Best Breast Pump for Travel 2021 – Best Travel Breast Pump

The best breast pump for travel needs to be easily operated because traveling can be tedious for anyone.

After giving birth, it is necessary to see places with your new baby to celebrate his life in thanking God for giving you a healthy state.

Traveling involves lots of preparation, and going with the wrong type of breast pump can be disturbing due to the stress that might come with such a pump. Some pumps are specifically designed for traveling, including the convenience of moving it around, portability, easy to clean and operate, and many more.

Continue reading, and we will show you breast pumps suitable for a particular traveling situation so you can have the best with you when planning your vacation.


How do I choose a breast pump for traveling?

Choosing the right breast pump with the varieties of breast pumps we have in the market can be confusing, and picking the wrong one can be a bigger problem.

If you are a new mom or about to buy a pump for the first time traveling, I suggest you continue reading to have the scoop of what you will need in your pump.

If you own a pump before and you’re not sure it will be suitable for your next trip, I also implore you to stay around to find out.

There are lots of consideration that needs to be put in place while selecting your travel breast pump.

Portability: you don’t want to add too much weight to your luggage, nor do you want to be attached to the pump over your trip. You need a pump that’s mobile and flexible, especially if you are an exclusive pumper; you won’t love the idea of been idle while you pump throughout your vacation.

Operation: we all love it when it is comfortable and sleek; you already have enough anxiety running over you but making use of your pump should come with ease. The last thing you want to take with you will be a complicated machine with many complex functions.

best breast pump for travel

Cleaning: your ideal pump for travel should come with a few parts that would be easy to disassemble; this will help you save time cleaning your pump parts after use. Pumps of this type should come with a simple design without challenging holes to clean so wipes and other cleaning materials can be used when there’s no water.

Quick and efficient: when pumping on a journey, the hopes are to make it as quick as possible. With that, you need an efficient pump that can do that’s as quickly as possible because you’re in public. When you’re on a business trip or traveling with your family, there won’t be enough time to sit and pump during the journey.

Pump bag: The same reason you need a bag to put all your things in place when traveling, the same way you need a breast pump bag to put all your pump, parts, and accessories in place. There are tote bags designed for this purpose; they are usually spacious enough to accommodate all your pumping needs, including your pump, pumping parts, and accessories, while some have a cooler to store your breast milk while in the journey. Some breast pump comes with a bag while for some you will have to get it separately.

Battery-powered: the best breast pump for traveling should be battery powered with different power sources, enabling you to keep up with pumping. Having various power sources will enable you to charge when on the go, in the car, with a power bank, or with your laptop so you don’t miss any pumping session.

Spare parts or accessories: having a different set of pump parts that encourage flexibility would be one of the best things to have with you throughout your journey. With these sets, you won’t have to transfer from one bottle to another or from the bottle to a storage bag, which can cause milk spillage during the process.

Best travel breast pump review – our choice 

In a nutshell, below are some of the best travel breast pump for different traveling experience from our adventure, and we hope it suits your needs.

These pumps are reviewed according to one or more of the considerations above.

1. Best travel breast pump: Willow wearable breast pump

best breast pump for travel

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Discreet pumping is what a wearable breast pump offers, and willow can provide that.

With this smart breast pump, the era of pumping with bottles physically attached to your breast, making you look weird, is over. The willow breast pump is portable cordless, and rechargeable that fits into your nursing bra perfectly.

Unlike other breast pumps, the willow breast pump allows you to pump In any position you are or want to be – you’re never idle with this pump. The pump allows you to pump directly into a storage bag, so you don’t have to transfer from one bottle to another for storage purposes.

You can also track and monitor the pump’s activities through the app, so you don’t have to check the breast from time to time to monitor its functionality. This pump is suitable for any journey, be it local or international; it is so super silent that the next passenger can barely hear it working.

The package includes 24 spill-proof milk collection and storage bag enough for stacking up breast milk for later use. The only pump with little parts to clean – these parts can be cleaned using wipes and other cleaning material, making perfect for one the go pumping


  • Rechargeable –making it useful anywhere you’re.
  • Potable – portable enough to for into your luggage without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Discreet pumping –this allows for secrete pumping in public or when you attend a meeting.
  • Total spill-proof: you can pump in any position – allowing you to continue with your daily life
  • The smart pump allows you to track volume and view your pumping activities’ history while you also receive personalization tips.
  • Easy to use – less complicated unlike pumps with too many buttons


  • It doesn’t come with a bag – you need to buy a bag to move the pump around.

2. Best portable breast pump for travel: Medela freestyle flex breast pump

best breast pump for travel

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The new pump form medela gives you a more flexible pumping experience like never before. Compact design to be taken with you anywhere, very handy, fit well into the pocket, bag, or purse, so you don’t muss any pumping session.

This handy tool comes with a tote bag to accommodate all you need to pump while you’re awake from home. Recharge and USB compatible, making it suitable for on-the-go pumping, can be charged anywhere you are with a power bank, laptop, or in the car, and the battery lasts for two hours.

