Best Breast Pumps for Twins

6 Best Breast Pumps for Twins – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2020

Giving birth to twins is a thing of great joy, but adequately breastfeeding your babies requires the best breast pumps for twins.

These breast pumps must be handy in providing adequate milk for the twins so that they can equally grow and develop at the same pace.

These breast pumps must be simple to operate and must be a handy tool for easy portability.

If the breast pump is electricity-powered, they must be rechargeable, and the battery power must last for long hours to allow the mother some time to rest rather than spend long hours pumping the milk.

The breast pumps for twins must also be such that they will produce a large amount of milk for your twins so that they can feed adequately.

How Much Milk to Pump For Twins?

Moms with twins or triplets mostly run into a hectic challenge of adequately breastfeeding their kids, especially when such mothers are the working types.

Breastfeeding moms have traced their kids’ growth and inclusive development to the adequacy of the amount of breast milk given to them.

A lot of ignorant moms have sought different kinds of formulae feeds for their kids in place of breast milk, but they can never be equal in any way with the mother’s natural milk.

Malnutrition is a significant concern to pediatricians across the world, and the best way out of this debacle as we speak is the use of breast pumps powered by electricity or by rechargeable batteries.

It is always advisable to ask your physician when you are trying to figure out how much milk to pump for your twins.

He or she will keep a close eye on your babies’ weight gain as you visit, as well as other signs, such as how many diapers are your twins using daily (it’s typically 8 to 10 diapers, at least five poops for the first few weeks).

We piece this article together, especially to compile a list of the best breast pumps mothers like you can use to successfully take care of their twins’ feeding with little or no hassle whatsoever.

These pumps will assist all breastfeeding moms in choosing any of the pumps that best suit them perfectly.

Best Breast Pumps for Twins – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

This list is keenly put together after repeatedly using them and we can confirm that the features, pros, and cons of each of the best breast pumps for twins are just as claimed in their manuals.

1Avent Isis Duo Breast Pump

Breast Pumps for twins

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This is by far the most comfortable breast pump in the market. It is built as a super-efficient double breast pump to empty your breast of all its milk within the shortest time possible.

You can control the speed and frequency of its pumping to mimic your baby’s natural sucking rhythm. It also comes with a superb memory chip that helps you remember the smoothest and soothing way of expressing your breast milk.

In addition, its inbuilt patented massage cushions, the Avent Isis Duo breast pump is guaranteed to be comfortable all the time you put it to use.

It has soft massage petals that can flex in and out while rhythmically following the pumping action of the electronic vacuum.

This very functional breast pump will tick the box for all moms based on its unbelievable versatility, speed, and ease of assemblage.


  • Great milk expression with three effective expression options to choose from. The most suitable and comfortable mode should be selected.
  • It is built small and straightforward to ease its portability
  • The Avent Isis Duo breast pump allows you to choose between its massaging modes, either the power cushion or the soft massage cushion, with massaging petals power cushion for extra suction more comfortable pumping.
  • For hygiene sake, the milk is made to flow from the breast directly into the bottle and prevent backflow of any form.
  • It is made with milk bottles whose mouth looks precisely like the mom’s nipple to make the mother have her baby’s natural suckling rhythm and some comforts while pumping the milk


  • Easy to dismantle, clean and assembled
  • Its small size makes it very portable
  • It performs the duty of helping you to massage your breast for a healthy living
  • It is super fast and efficient to use.


  • The parts are highly expensive to replace in case any part of the pump is lost or damaged.



Breast Pumps for Twins

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The Pump In Style Advanced breast pump device comes in three bag styles – On the go Tote, Backpack, and the Metro Bag.

Moms usually use these bags to pack all the contents to another room and make its portability quite an easy task.

This is one of the best breast pumps for twins that comes with two sizes of breast shields- the 24 mm and the 27 mm. Moms with big breasts and nipples sizes could go-ahead to purchase extra-large shields, but the shields that come with the pump should be tried first before ordering for new ones.

