10 Best Breast Pump for Large Breasts in 2022

There are only a few best breast pumps for large breasts out of the numerous pumps we have on the market, and that’s what we will show you.

The size of a pump flange will determine how comfortable a breast pump will be to a nursing mother with bigger breasts. The bigger the breast, the harder it will be for a flange to fit well on the skin.

Getting a pump bras size that can hold down the pump so you can pump hands-free may also be difficult.

This article will put you through everything you need to breastfeed or breast pump because we know breastfeeding or breast pumping with big breasts may be difficult for any first-time mom.


What Matters When Buying a Breast Pump for Bigger Breasts?

What you should look out for when buying a breast pump for large breasts are;

  • The size of the flange, and
  • The pump

The nipple shield or the flange: 

This can determine how efficient the pump works and how comfortable you will be pumping. A small flange size can cause pains on your nipple and make the whole process even more tedious than it should be.

You need to pick the right breast shield size to avert all these and any more issues it could bring. Though many breast pumps come with a medium-size shield, you can always order online if you need a smaller, bigger flange size. When choosing a flange size, you need to check out the size where the hole is big enough to contain your nipple. And the funnel-like area will hold your areole well. If you already own a pump, you can get the flanges, so you start pumping immediately.

The pump 

Choosing the wrong pump can be a problem aside from wasting a couple of bucks. The numerous types and designs we have make it even more confusing.

The quality and efficiency of the pump you choose need to be considered. The suction power and how many oozes of milk can be gotten in a short time possible. No mom likes being idle for a long time so they can pump.

best breast pump for large breast

Other Considerations Include

Portability: The portability and compact of the pump and its parts will determine how flexible it will be. You need a lightweight, mobile pump to ensure you don’t miss any pumping sessions.

Cost: your budget also will help you determine what you will get. There are some breast pumps with oversized flanges where you don’t need to incur additional expenses. There are some good breast pumps with a small or medium-size shield where you need to buy the flanges separately; everything needs to be considered before buying your ideal breast pump.

Maintenance: Caring for your pump is important when using a pump, and how easy that can be done needs to be considered. You don’t want to waste your time trying to assemble or decouple a pump. You need to look for a pump that is easy to assemble and clean; this will help improve your pumping efficiency.

Easy to use: pumps with complex buttons and instructions may be difficult to use by anyone. Figuring out how to use a pump after buying, either a new mom or midwife should come with ease.

Best Electric Breast Pump for Larger Breasts – Our Choices

Like I said earlier, many of these pumps come with a medium or small flange size. So this list will contain big or small pumps, but they all have big flange sizes. In case the one that comes with the pump is not comfortable.

1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

best breast pump for large breast

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This metro pack comes with two flange sizes, 24mm and 27mm, while other packs come with 24mm. If your size is above the 27mm, I suggest you purchase other packs aside from the metro so you can save some bucks to get your fitting breast shield size.

The pump is built with a two-phase expression technology for efficient and effective milk flow, so more milk is produced within a short period. There is a single knob adjustable speed for more comfortable settings. The breast pumps also come with a bag that makes them mobile, so you can always have them anywhere to avoid missing any pumping session. The portability of this pump also helps to enhance its mobility.

Also, it’s a closed system pump that helps prevent milk from getting contaminated, making it easy to clean and maintain. Included in the bag is a cooler bag with an ice pack for preserving and holding your expressed milk in place while on the go. It comes with a battery pack and is rechargeable to improve mom’s flexibility so you can pump anywhere, anytime. The power adapter is universal, which also makes it perfect for traveling.


  • Other flange sizes are available – which makes it suitable for large breasts.
  • The pump is effective and efficient – allowing you to express more milk within a short period.
  • Hospital-grade – comes with a closed system that allows it to be easily cleaned without milk running through the motor’s tubes.
  • It also comes with a bag with a universal adapter, making it suitable for traveling.
  • Easy to clean, assemble, and comes with a bottle holder


  • Bulky – not easy to move around

2. Evenflo Deluxe Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

best breast pumps for large breast

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Flange sizes are usually necessary for pumping with big breasts, which is what this pump is made for. The pump comes with multiple flange sizes of 24, 28, and 30mm. The pump is lightweight and comes with a tote bag for moving the pump around, so you don’t miss any pumping sessions. The tote bag is designed to hold all the essentials you need to pump on the go.