Anti- back floor design ensures that milk does not run through the tubing to the motor making it easier to clean. If you’re the shy type, you might need a nursing cover when using the pump in public while you monitor the pump’s activities through the pump app.


  • Portable – suitable for any journey
  • Rechargeable and USB compatible –can be charged anywhere you are
  • Closed System for easy cleaning and hygiene
  • Comes with a tote bag for moving the pump around, making it suitable for travel
  • Uses the medela app, which is connected through Bluetooth to monitor and track pumping activities 
  • Powerful suctions –fast and efficient.


  • No external battery pack

3. Best manual breast pump for travel: Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

best breast pump for travel

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Manual breast pumps are still the best for travel; they do not require batteries and have few parts, making them easy to clean.

The Lansinoh breast pump is compact and lightweight; it goes anywhere with you and certain not to add any weight to your luggage or cause any strain.

The pumps allow you to pump directly into a storage bag to ensure the no milk is lost when transferring milk from the bottle. You can also feed your baby directly from the pump by replacing the flange with a bottle of teeth that comes with the pump for more flexibility.

The pump comes with few parts that are easy to clean after and before pumping, with flanges that are a comfortable fit for a comfortable pumping experience. The pump stand helps to hold the pump and its milk to avoid accident kick and milk spillage.


  • No battery or electricity required – suitable for pumping whenever, wherever.
  • Portable and compact – can fit into any bag, purse, or handbag.
  • Comes with extra storage bags for stacking up breast milk
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Two-phase pumping technology for better efficiency
  • Work seamlessly with other Lansinoh bottles and storage bags.


  • Not automatic – make use of ergonomic that may cause strain to the hand.
  • Best portable breast pump for travel

4. Best electric breast pump for travel: Spectra baby USA S1 plus

best breast pump for travel

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If you need something super silent and efficient while you’re away from home, spectra are one of your go-to options.

Spectra breast pump is a hospital grade breast pump with a recharge battery, making it suitable for the go pumping. The breast pump is suitable for double or single pumping, giving you a more flexible pump with two different flange sizes, 24 and 28.

The stylish tote bag is designed to accommodate everything you need to pump on the go, including your pumping sets and accessories and every other item you would love to take along the journey. Included in the pump bag is a cooler bag to keep your pumped milk cool throughout your journey or till your baby needs it.

The pump efficiency is the best in the market with over 2000 reviews; all you want for traveling is an efficient pump. Amazing suction with different customizable settings for moms to choose a suction level that works best for them by finding their own body response to encourage efficient pumping.

With a detachable power cord compatible with any country’s voltage, you can fly the world while you worry less about the power option.


  • It comes with a tote bag – that is used to move the pump and accessories.
  • Efficient and quick – the suction of the pump is amazing
  • Hospital-grade making it easy to clean
  • Easy to use and assembly: the pump parts are easily put together, and functions are less complex
  • Convenient with many adjustable settings
  • Best silent with a large rechargeable battery


  • Not that portable – the motor is a little bit compare to the rest on the list

5. Best for international travel: Medela Pump in Style Advanced with Tote

best breast pump for travel

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Who doesn’t love a functional tote or backpack that holds everything you could need? That’s what Medela Pump in Style Advanced breast pump is offering. This double electric pump delivers excellence in more ways, starting with its innovative technology

This Medela pump uses patented two-phase expression technology to express more milk in less time than other pumps. This innovation works to ensure that you don’t get tied to the pump for long. This will make your traveling experience more enjoyable.

This is also a battery-operated pump so that you can take it for use anywhere you go through your travel, even in the car. When you get settled in a place with a power source, you can recharge for your next day on the road.

The unique thing about this Medela pump is that it comes built into a sleek and stylish tote or backpack that conveniently holds everything you need. It comes with two bottles, a cooler and ice pack, two shields, and more. All of this fits in the backpack for easy packing and traveling.


  •  Discrete traveling storage
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Two-phase expression technology for efficient milk expression 
  • knob adjustments for easy use
  • Stylish and convenient tote and backpack storage
  • Several accessories


  • Loud pump
  • No dual controls

6. Best breast pump for air travel: Elvie wearable breast pump

best breast pump for travel

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Elvie is another wearable breast pump that encourages discreet pumping anywhere you find yourself.

When it’s time to pump, you only have to set up the pump and insert it into your bra; no cord or physical bottle would be seen while you monitor its activities from the app. The app is connected to the pump through Bluetooth, which helps track, monitor, and control the pump remotely, though it can be used without the app.

This wearable breast pump can be used while on the plain without the person sitting next to you being aware. The pump is easy to use and clean with five parts to clean; these parts are dishwasher safe and be easily cleaned with wipes or other cleaning material.

The Elvie Pump is designed to switch from stimulation to expression mode automatically when it detects letdown and will also pause when the pump is full.

