted, making moms flexible while nursing. In addition, the use of an electric breast pump helps to avert the expense and health risk of using a formula. 

Is the electric breast pump harmful?

Electric breast pumps are made with different suction levels and speeds, pre-designed with the pump. The reactions of these pumps vary from person to person in accordance with their suction levels. It should be noted that the higher the suction level, the higher the pain that may come with it. 

In addition, the wrong flange size could also cause harm to the nipple, making it difficult to breastfeed or pump. Knowing the right pump fit or flange size to use will help prevent such pain from occurring. 

Furthermore, frequent pumping can also lead to hormone release, which increases milk supply in the body. The frequent release of these hormones may cause breast engorgement, which is usually harmful; this is one of the side effects of exclusive pumping. 

When can you start using an electric breast pump?

You can start using a breast pump immediately after giving birth, but it is more advisable to breastfeed first to create intimacy between you and your baby. Also, if you have a healthy breastfeeding baby, wait a few weeks before pumping. 

But if your baby is ill, premature (preterm), or you can’t breastfeed due to some certain reason, you can pump some hours after giving birth so you can feed your baby. 


The best electric breast pumps are magnificent tools breastfeeding moms need to own to enjoy and appreciate the duty of weaning their babies more.

With new digital additions to these pumps, they take the stress and troubles of the modern-day moms’ shoulders and put them in total control of the situation.

The list of breast pumps in this piece is the top breast pumps getting the top ratings by moms across the world.

Among other factors, the following were considered in picking these breast pumps as the best in the market:

  • Suction power
  • Rate of milk expression
  • Hygiene level of the pump
  • The comfortability and ease of using the pump
  • The size and portability of the pumps
  • Availability of alternative power source for the pump

They add sleekness and glamour to motherhood’s business while creating a rare bond between moms and their babies. It can only get better with the advent of more super-efficient gadgets in years to come. Until then, I will implore breastfeeding moms to enjoy these technologically advanced electric breast pumps as their help make the breastfeeding duty a worthwhile activity.

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