10 Best Cheap Breast Pump of 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

So many times, the price tag of a product might not insinuate value. However, the best cheap breast pump can be more than the value for your money, providing you with everything you need to pump, whenever, wherever.

No product is cheap, but it can always be tag affordable as long as it can serve the intended purpose and perform those functions efficiently.

Milk expression is what a breast pump does, and we have a couple of affordable breast pump that does it efficiently and effectively.

We have reviewed some affordable breast pumps for you to choose from. These products are exceptional and made of BPA free materials to ensure that no money is lost with whichever choice you make for yourself and the baby.


Breast Pump Accessories

Well, you might be surprised or ignorant about the existence of many pumping accessories, especially if you’re a first-time mom.

These accessories will make you comfortable, save your time, and make the breast pump express more milk, which is why you will need some of these accessories.

All the products listed below are vital if you want to have a comfortable pumping experience. I’m sure you don’t want to use your two hands to hold the pumps to your breast while you double pump.

These accessories are usually cheap, so don’t worry, you won’t have to break the bank to get many of them.

best cheap breast pump

Bottlebrush: Proper hygiene is paramount to keep your breast milk contamination-free for the safety of your baby. Bottle brushes are used to clean the pump bottle and other pump parts gently.

Quick clean and accessories wipe: Wipes are suitable when you’re on the go where you can’t get water to rinse or sanitize your pump parts. This is a handy way to sanitize your breastfeeding accessories and pumping equipment safely and quickly. I prefer to have this on hand when I pump in the office since it is a quick way to clean the pump parts.

Bottle warmer: Your breast milk is always warm at body temperature, and that’s how your baby wants to be served. To get this desired temperature, you need a bottle warmer to warm your preserved breast milk to make it consumable for your baby. It is not advisable to use a microwave; microwaves can cause a hot spot in your breast and burn your baby’s mouth.

Breast pump bra: These are bras perfect for holding the pump to your breast so you can pump and get other activities done. This is a necessity if you are interested in having an enjoyable pumping experience after getting your breast pump. It allows you to be flexible during pumping; with that, you won’t be idle when pumping; you can continue cooking, using your phone, or playing with the baby.

Breast pump bag: These bags are used to move pump and pumping accessories so mom can breast pump on the go. The bag is designed to contain everything breastfeeding moms need to pump wherever. Some of these bags are designed to accommodate breast milk coolers to keep your breast milk for more extended periods. You don’t have to worry about staying away from baby your baby since you have everything to keep him calm with you.

Microwave sterilizer bags: Proper hygienic practice is an excellent attitude to put on during breastfeeding. The sterilizer Bags allow you to eliminate bacteria from teethers, pacifiers, nipples, bottles, small toys, and breast pump accessories when on-the-go. Just fill the bags with small feeding items and water, toss them into the microwave, and you’re full steam ahead for a hygienic clean. Many of these bags are reusable up to 30 times with easy sport to mark after use.

Breast pads: breast pad or nursing pads as they are called are used in absorbing leakages from the breast and is common among moms with leaky boobs. The best breast pad should be washable and reusable and fit well into any nursing bra to save nursing moms some bucks.

Nursing pillow: This is not your regular household pillow; they are designed to support the nursing mother’s breastfeeding. A nursing pillow is used to position your baby, where they need to nurse comfortably. The weight of your baby can drag your shoulders and hunch your back if care is not taken. A nursing pillow helps to lift off the weight and hassle of nestling your baby for hours.

Breast pump set: the breast pump set consists of every other accessory you need to pump except the motor; it includes the storage bags, the pump bottle, tubes, and many more. The stress of moving my breast pump from home to office and fro made me buy a new pump set for the office. Since then, I only leave home with the motor, which was portable and lightweight.

Cheap electric breast pump – Our choice

1. IKARE Double Breast Pumps Hospital Grade

best cheap breast pumpThe ikare double breast pump is a cheap breast pump and a hospital-grade, also the best you will get for the stated price.

Hospital-grade pumps are closed system pumps that do not allow the flow of milk from the bottle to the motor; hence ensuring your breast milk is free from contamination; that’s what Ikare double breast pump is offering for some bucks way less than $100.

The breast pump is rechargeable, enabling nursing moms to pump anywhere they are with a soft massage cushion that ensures the efficiency of milk expression.

