9 Best Breast Pump for Low Milk Supply 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Discussion about the best breast pump for low milk supply for some breastfeeding moms takes a lot of energy and attention.

This can be likened to experiencing lack in the midst of plenty. No mom should ever face this kind of challenge because the ripple effect is always on their poor kids.

Kids from moms suffering from low milk supply tend to be malnourished, and their growth stunted as we all know that no formula can ever conveniently substitute natural breast milk.


Such moms are left frustrated and beaten, seeing their kids suffer from lack of adequate milk to feed on.  The situation is sometimes caused by infection or lack of proper preparation of the body for breastfeeding.

It could also result from giving birth to twins, triplets, or more kids, thereby making the milk supply from the mom’s breasts unable to go round the kids.

With the invention of these new breast pumps, moms with low milk supply can now smile and relax because all their worries have been adequately taken care of with these pumps’ unique features. 

best breast pump for low milk supply

What are the best breast pumps for low milk supply?

Your milk supply should be established within the first 4 weeks of delivering your baby.  Trying to establish your milk supply after this time is elapsed is often extremely difficult.

I’m not saying that your milk supply won’t continue to grow after those first 4 weeks because it grows with your baby’s needs, but getting to that first level is always tricky for moms with low milk supply.

Although breast milk development is a completely natural and miraculous thing, some women have a harder time than others.

Whether it’s because your baby was born early and your body isn’t ready for full milk expression or because the baby has trouble nursing, sometimes it takes a little extra to set the ball rolling.

My daughter was born 3 weeks early, and she was severely jaundiced, so getting her proper nutrition was a must. My body wasn’t producing enough milk, and I struggled for several weeks trying to get there.

It’s frustrating, but fortunately, there are ways of helping your body tag along. To do this, you must empty your breast completely to signal your body that it’s time to produce more milk.

Many lactation specialists recommend using a hospital-grade breast pump to do this. These types of breast pumps are potent, offering you the option of single pumping or double pumping.

Best electric breast pump for low milk supply 

Hospital-grade pumps are costly. However, most hospitals or medical supply stores allow you to rent them anywhere for a few dollars per month. If you only need to use one for a limited time, then it is highly recommended that you rent one. 

Let’s journey through the world of the best electric breast pumps for a low milk supply that have been carefully selected for you.

 1. Carum True Hospital Breast Pump

best breast pump for low milk supply From the Pioneers of electric breast pumps in the USA comes the new standard in breast pumps for hospitals and lactation rooms’ sensitivity program.

This breast pump has a special color display, milk expression timer, stimulation/expression button with the bottle, and freezer bag holder.

It is made as a completely closed pump for total milk hygiene without any fluids in tubes or pumps. The Carum True Hospital Breast Pump is fully automatic with milk expression Vacuum and cycles, which are individually adjustable at any time, both in stimulation and expression-mode.

This breast pump also pioneered the “Vacuum Seal” Technology in breast pumps as well as “Sensitive Programme” in case of painful, inflamed nipples by gently and comfortably transitioning between the simulation and milk expression modes. It is designed with a double piston, which creates equal suction in both channels.

Getting 100% efficiency from this pump requires no additional consumables, and its accessories need no replacement at all. The ergonomic design makes the pump easy to clean and reassemble.

The excess milk is never wasted for lack of preservation because the pump comes with extra bottle holders and easy freeze holders, making the milk available for a long period of time for your safe baby consumption. We call the Carum True Hospital Breast Pump the gateway to easy and exciting breastfeeding.


  • It is completely safe and hygienic for feeding your baby.
  • Specifically designed for moms with sensitive breasts with a soft but intense massage.
  • Fast and durable for several pumping sessions per day
  • It is designed as a total package pump for moms’ excitement.
  • It is very attractive with special display colors to make milk expression something look forward to.


  • Not flexible, does not use a battery

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2. Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump with 9ft Cord

best breast pump for low milk supply The ultimate in terms of efficiency and longevity in medical-grade breast pumps. This electric, piston-driven breast pump by Ameda uses microprocessor technology to deliver your vacuum and piston cycle choice.

Connect the HygieniKit Milk Collection System (not included); to its piston for expression and collection of your breast milk. It is designed for multiple users with a demand for operational frequency.

The Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump is used by many maternity hospitals, pharmacies, and birthing & lactation centers.

Its unique microchip technology allows independent adjustment of suction levels and cycle speed to closely accommodate the mother’s personal comfort level and closely stimulate the baby’s nursing patterns.

It is best used in conjunction with any Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System. Your baby’s sound health is paramount to Ameda.

The pump is very easy to carry around, clean, and operate due to its sleek, lightweight design. It also comes with a 12-volt power adapter and bottle holders for bottles/freezer bags.

All these are meant to reduce wastage of breast milk and find the absolute solution to low milk production in breastfeeding moms.

It is simply perfect for moms who prefer minimal suction, and as such, they begin with zero suction levels until they get to the maximum milk let down with quite an amazing comfort and ease.


  • It expresses milk at a very fast rate.
  • It is very portable should be easy to carry around.
  • Works quietly and gives you the needed privacy.
  • It is an automated breast that works with just a press of buttons.
  • Comes with a durable battery for more pumping session


  • Constant usage makes the suction power reduce with time.
  • Replacing any of its damaged parts is quite expensive. 

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3. Unimom Opera Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump

best breast pump for low milk supply
The newly designed breast pump from Unimom was invented to make breast milk expression convenient and efficient.

Moms with low milk supply were specifically thought of while producing this pump because it has a uniquely strong suction power and long operating hour of full milk expression.

The innovative touchpad interface enables you to create customized pumping settings. This is so because the pump will help you to remember your last pumping setting.

This Pump will afford you a rare vacuum strength and cycle speeds, which can be adjusted manually for either breast, thereby enabling a personalized experience.

Adjust between settings and toggle back and forth between sides depending on your unique needs for a personalized pumping experience. The pump memory gets you back to your excellent milk expression mode.

It has a twin motor that allows full suction power without decreasing the amount of milk expressed during double pumping. You can also set a different vacuum power on each side just to maximize the amount of milk expressed.

Its three different illumination levels allow you to pump milk during day or night. The screen’s special design allows you to see clearly at night by the touch of the screen.

The thoughtfully designed diaphragm of Unimom breast pumps avoids backflow into the breast pump’s motor or tubing to ensure a sanitary milk supply. Your baby can now be fed with the most hygienic milk directly from your breast.


  • It is made with a clear LCD screen for easy display.
  • Comes with great suction for more efficiency
  • It is a very hygienic and clean pump to own.
  • It is designed for all moms with low milk supply.
  • Easy to clean and assemble, making it easy to use


  • Getting a replacement for its accessories is quite difficult.
  • The suction power reduces with time.

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4. Spectra Baby USA S1 Hospital Grade Double/Single Breast Pump

best breast pump for low milk supply The Spectra Baby USA S1 Breast Pump combines the features of hospital-grade pumps with single and double pumps.

Moms who want to pump a large amount of milk for their babies and do it several times a day have a perfect answer for their yearnings.

The Spectra Baby USA S1 Breast Pump is made as a closed breast pump, which keeps the internal part of the pump dry by preventing airflow and exposure of the milk between its expression and the pump tubes while pumping, thereby protecting the milk and baby from bacteria, mold and viral infections.

It also prevents your milk from wasting. The Spectra S1 has a convenient, built-in rechargeable battery. You can customize your pump’s settings to your body’s personal response and follow the flow to find the best settings that perfectly suit your body system with the S1’s Fully adjustable suction and 2-phase cycling in letdown mode as well as the real milk expression.

Most importantly, the pump is designed by moms who have gone through the stage of breastfeeding and babywearing in the past.

Relax and grab the Spectra Baby USA S1 Breast Pump, and you will find your breastfeeding sessions your most exciting moments with your baby.


  • It is made strong to withstand multiple pumping per day.
  • It can work as a single as well as a double breast pump.
  • Expresses more milk per time and empties your breast within the shortest possible time.
  • Features great suction efficiency 
  • This pump is generally easy to use and assemble.
  • Comes with night light for easy use during the dark


    • The pump vibrates during usage making it irritable for some moms.
    • It only comes with one size of breast flanges, but you can order other sizes.

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5. Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump

best breast pump for low milk supply
Welcome the Sonata, a smart double electric breast pump from Medela that has been excellently designed with both mom and baby’s comfort and convenience in mind.