The pumping bag includes a cooler bag and icepacks for preserving your expressed milk while on the go. The cooler bag can hold up to six bottles at a time; you can either store or breastfeed with the help of the neck flow nipple that comes with the pump, which allows you to breastfeed your baby directly.

Ensure pumping on the go – the pump comes with a multiple power supply that allows you to pump anywhere you find yourself, in the car or the office. This is also a closed system design to prevent your expressed milk from getting contaminated by preventing milk flow from the tubing to the motor. It’s a pump with too many goodies.


  • It is a 30.5mm flange size, comfortable enough for moms with big nipples.
  • Easy to use and clean – the pump design is sleek and easy to maintain even when you are on the go.
  • It comes with a tote bag for easy pumping on the go – the bag is
  • Multiple power sources and settings – no pumping session is missed with this fantastic feature.
  • Closed system – to prevent contamination of expressed milk.


  • Not a handy tool – the pump design is not handy, which does not encourage flexibility

3. Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump

best breast pump for large breast

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The credibility of medela in the breast pump in the industry cannot be underrated. The Sonata smart breast pump is full of incredible functions that allow you to have a comfortable pumping experience.

The pump has different flange sizes of 21 and 24mm, but other fitting sizes are sold separately if needed. The pump can be connected to an app to monitor, track, and control the pump activities remotely to ensure flexibility. Also, this pump is suitable for everyday use with a personal fit flex breast shield and one-touch letdown that improves the pump’s efficiency. There is a touch screen with amazing bright light for easy use during the dark. 

Also, the pump is quiet, not absolutely, but it doesn’t make an annoying noise. A closed system pump prevents expressed milk from entering the motor through the tubing and comes with a rechargeable battery that allows pumping on the go. There is a stylish tote bag for moving the pump and other pumping accessories for easy pumping while away from home. The tote bag is designed to accommodate a cooler bag and cooling element to preserve your milk when you pump away from home.


  • It comes with multiple breast shield sizes – you can also get other sizes if those are not convenient. 
  • Hospital-grade – prevents contamination and is also easy to clean 
  • It comes with a bottle stand for keeping your expressed milk in place to prevent spillage
  • Perfect for traveling – the pump is designed with everything you need to pump while on a journey 
  • Smart pump experience 


  • The pump is not portable or handy. 

4. Spectra Baby USA – S1Plus Electric Breast Pump

best breast pump for large breast

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This is one of the best breast pumps on the market, and the pump is efficient at what it does. The pump has a 24 and 28-mm breast shield size for convenience, making it appropriate for large breasts. The pump is bulky but portable and comes with a tote bag for moving the pump around to ensure pumping on the go.

This pump is hospital-grade with a closed system to prevent your pumped milk from getting contaminated. A closed system helps keep the pump tubes dry and avoid air and milk flow between expressed milk to prevent bacteria’s growth within the pump. With this particular pump, you can decide to pump and store or pump and botted feed directly as it comes with slow nipple flow.

The pump is rechargeable, so nursing mothers can pump while on a journey. Each nursing mom can modify her pump’s settings to her own body’s reaction and follow her flow to find her best settings with the completely flexible suction and two-phase cycling in letdown and expression mode.


  • A hospital-grade pump that makes it easy to clean and prevent milk contamination 
  • There are multiple breast shield sizes of 24 and 28mm; you can get other sizes if that is not available.
  • It comes with a tote bag for moving the pump and its accessories around
  • Absolutely quiet – you can pump even when your baby is sleeping
  • There is a handle for moving the pump within the house, which makes it portable.


  • Not a handy tool 

5. Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

best breast pump for large breast

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If you are a busy mom and don’t like to use a wearable breast pump, it is a better alternative as the pump is so handy and portable. Unlike other bulky machines, the pump, the portability of this pump does not affect its efficiency. The pump is small enough to hold or contain your pocket while you pump. Two breast shield sizes come with this pump, a 24 and 28mm size, to provide comfort when you pump.

The portability of this pump makes it convenient for traveling and pumping on the go. The pump also comes with a tote bag for moving the pump and its pumping accessories where you need to pump. The pump is also a closed system pump that prevents your breast milk from getting contaminated. Furthermore, there is a multiple power source to ensure pumping wherever. You can charge in your car, a laptop, or a power bank, so no pumping session is missed.

The tote bag is designed to contain everything you need to pump on the go with a cooler bag and ice pack to preserve your pumped milk while you are away from home.