The pump comes with three different flange sizes (21, 24, and 27mm) for moms to provide a better comfortable pumping for mom with full touch screen sensitive design making it easy to operate and use.


  • Comes with a rechargeable battery suitable for outdoor pumping
  • Easy to operate, use and clean – parts are easy to clean.
  • It comes with microfiber bags for moving the pump and its parts around.
  • Silent and Portable can fit into a purse or handbag for discrete pumping.
  • Compatible with other breast pump bottle ( used mine with avents and spectra)


  •  parts are not easily available
  • Too many settings – can be complicated for a first-time mom

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2. KINYO Double Electric Breast Pump

best cheap breast pump KINYO is a portable and affordable double breast pump with effective pumping performance with a simple control that makes it easier to use by any mom.

It comes with a closed system to ensure that milk does not flow through the tubes to the motor, which provides the safety of your breast milk by preventing molds or bacteria from forming within the pump.
The silicone flannel helps to massage the areola to help stimulate the breast for proper milk flow with a backlight display to enable better observation at night.

The pump is portable and uses external batteries that allow you to pump anywhere; the external batteries can be used where there is no electricity at all.
The simple and clear design makes it easy to assemble and wash, with a bottle stand that keeps the bottle in place in case of accidental kicks.

KINYO breast pump comes with adjustable suction levels and customizable pumping styles for maximum milk production specifically made for working moms


  • Portable – goes where you do.
  • Comes with a battery pack – suitable for pumping on the go, no electricity needed
  • Simple and clean design – making it easy to assemble and disassemble with hassles.
  • Easy to clean
  • Hands-free


  • Not rechargeable

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3. Elebebe Portable Breast Pump

best cheap breast pumps

Elebebe is a portable hospital grade breast pump that doesn’t allow the flow of milk from the tubes to the motor, does keeping your milk safe and contamination-free.

The USB charging option and portability makes the pump useful anywhere you are, you can charge in your car, with a power bank, or with your laptop, so you don’t miss any pumping section.

The parts can be easily disassembly, making it easy to clean with a flange that fits well with any breast making it suitable for any mom.

The portable design makes it handy to move around anywhere, and it doesn’t take up space on your purse or handbag nor does it add to the weight of your bag

Comfortable silicone shields efficiently o protect your soft and delicate breasts; they are soft to ensure you feel comfortable.


  • Easy and Convenient to use
  • Compact and portable – can be easily moved around anywhere you go
  • Easy to wash and assembly – clean design for easy assembly for easy cleaning.
  • Suction is wonderful – four different modes with 16 suction levels to work effectively.
  • Good battery life


  • Spare parts are not readily available in the market.

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4. iAPOY Double Electric Breast Pump

best cheap breast pump This is another breast pump that would give you the value for money; with this pump, no money is lost as it comes with multiple power supply to have the pump with them; however, whenever.

This breast pump comes with three modes, which help to massage the breast for better stimulation, with an automatic and manual mode for more flexible.

The auto recording function helps retain your former setting, making it easier on your nest u. The petal cushion is made of silicone material to provide comfort when pumping, which helps to mimic your baby’s rhythm suckling enhances better milk flow.

choosing between single or double pumping to provide more comfort and convenience just like every other pump


  • Silicone breast pump shield to provide comfort during expression.
  • portable design making it suitable for trave
  • powerful suction – can be compared to hospital-grade
  • the pump comes with a USB so you get to charge even in your car
  • come with bag -though it fits well into any traveling bag or purse


  • Bad battery life – battery does not last long even when fully charged

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5. Smibie Dual Motor Double Electric Breast Pump

best cheap breast pump

The Smibie double breast pump is an amazing secondary pump with clean designs and lightweight to catch your fantasies with amazing features accompanying efficiency, making it mobile and less bulky.

The rechargeable battery allows mom to pump anywhere and can be charged with a USB adaptor, which comes with the pump, with that, you won’t miss any pumping section.

The pump features a smart memory chip that retainer your last comfortable settings, so you don’t have to keep setting all the time with four modes and up to 18 level suction choice to choose from.

Not really a closed system, but the manufacturer ensures that it’s an anti-backflow design to keep breast milk from running into the motor or tubing to prevent milk from infections or contamination.

Included in this package is a tote bag the makes this pump a great travel option.