Engineered with 2-Phase Expression technology and smart capabilities, Sonata seamlessly connects to my Medela app for unlimited access to your personalized dashboard, real-time tracking of your pumping sessions and baby’s development, and a range of breast milk feeding tools, including evidence-based lactation advice and customized content to help you achieve your breast milk feeding objectives.

Now with our personal Fit, flex breast shields allow you to pump comfortably in a variety of positions. At the same time, a 105-degree opening angle helps reduce pressure and remove significantly more milk than pumping with traditional breast shields.

The Sonata smart breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day. Its personal Fit flex breast shields remove 11.8% more milk per minute than pumping with traditional flanges.

It is a rechargeable breast pump built with responsive technology for highly optimized, convenient, and efficient pumping anywhere.

It also has a touch screen display, a one-touch letdown button, and a control smart breast pump. The pump is quiet when in use and allows moms some form of privacy and discreetness.  


  • Highly digital with seamless connection to an online app
  • Comes with great suction power for efficient pumping 
  • It allows for multiple pumping of milk per day.
  • This pump is easy to clean and use
  • It pumps milk quietly and discreetly
  • Also, comes with the medela personal flex fit for more comfort


  • The flanges that come with the pump might not size some moms; however, you can get a new flange size for this purpose

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6. Ameda MYA Portable Hospital Breast Pump

best breast pump for low milk supply

The Mya Pro is the newest addition to the Ameda family. Its added features make it even more versatile for moms to pump wherever and whenever they are comfortable.

It’s a powerful pump that is also highly portable with its retractable handle for multiple pumping times per day.

The Mya has double or single electric pumping options that will perfectly combat the low milk supply in breastfeeding moms. Its true closed protection system helps to prevent breast milk from backing up into the tubing and pump.

This is specifically made to help keep the milk always hygienic and safe for the baby’s consumption. The Ameda MYA Portable Hospital Breast Pump will automatically remember the last used settings thanks to its memory function, and it will automatically power down after 30 minutes with its smart auto power-off feature when your breasts are fully drained of all its milk.

For two full hours, moms can pump after just one charging, and you need not move around with charging cords and cables again.

This pump offers 10 levels of expression and 5 massage stimulation levels for the ultimate comfort while pumping. Pumping more breast milk for your baby should not be stressful at all.

This pump weighs half a pound and fits in the palm of your hand or purse, and is very easy to carry around.   


  • It expresses safe milk for your baby
  • It pumps a larger amount of milk per pumping session.
  • The Mya is a highly portable breast pump
  • Comes with battery for more flexibility 
  • It stops working automatically after 30 minutes of pumping 


  • It works with only its own accessories.
  •  Replacing worn-out accessories is quite tasking and challenging

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7. BelleMa E5 Double Electric Breast Pump

best breast pump for low milk supply
Whether you are at home, work, or traveling, the BelleMa E5 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast pump is ideal for you. This wonderful pump has a two-phase mode, 9 adjustable suction levels, and a patented 3D Collection Closed System. It is indeed a high-quality breast pump that provides unmatched efficiency and comfort while in use.

Breastfeeding is becoming an art with a special 3D Silicone Massage Cushion with 3-Ring Frosted Design. It meant Massaging your Breast and Stimulating the maximum Lactation each time you use the Bellema E5 double electric breast pump.

It is also powered by very strong Li- rechargeable batteries that could last for double breast pumping hours when fully charged. You are given the freedom to express milk for your baby anywhere, anytime, with the quietness of the pump while in use.

The BelleMa E5 Double Electric Breast Pump is sold with a tote bag and a cooler pack to comfortably carry around the entire pump and the excess milk to cater to your low milk supply.

The pump can easily be dismantled, washed, and reassembled with quite an amazing ease. It never can get any sweeter breastfeeding your baby.


  • Highly powerful to pump a large amount of milk
  • It works in silence allowing you to pump and express your baby’s milk in discreetness
  • Helps to improve the mom’s health with soft breast massaging
  • Portable and lightweight making it easy to carry around
  • It is designed as a closed breast pump to give your baby the most hygienic milk supply
  • Features a comfortable suction of that mimics you by suction


  • Getting acquainted with this pump require careful study of the manual
  • The suction gets weakened with time.