  • Handy – you can hold the pump or put it in your pocket while you pump.
  • There are multiple flange sizes for better comfort while you pump
  • A closed system pump preserves your milk and makes it easy to clean.
  • Multiple power sources – you can charge anywhere you are
  • Portable and perfect for traveling or pumping on the go


    • Suction power does drop over time.

6. Ameda MYA Portable Hospital Strength Breast

best breast pump for large breast

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These are portable and handy tools with two flange sizes, 24mm and 28mm, for more comfort during expression. The pump is versatile for mom to ensure pumping on the go or while attending other activities.

This closed system pump prevents expressed milk from running into the tubes, which can be difficult to clean, causing your precious liquid gold to get infected.

There’s a tote bag for moving the pump around; you can choose between the small or large tote bag for better mobile convenience. The pump comes with a rechargeable battery to ensure that moms are more flexing when they need to pump. You can get the USB cord to give your more power supply options, like charging in the car, with your laptop, or power bank.

A locking ring and cap are available to prevent expressed milk from spillage. The pump also comes with a timer that helps to shut down the pump every thirty minutes to prevent over-pumping. You don’t have to keep setting the pump to your comfortable options as the pump can retain its last settings.


  • It comes with two size flanges, 24mm and 28mm, for better comfort and milk expression.
  • Hospital-grade– helps to ensure effective and efficient milk expression.
  • Portable –it’s a handy tool that’s easy to move around for pumping on the go.
  • Tote bag – to help you start organizing why you pump on the go
  • A closed system that makes it easy to clean with no difficult or inaccessible parts
  • It comes with an instruction booklet to put you through the process so you can start pumping with ease


    • Tote bag quality is low.

7. IKARE Double Breast Pumps Hospital Grade

best breast pump for large breast

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This breast pump is suitable for all moms with small or large breasts. The flange comes in three sizes of 21mm, 24mm, and 27mm to ensure comfortability when pumping.

The pump is a hospital-grade pump to prevent milk flow that could go back into the tubing. The tubes’ trapped milk is usually difficult to clean, leaving some particles that can cause bacteria to grow within the pump. The pump comes with a built-in rechargeable battery to ensure pumping on the go with a universal AC adapter, making it suitable for traveling. There pump is compatible with USB to promote multiple power supplies so that you can charge with your car, power bank, or laptop.

There are a few parts to assemble, making it easy to clean, with a soft massage cushion with a petal designed to imitate your baby suckling, giving a warm skin for gentle and comfortable milk flow.


  • Multiple flanges make it suitable for all moms
  • Handy and portable for traveling purposes
  • Easy to assemble as a result of its simple design
  • No complicated settings are making it easy to use
  • Cheap and effective for the purpose intended


  • The suction does not last long.

8. Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

best breast pump for large breast

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The flange size with this pump is more comfortable with a soft massage cushion, which stimulates the breast for an easy milk letdown. The flange sizes are 25 and 27mm, with the pump to mimic your baby’s natural suckling. You can get other sizes if that is not comfortable.

The pump is made with comfort; you don’t have to lean forward or sit in a particular position to express. The pump comes with a tote bag for moving the pump around, making it easy to stay organized while on a journey.

Furthermore, you can choose to pump and keep or pump and feed without transferring milk from one bottle to the other with the help of the bottle teeth that come with the pump. Unlike other pumps, this pump comes with a breast pad for moms with leaky boobs and a sealing disk to prevent expressed milk from spillage. To complement the sleek design of this pump is an anti-backflow that ensures every drop of milk goes straight into the bottle, so your milk does not run into the pump’s tubes.


  • Its breast shields are more comfortable on the skin, with 25 and 27mm sizes.
  • The pump is easy to clean with a few parts to put together.
  •  Its button and functions are less confusing, even for a new mom.
  • It comes with a bag for moms to stay organized and pump while on the go
  • A sealing disk prevents dust and other microorganisms from settling in your milk.
  • Also, it comes with an instruction booklet suitable for new moms.


  • Not portable – does not come with a rechargeable.
  • You can only double pump to maximum efficiency.

9. Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump

best breast pump for large breast

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This smart pump allows you to monitor, track, and control your pumping activities with a mobile connected through Bluetooth to improve flexibility. The pump is a hospital-grade pump incorporated with two-phase expression technology to ensure practical expression and efficient letdown.