  • Easy to clean and portable – a few parts to cleans and the motor is mobile enough for any mom
  • Rechargeable – allows you to pump on the go
  • Led display – beautiful, functional display for easy use
  • 101 safe for you and your baby – parts are made with PPSU that are widely used in manufacturing medical appliances.


  • Small flag size
  • Too many parts to clean – can be tedious for any exclusive pumping mom

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6. SereneLife Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

best cheap breast pumps This is an affordable breast pump with a unique design, and two-phase expression technology to give a better suction level for effective milk expression.
The breast pump is rechargeable with multiple power supplies to ensure that you keep pumping on the go. The silicone breast shield makes it comfortable on the breast while it massages the areola to stimulate letdown.
Designed with an anti-back-flow to ensure the expressed milk does not run through the tubes to the motor to keep your milk safe and prevent bacteria from growing within the pump, the closed system also m makes few parts available to clean.
This portable pump as the ability to retain your last pumping settings, so you don’t have to start all over whenever you want to pump. The pump is handy and also lightweight that it can fit into any purse or handbag for mobility.


  • portable and lightweight – ready to go with you anywhere you go
  • closed system – to keep your milk safe and contamination-free
  • A two-phase expression for strong power for effective milk expression
  • Rechargeable battery with multiple power supply, so you don’t have to miss any pumping session.
  • Silent and pain-free – it’s suction and massage process are comfortable on the breast.


  • Parts are not readily available;

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7. Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Portable

best cheap breast pumpThe LansinohSignaturePro presents advanced technology at an affordable price. This pump is the only pump with three pumping styles and eight adjustable suction levels, allowing you to select the setting that works best for you.

A hygienic closed system design that keeps breast milk from flowing back into the tubing or motor to prevent bacteria or mold from growing that could contaminate the breast milk.

Pretty easy to assembly with parts that can be easily fixed which makes cleaning this an easy task for moms

This pump also allows you to pump into a sterilized storage bag that comes with the pump to prevent breast milk from spilling during transfer.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Much smaller, lighter, and comfortable
  • Very portable (uses batteries or plugs in)
  • Good suction power


  • Bad battery life
  • Louder (not ridiculously, but there is no pumping in secret with this thing)
  • No light on display (only a problem if you are pumping in the dark)
  • No multiple flanges for comfortable suction

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8. Haakaa Double Electric Breast Pump

best cheap breast pumpHaakaa is one of the most trusted breast pump brands with a lot of amazing reviews; here is an electric pump form the company. The pump comes with a combo pack, which includes the electric breast pump and a silicone breast to give your flexible option. With that, you can choose to pump or collect letdown while breastfeeding, so no milk is wasted.

Incorporated with this pump is a petal silicone massage cushion that helps stimulate the areola for you to have a comfortable pumping experience. The pump is also set to switch between massage and expression mode to enhance the flow of milk.
Moms are giving the opportunity to select an appropriate suction level that is soothing to them with three different modes; the sleek and simple design makes it easy to assemble and wash or clean when you are away from home.

Also suitable for expressing on the go as the pump is rechargeable and compatible with USB so you can wherever you are, with an automatic safety shutoff that switches off the pump every thirty minutes to ensure that you don’t spill your milk.


  • Sleek and simple design – easy to assemble
  • Easy to use and wash with less complicated settings
  • Portable and light-weight; it fits into handbags perfectly and can be used anywhere you want.
  • Rechargeable battery and compatible with USB; you get to charge with a power bank, car or your laptop
  • Convenient and safe while in use


  • Suction is not really strong

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9. Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps

best cheap breast pump

This affordable breast pump can be used anywhere with or without a power outlet with over 2000 positives reviews.

The pump features a large Li-ion battery with 2200mAh capacity that can be charged by a power bank, making it suitable for pumping on the go.

For nursing moms to keep up with and to provide breast milk for their baby, the pump package comes with two pieces of milk storage bag adaptors and ten storage bags for stacking up your milk without incurring extra cost.

The flange is made of Petal cushion with soft silicone to provide a comfortable and pain-free pumping experience, also with a sensitive touch panel, which made it easy to operate.

Closed system with four modes and 9 level suction choice for moms to choose what suit them


  • Parts are readily available
  • Long tubing for proper positioning
  • Potable and lightweight enough for mobility
  • Enables charge and pump at the same time.
  • Quality bottles – bottle design is sleek with measures mold inside the bottle to keep them from fading off.