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8. Ameda Finesse Breast Pump

best breast pump for low milk supply Our brand new Finesse pump imitates our multi-user Ameda Platinum hospital pump waveform in a discreet, personal pump and is built for multiple daily pumping. Lightweight and portable for your on-the-go life.

The Ameda Finesse Breast Pump’s comfort flow technology for a smooth and more consistent sensation, meaning more milk is expressed within the shortest time possible to help moms with low milk production.

It is designed with a Proven FDA-cleared barrier to protect the pump, tubing, and bottle against mold and viruses. Your baby’s sound health is brought to the fore at all times with this breast pump and reduces milk wastage to the barest minimum.

It has separate speed and suction dials with an unprecedented 32 fully customizable options for multiphase pumping.

The pump is also adaptable for single or double breast pumping, which results in more milk expression for your baby all the time.

The Ameda finesse breast pump is powered with AC adapter (included) or AA batteries (not included) for worry-free access to pumping second to few other pumps.

Your milk expression doesn’t have to be hindered by a lack of electricity sources. When the batteries are fully charged, the pump can be fully used for several hours before totally draining them. 


  • It pumps a larger amount of milk with time.
  • It expresses milk quietly and discreetly.
  • They can be used as both a single and double breast pump.
  • It can be personalized for comfortable milk expression.
  • Portable and lightweight making it easy to carry around 
  • Comes with a tote back for easy portability of the pump


  •  Replacing the accessories is very difficult when damaged.
  • Poor suction when pumping simultaneously

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9. Cimilre S3 Double Electric Breast Pump

best breast pump for low milk supply The Cimilre S3 double electric breast pump is a hospital-grade performance breast pump with multiple suction and digital controls.

It is integrated with a night-lamp and handles, making it easy to pump and express milk even at night. This pump can be conveniently used for single or dual (double-side) breast pumping with a simple plug-in to operate.

The Cimilre S3 double electric breast pump is typically built with Suction strength up to 330 mmHg, which is slightly more than the Spectra breast pump and makes it able to withstand multiple pumping per day.

It has unique features of milk expression modes between 1-12 levels, 5 cycle/frequency levels, and 5 massage levels for thorough and smooth milk expression.

The pump is garnished with an LED display that indicates the duration of expression. The icing on the cake is the super-quiet nature of this pump. It expresses milk with a noiseless than 45 dB and hands you discreetness and privacy while expressing milk.  


  • It is very strong and smooth while expressing milk
  • Digital in nature and works with the touch of buttons
  • It can be used at night and during the dark 
  • It expresses milk and massages your breast with various suction levels, massages, and frequency levels
  • Cleaning and assembling this pump is easy


  • It requires a step-up voltage converter to work well especially in the USA and Canada
  • The portability of this pump is in doubt.

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Best Breast Pump for Increasing Milk Supply

The best breast pumps for increasing milk supply are such pumps built with strong suction mechanisms to withstand the multiple pumping per day.

These pumps are also designed with several suction modes as well as massaging modes to help stimulate your breast, let down large amounts of milk.

The amount of milk is very important in moms with low milk supply. Hence, any breast pump to be used by these moms must be such that it will also provide preservation space for the excess milk expressed per time.

Therefore, they all come with tote bags to conveniently house the bottles with the fresh milk expressed. Your baby deserves the best breast milk, and nothing should contaminate the milk before giving it to them.

The digital world is fast-growing, and these are transferred into the new breast pumps in the market. Most of these pumps are fully automated, and they are operated with just a touch of buttons, giving moms the sweet experience of breast pumping and feeding.

Some of these pumps are a bit expensive, but these pumps’ advantages and special features give you absolute value for your money.  

best breast pump for low milk supply

Breast Pump for Low Milk Supply FAQ’s


Low milk supply in some breastfeeding moms can be a little frustrating, especially when you seem not to know what to do to improve your situation.

One great and easy way to convert this issue is to use the best breast pump for low milk supply. All you need is the right information about the pump you wish to get to solve your issue.

My friend Clara had a similar issue when she gave birth to her first daughter. The baby was becoming malnourished until we combed the internet, and we came across several recommendations.

She tried some of them, and they perfectly solved her problem. Do not just suffer in silence, seek help, and informed advice from experts. 

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