The pump comes with an in-built rechargeable battery so you can pump on the go. A universal AC adapter makes it suitable for traveling. If the breast shield that comes with this pump does not fit you, you can get another breast pump for this purpose. This pump allows you to pump directly into the storage bag to avoid spillage from the milk transfer from one bottle to another.

The bottle holder helps to keep expressed milk in place to avoid milk spillage that could come as a result of accidental kicks. The design is also simple and sleek, making it easy to maintain and wash in emergencies. No hidden holes harbor milk, which can cause the growth of bacteria within the pump. Included in the package are a breast milk cooler and an ice pack that helps preserve the expression when you are away from the refrigerator.


  • Other sizes of breast shields are available.
  • Simple and sleek design – no hidden hole, which makes it easy to clean
  • It comes with a tote bag for transporting the pump around
  • Also, there is a lid and bottle holder to prevent milk spillage.
  • Effective and efficient – get more milk within a short period with the help of two-phase technology
  • Encourages flexibility – you can choose to pump and keep or pump and store.


  • weak suction over time

10. Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

best breast pump for large breast

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The Haakaa silicone breast pump is a perfect milk catcher used to collect letdown from the other breast while you nurse on the other breast. This pump is lightweight and portable and fits into any bag without adding weight that can cause damage to the hand. The pump is designed with no parts to put together; this makes it easy to clean. This pump’s flange size fits all, either big, large, or bigger breasts, to ensure it is comfortable.

The pump cap is there to prevent dust from getting into your expressed milk and prevent spillage of milk with the lid and pump stand. This is practically the easiest pump to use, with no complicated setting or button to get it to work. This pump has a suction base that sticks to flat surfaces to prevent accidental spills and promote hands-free pumping.

This pump does not require charging or battery to function, making it suitable for traveling, with no cords or motor, and perfect for discreet pumping.


  • The flange size fits all – accommodates different breast sizes and shapes.
  • Pump lid to seal your expressed milk and prevent it from getting contaminated
  • Easy to use and clean – the simple and sleek design makes it easy to wash.
  • Silent – perfect for discreet pumping


  • Don’t always trust the cap.

Bigger Breast and Milk Supply

I hate to break this to you; the truth is your breast size doesn’t determine the amount of milk you make. Nursing moms with big breasts could have a healthy supply of breast milk, oversupply, or even low supply though the possibilities of having enough or oversupply when you have a large breast are on the high side.

Low Breast Milk Supply: Unfortunately, just because you have big breasts doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have a lot of breast milk. Certain conditions, such as obesity, hypothyroidism, and insulin resistance, can affect your breast milk production. So, a doctor must observe your baby to ensure that they are gaining weight and growing well if you have a problem with the above.

Over producer: while breasts do have the potential to produce too much breast milk. But that shouldn’t be a problem because an oversupply sounds like a blessing to me. Although the truth is, it can cause pains and breast engorgement. Severe pain or engorgement can make your breasts hard and flatten your nipples, making it very difficult for your baby to latch on. Your baby may also gain weight quickly due to choke and gang from a strong milk letdown.

Tips for Breastfeeding With Bigger Breasts

Breastfeeding with a bigger breast is not an issue to worry about. Though it is necessary to ponder how you can breastfeed your baby easily, this can take tactics and time, but it is worth everything you do for your precious little being. Here are some hacks to breastfeed your baby with big breasts.

Be ready: if you’re the busty type before pregnancy, you should take some classes to latch your baby in different positions to soothe you. You can also purchase some breastfeeding books instead of attending classes or researching breastfeeding with large breasts online. The knowledge and information you gather with time will make you confident when your baby arrives.

best breast pump for large breast

Learn different breastfeeding positions: to find a more convenient position that works for you. You need to learn about the different breastfeeding positions with large breasts. Choose the one that’s accurate and comfortable for you. You can use many breastfeeding positions; check out some of the positions we have. One of the best breastfeeding positions with large breasts is the palmer grasp position. It is more convenient for mom and baby.

Support your breasts: Large breasts full of breast milk are usually heavy. A supportive nursing bra will help hold up your breasts’ extra weight and help avert back pain. Bras you use before pregnancy will be redundant at this stage due to the transformation your breast has undergone. There is a need to invest in a few nursing bras in your new size.