The long hours of pumping intermittently are favorably taken care of with the Medela pump in style advanced breast pump.

You can pump both breasts at once with the Medela pump in style advanced breast pumps, or you can do one breast at a time.


  • It is built with two sizes of shields (the 24 mm and the 27 mm shields) to cater for the average-sized moms’ breast size.
  • It comes with one microfibre bag that can be used to pack all the kits and move them around quickly without any stress.
  • 4 Oz sized breast bottles with cover to keep all the milk pumped for your babies’ consumption any time you are not around.
  • It also has a cooler and ice packs to keep the milk fresh and hygienic till your babies are ready to feed.
  • It has a two-phase expression technology that includes a one-touch letdown button.


  • Strong suction feature.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Replacement parts are easy to find because the brand is so well known.


  • It is expensive compared to other breast pumps.
  • It’s a heavy pump, which makes it less ideal for moms on-the-go.
  • Open system.



Breast Pumps for Twins Check Price & Ratings on Amazon

The spectra S1 and S2 breast pumps are the super two as most moms love to call them. They are excellent breast pumps to own with inbuilt rechargeable batteries to use when you don’t want to use the electric source or its power cable.

Both products are built to be rugged and be able to withstand massive breast pumping needs. They are in high demand because of their contemporary design, as well as their user-friendly features.

These pumps are electric in nature that is built with a unique hands-free unit to allow you to do other things while pumping the milk.

They are both lightweight and come with a special light to give room for midnight pumping for your babies.


  • These pumps have a closed system, which means your milk particles won’t go inside the actual motor. This system is a more sanitary choice if you need to lend out or give away your pump when you no longer need it.
  • The pumps have a letdown mode that signals your breasts to release their milk supply.
  • They also come with a timer and a night light, which is a welcome addition for the inevitable midnight feedings
  • These pumps come with a durable rechargeable battery that can last for more than an hour before fully drained.
  • Mobile: are tiny and can be carried around with relative ease and comfort.


  • The S1 model can be operated with batteries or a power cord.
  • They are quiet when in use, which makes for a more relaxed pumping experience.
  • This pump expresses milk quickly and comfortably.
  • Can increase a mom’s milk supply by fully emptying the breasts during pumping sessions
  • Closed system.


  • The tubes fall off easily during pumping (which means the tubes need to be replaced).
  • The pump vibrates during usage.
  • It only comes with one size of breast flanges, but you can order other sizes.



Best Breast Pumps for Twins Check Price & Ratings on Amazon

Twins will need more milk to feed and grow well adequately. Moms’ yearns for a breast pump that will give them the freedom to do other things while pumping.

The answer to this comes with the hands-free option on the Medela freestyle breast pump.

However, this is a tiny pump with a one-touch letdown button that signals your body that your milk needs to start flowing.

It’s a great breast pump to own if you have some cash to spare because the pump is worth every penny spent on it.


  • Medela’s freestyle breast pump has a 2-Phase Expression Technology needed to create powerful suction, and the levels adjust from 1 to 9.
  • It also features a pumping timer that lets you keep track of your pumping sessions and a memory button to save your favorite settings.
  • The small size makes it very easy to take around and leave you to do other things while pumping.
  • It comes with cooler and ice packs to preserve the milk for your babies in your absence.
  • It comes with microfiber bags to compactly pack the parts and easy to move the entire pump around.
  • They are uniquely designed with rechargeable batteries that could last for a whole 3 hours before charging.
  • It comes with a double pumping kit with two different sizes of breast shields for easy and efficient pumping at all times.


  • This breast pump is made to be used multiple times a day.
  • Cleaning it is very easy.
  • Quickly expresses milk to save time.
  • It can be used with a car adapter.