The Evie package comes with two pump mechanism, 4 Bottles (150ml/5oz), 4 Storage Lids – to stack your breast milk for later use, 2 Breast Shields (24mm), 2 Breast Shields (28mm), 4 Valves, 4 Spouts, 4 Seals, 4 Bra Adjusters – to enable the pump to fit well into any bra for an easy pump, 2 USB Charging Cable, 1 Carry Bag – to move the pump and its accessories around, Instructions for Use.


  • Very portable: this pump is wearable and fits well into any bra for discreet pumping.
  • It comes with a tote bag to move the pump and its unique accessories for pumping on the go.
  • Comes with extra parts to ensure no pimp period is missed
  • USB compatible – no power shortage as you can charge from your car charger, power bank, or laptop.
  • Comfortable pumping experience
  • Easy to use – from cleaning to assembling Elviebreast pump is simple and sleek.
  • Smart control – the pump can be controlled from the app without having to check through the bra.


  • Not as quiet as willow breast pump – the sound be heard by anyone closed by

Best breast pump travel bags: Momcozy Breast Pump Bag 

best breast pump bag for travel

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This multi-purpose bag is suitable for any occasion or traveling you may be looking forward to planning; every mom loves it.

The bags come with a double layer to accommodate everything your baby needs throughout your journey. The wide opening upper picket contains five other pockets to help you sort baby clothes, feeding bottles, diapers, paper towels, etc., equipped with three insulated pockets to keep liquid at a desirable temperature.

The lower space is designed to accommodate your breast pump, while the upper space is set to accommodate the diaper and other products your baby will need throughout the journey. This bag’s unique design makes it more suitable for your personal after nursing; you can use the lower part to hold your lunch while the upper part holds your needs for the day.

The exterior is made of environmentally friendly waterproof and dustproof oxford cloth, structurally strong to prevent damage to internal items.  The lining is made of food-grade aluminum foil. The interior is seamlessly single-piece aluminum lining to prevent leakage and easy to wipe and clean. 

Your traveling checklist?

No matter which breast pump option you choose, many of the necessities you pack in your breast pump bag will be the same. Here’s a packing checklist to make sure you’re prepared for all situations.

  • Breast pump accessories (as applicable): Flanges, Tubing, Membranes, Power cord, Car power adapter.
  • Milk collection bottles.
  • Milk storage bags.
  • Batteries & back-up batteries.
  • Cooler and cooler bag.
  • Nursing cover.
  •  Breast pump sanitizing wipes.
  • Hands-free pumping bra.

How to breast pump on the go – pumping while traveling

Breast pumping milk on the go can be complicated if you don’t have everything figured out before leaving. From planning to storage and pack all the parts and accessories can be overwhelming, so we put this together to make it an easy process for you.

  • Do some findings: spend some time getting details of everything you need to have a smooth process. You can call your destination to ascertain if there is a refrigerator for you, Or reserve a hospital grade pump at a nearby hospital at your destination. Also, check your airline for rules regarding breast pumps and other medical devices. The more information you’re able to gather, the better you can prepare.
  • Going with the right pump: choosing a suitable breast pump for the journey can be the best thing you will do for yourself. There’s a need to evaluate your travel and accommodation conditions at your destination to do this correctly. This will help you choose a pump that fits well into your lifestyle and needs.
  • Choosing your milk storage: to prevent your breast milk from spoiling, you need to figure out everything about your route and destination. Because getting your breast milk spoilt can be very disappointing while traveling. If you are spending hours in the desert, a plug-in car cooler will be needed to preserve expressed milk. For air travel, you can use a small cooler with ice packs.
  • Make a pumping plan: you will be facing a new routine, and pumping can become irregular. As days go by, this can harm your milk supply. Before you leave, scan through your schedule and create anew pumping plan for your journey.
  • Be comfortable: since you’re away from home, satisfactory pumping conditions will be rear. You need to get creative to find one, so you can pump. To pump in public places.
    Ask the front desk employee if there’s a mother’s room.
    Choose a quiet corner to pump under a nursing cover.
    Pump in the bathroom or lounge if need be.

best breast pump for travel

How to clean a breast pump part on the go

It is essential to clean your pump parts thoroughly after each pumping session if you’re not in a position to wash those parts with soap and water simply because you’re on a plane or in the vehicle or public where there is no easy access to soap and water.

You can use a breast pump sanitizing wipes to clean all parts that got exposed to the milk. Alternatively, if you have access to the refrigerator, you can put all pump parts into a Ziploc bag and then into the freezer with the milk. This helps keep the remaining milk fresh and prevents bacteria from growing within the pump, and allowing you to use them at your next pumping session without washing.

Final words

Being versed about your destination is important before you plan and choose your best breast pump for travel.
The right information couple with the right strategy and equipment will help you ensure a smooth journey without having to sacrifice the safety of your pumped milk along with your milk production.
we at busymomlab hope you have everything you need to make your journey and pumping an easy and sleek one.

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