Get help from the beginning: Breastfeeding in a comfortable position is important for all moms, but it’s more important for moms with bigger breasts. The weight of your breasts alone can cause strain on your back and neck. Breastfeeding in an uncomfortable position will add more to that. A healthy position can also help you to latch your baby onto your breast correctly, which is another thing that may be more difficult with bigger breasts.

You should be able to have gathered enough information about the best position during your research. If you did not, you might need lactation support or a midwife to show you some of the position that works well for breastfeeding with bigger breasts. A nursing pillow is usually helpful during this period, as well.

Breast pump before breastfeeding: If your breasts are edgy and stuffed, you can use a breast pump for large breasts, which we have reviewed above, or hand expresses some of your breast milk before breastfeeding. Pumping to store or dump some of your breast milk before you start nursing your baby will relax your breast and make it easier for your baby to latch on.

Treat breast engorgement and overproduction of breast milk supply. Still, if you have small breasts, they can become swollen and enormous if you are one of those that suffer from severe breast engorgement or an excessive supply of breast milk. Talk to your doctor and learn how to deal with and treat these issues, so they aren’t such a problem and don’t lead to more serious complications.

Follow your child’s lead: One of the accurate things about having bigger breasts when you’re nursing is that they may be able to hold more breast milk than smaller breasts. As your baby gets older, she will crave more breast milk at each nursing and wait a little longer between feedings. But, pay attention to your baby’s appetite cues and weight gain to prevent overfeeding her.

Be willing to know: It’s okay to be worried and have questions, and it’s appropriate to ask those questions and seek help. All moms need support and reassurance, whether they have large breasts, small breasts, or average-sized breasts. Doctors are always a great source and starting point when you need help, so talk to them about your concerns. A lactation specialist or a breastfeeding support group can also provide encouragement and support.

How to Know Your Nipple Size

The size of the nipple shield is not just for comfortable suction. It is also built for pumping efficiency. The main purpose of pumping is to get enough milk in a short period, and a breast shield that is too big or too small can hinder your output.

Also, it is important to note that the breast shield size does change during your breastfeeding journey. It does not matter if you’re a new mom or you have been pumping for a while. There are some instances where you might even discover that your breast needs a different size of shields for each breast.

How do I pick the right flange size for me?

To find your optimal breast shield size, you need to measure your nipple diameter:

  • Using the measuring instrument, a ruler, or a measuring tape, measure the diameter of your nipple at the base (across the middle) in millimeters (mm). 1 cm = 10 mm. Do not include your areola. Your areola is the black area behind the nipple.
  • Allow at least 4mm (2mm on either side of the nipple) when selecting your breast shield size.

Test Your Breast Shield Sizing

Since your breast shield size is also reliant on breast tissue and skin elasticity, it’s vital to confirm you’ve chosen the correct size. Here’s how to check:

  • Using the 24mm flange size included in your pump package (or the size chosen after measuring your nipples), center your nipple and gently hold the breast shield against your breast.

Note: pressing breast shields too hard against your breasts when pumping can block your milk ducts.

  • Amend your breast pump’s vacuum for utmost relief vacuum to achieve an optimum suction level, turning the vacuum up until slightly uncomfortable and then down one notch.
  • When your breast shield fits properly, your nipple will be centered in the flange and move freely during pumping.

How to Know if You Need a New Flange size

You will need to re-examine your breast shield size if you find that one or more of the following are happening while you’re pumping:

  • You see excessive areola being pulled into the breast shield tunnel.
  • Your breasts still feel full after pumping.
  • Nipples or areolas turn white during or after pumping.
  • Your nipple is rubbing the sides of the breast shield tunnel to the point of causing discomfort.
  • You have redness on or at the base of the nipple during or after pumping.

To take the hassle off you, we have reviewed the best breast pump for the large breast to help moms with bigger breasts pump conveniently and comfortably.

Conclusion on breast pumps for bigger breast

You can use the above consideration if you are collecting a breast pump for large breasts through insurance. Never seize to ask questions about your tool because it can either be of help or a disaster.
If you are unsure how to breastfeed your baby because you don’t want to suffocate them with your breast, pumping is always your next option.

Many people have mistakenly abandoned their pumps because it wasn’t fitting. You can check the nearest store for a fitting breast shield or contact customer care for your size. A breast pump will help improve your flexibility, even if you’re a mom with a small breast.

It will also ensure you can feed your baby while on the go without exposing your body in public.
Hospital-grade breast pumps are usually effective and efficient; kindly check out our opinion about them.

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