  • It rarely works for women with a small nipple. Hence, if the inbuilt personal fit breast pump is not your size, you should get another pump entirely.
  • It works perfectly when completely dry.
  • Constant use reduces its sucking power with time.


Best Breast Pumps for Twins Check Price & Ratings on Amazon

Major work of research on breast pumps led to the discovery of this great tool for moms blessed with twins. It is arguably the best breast pump for twins in the market.

Its sucking mode is designed to mimic the baby’s natural rhythm giving the mom a soft and natural feel anytime it is used. It has the rare option of being used as a single pump or as a double pump.

This breast pump will give moms who are busy to be able to pump enough milk for their babies with relative ease and less time wasted.

Also, the Medela Symphony breast pump is designed such that the pumping kit can be separated from the pumping mechanism to reduce wastage and milk overflow while pumping drastically.

The quality guarantee is about 75%, and it is highly efficient for exclusive pumping for twins at all times. The Medela Symphony breast pump is an electricity-powered double pump.


  • One-touch let-down button so that moms can quickly return to the simulation phase.
  • The Medela Symphony Breast pump is the first breast pump built with a 2-phase expression technology to express more milk faster and more efficiently.
  • It is also certified as one of the best Hospital-grade breast pumps.
  • All parts of the pump that comes in contact with the breast milk are all BPA free
  • Two separate independent membrane units to allow moms to switch between single and double pumping modes.
  • Excellent pump that helps moms to initiate and maintain breast milk flow with fantastic ease and comfort.
  • It comes with a symphony 2.0 computer card that helps to record all information about the pumping program.


  • Using it feels like breastfeeding your baby
  • It pumps a large amount of milk within a short period.
  • Keep records of the pump usage for future reference.
  • Does not waste breast milk
  • It works with only a push of buttons and does not leave you with injuries from pumping.


  • Adjusting the cycle frequency becomes a bit difficult for some moms while in use.
  • It only works with electric power and not rechargeable, limiting its usage outside your home.


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A lot of moms who require lengthy breast pumping have purchased other breast pumps until they come across the Bellababy pocket double electric breast pump.

which is a very great tool for pumping breast milk several times a day. It is incredibly light and usually feels like you are not even carrying anything while moving around with it. It comes with super-excellent rechargeable batteries that can work for a couple of hours. So, pumping your baby’s milk when there is no electricity supply becomes possible for as long as the batteries are fully recharged.


  • It is made with hanging lanyard storage bag and adapter bottle thread changers.
  • It is designed with adjustable modes and memory functions to suit all moms
  • They are built with LED full touch screen controller with four unique modes (Massage, Normal suck, Continuous suck, Frequency conversion)
  • They are also made with nine suctions to satisfy all moms
  • It has double pumping capacity, which makes your breast pumping a fast and highly efficient task without wasting time.
  • It comes with a USB and wireless rechargeable cord that makes it easy to use anywhere you find yourself.


  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Durable rechargeable batteries make it usable for long hours non-stop
  • It’s very portable to carry around because of its size and shape.
  • It is very safe to use as it prevents anti-backflow vacuum structure from avoiding the breast milk from spilling over


  • A perfect understanding of how to use this breast pump requires a keen interest and rapt attention on its manual
  • The rechargeable batteries become weak with usage time.




Breast Pumps for twins

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The Avent Isis Duo is the most recommended and most widely used on my list. Moms who have been lucky to get this masterpiece have been enjoying absolute value for their money due to the following reasons

  • It combines the job of milk expression with breast massaging with fantastic ease.
  • This pump lasts longer than any other breast pump in the market.
  • Also, it is tagged the dual functionality, double versatility pump due to its excellent work.



Gone are the day’s mothers suck over how to breastfeed their twins, triplets, and even more babies adequately.

The advent of double electric breast pumps has conveniently helped moms get past the era of malnutrition of their babies.

It’s a matter of choice from the pool of numerous breast pumps around; you will be able to pick at least one of them that will satisfy your yearnings.

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