  • Not really quiet like other pumps
  • Weak suction over time With too many pars to clean.

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10. KidsTime Electric Breast Pump

best cheap breast pumpIf you are looking for a small portable pump that does it all, look no further as this pump is made to give everything you are looking for in an affordable pump. All material that comes in contact with your breast milk is safe to ensure you and your baby’s safety.

The pump is rechargeable with USB compatible that allows you to express on the go and charge anywhere you want. Easy to use and operate, the settings and buttons are less complicated, with melodies to sing your baby to sleep.

The soft cushion is there to massage your breast to stimulate your breast for natural milk expression to mimic your baby’s sucking method. After expression, you can choose to store or bottle-feed by changing the flange to bottle teeth.

With this pump can easily choose to double pump or single. At the same time, you breastfeed your baby on the other breast to maintain your milk supply also high-temperature resistance for sterilization to keep your bottle and its milk. Multiple power supply mode, you can charge on the go with a power bank, your laptop, in the car or through the adapter, so you don’t miss any pumping session.


  • portable and light-weight; the pump is handy and ready to go with you anywhere
  • More comfortable for you because they offer multiple settings
  • Rechargeable batteries so you don’t miss any pumping session
  • simple design and less complicated settings- makes it easy to use wash and maintain
  • Comes with a bottle-teeth so you can bottle feed after pumping


  • Parts are not readily available

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What to keep in mind when buying an affordable breast pump

When choosing a breast pump there are many things you need to consider to make the right choice decision, these considerations are;

Pumping needs and lifestyle: what are your pumping goals? – to maintain milk supply or to exclusively pump. How often are you going to pump? – at work alone, at home, or both? When you have answers to this, then that would help you weed out the pumps that don’t serve these needs.

Budget: after having pumps that can serve your purpose and needs, you need to consider your budget, so this will help you narrow down to particular specifications.

Portability: no one likes the idea of moving around with a heavy purse or handbag considering the damage it could cause to your body like body ache or shoulder strain. If you aren’t moving around, then you have to worry less about how portable your breast pump should be.

Comfort: this has to do with how comfortable you’re when using the pump; you need to consider the flange, the suction power, and the flexibility of the pump.

Do you love it quiet or loud: I haven’t come across any mom that loves her pump being loud you might be the first – lol. To pump discreetly, you need a pump that is as silent as silent can be, and the best for that purpose is still spectra breast pump. You will need other accessories d with the pump: you will need a pumping bra when buying a wearable breast pump, and the reverse is the case for other breast pumps. Pumping sets if need be or storage bottles, all these need to be put into consideration.

Affordable Breast Pump Frequently asked questions 

Cheap breast pumps or budget breast pumps are usually purchased with the intention of having little to no regrets when these products fail to perform. Many cheap breast pumps are usually bought as a supplement to the main pump or to be used occasionally when the main pump is not available.

Is it better to rent or buy a breast pump?

If you are willing to exclusively feed your baby breast milk for more than six months, it will be advisable to buy a breast pump for personal use. If you’re not sure about what you want or planning to pump for less than six months, you can rent a breast pump for about $50 a month and around $3 a day; their expense includes getting a new pump set and accessories, which would cost around $40 -$50.

Can I buy a second-hand breast pump?

Yes, but make sure it a closed system or hospital grade pump to avoid the risk of contracting another person’s diseases. Many open system pumps do have milk running through the tubes and motor getting the breast milk contaminated.

The tube in an open system can not be cleaned easily, so you need to watch out well when buying a breast pump to save yourself from throwing away some bucks.

Is it OK to share a breast pump?

Yes, but only the hospital-grade pump, which is usually the closed system. These pumps are made to be passed from one nursing mother to another. But a personal breast pump cannot be shared as they are made for personal use. Also, the risk of milk contamination is high in an open system and could pose a threat to your baby’s health.


When buying a cheap breast pump, take your time to be sure of what you’re buying unless they are from a trusted brand, then you can worry less.

Features and functions need to be taken into consideration and be particular about what you want to buy, sometimes having a positive mindset can be of great help when choosing or buying from the market.

Also, you need to have in mind the purpose of the pump where and when do you want to use all this will practically help you in making a choice in choosing a secondary affordable breast pump. We hope this article ends your search for the best cheap breast pump.

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