Best Baby Sling to Buy In 2021 Complete Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

To keep your baby warm and close to your heart, you need the best baby sling in the market. This might be difficult for a new mom because choosing the best sling comes with a lot of consideration, including the mom and the baby’s comfortability, using the sling as the most important factor.

A baby sling or carrier, in general, is a good way to cuddle your baby and give that motherly affection that’s always necessary.

While looking for a carrier that does it all, I discovered a lot about baby carriers, slings, and wraps. I was more interested in the ring sling because of the bond between my baby and me.

Unlike many carriers, a sling helps keep your baby close to you to care for them. While on the baby side, it makes them relax and secure, making them feel comfortable all-day. 


Also, a sling is generally easy to maintain and very affordable than other carriers in the market. The warmth and feel it gives the babes is another factor for choosing a sling wrap over other carriers. 

This article will give an insight into the different baby ring slings we have in the market and which one you should go for. Below is my experience with the different slings; I hope it helps you find that perfect sling you have been looking for.

How to use a baby sling for newborn

It is always difficult trying to make use of something for the first time, this is a newborn, and it might be more difficult if you are not careful.

Below is a visual illustration of how to use a baby ring sling carrier for newborns. You can further research how to use the ring sling for more expertise. 

Types of Baby Sling Wrap 

There are two main types of baby slings for nursing; we have the ring sling and the traditional sling wrap. 

Traditional wraps 

This originated from Asia before it becomes accepted by many other continents. Tradition wraps are usually lengthy and confusing to wrap. However, once you get used to it, it will become very simple to use and enhance breastfeeding. In most cases, 

the difficulty of wrapping traditional sling brought about the invention of a ring sling. This helps to make wrapping for new moms. 

Ring Sling 

A ring sling is the advanced version of the traditional wraps. The presence of the rings helps to make wrapping easy for anyone. It should be noted that traditional wraps and ring slings perform the same function. However, those who are perfect at using the traditional wraps prefer it to the ring sling because of the flexibility of knotting the wraps in style. 

Nonetheless, the two styles perform the same function. But have it in mind that the ring sling is easy to use or knot compared to the traditional wraps. So anyone you choose between the two styles will surely serve their purpose. best baby sling

What is the best baby carrier to buy?

Our Picks of The Best Baby Ring Sling

1. Baby Sling Carrier for Newborn – Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier

best baby sling
Do you want a five-star sling that gives you all the qualities you are looking for? nalakai luxury ring sling baby carrier will be your best choice.

Do you know cotton made from bamboo offers UV (ultraviolet light) protection cutting out over 95 % of harmful ultraviolet rays? This sling is made with bamboo fiber that helps provide insulation in cold weather and improves ventilation in hot weather.

What more can I say about a sling that gives both parties, the mom and baby, the comfort they need. As a mother, the most important thing you are looking for in a baby carrier is a carrier that is safe and secure.

Nalakai luxury ring sling is a sling that is easy to use. While using this sling, I worry less about so many things, especially when it is wet.

Having my baby cradle against my chest, sleeping while I move about doing other house chores is just a little feature of this wonderful sling.


  • An easily adjustable ring that helps give the comfort needed to you and your baby.
  • Comes with extra sleeping dust to help your baby sleep well and relax
  • Helps to correct hip development; this sling helps to place your baby in the right position for your baby proper hip development
  • Improves trust; caring for your baby close to your chest helps the baby gain a sense of trust and belonging.
  • varieties of color to choose from
  • Eco-friendly material,
  • luxurious tail and long fabric means the ring sling will fit anyone, from petite to plus size

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 2. Baby Sling for Infants – 4 in 1 Baby Wrap Carrier and Ring Sling

best baby sling
This is a multipurpose carrier, as it allows you to use the sling style or a wrap style. This sling is made for moms in mind, providing you with numerous ways to cuddle your baby and give them the affection they want.

This baby wraps and sling can be used by anyone regardless of the size or shape, and for the babies.

4 in 1 baby wrap carrier and ring sling is made with thick materials that can provide comfort and possess the ability to hold firm your baby no matter the age or weight.

I can’t say enough about this wrap that is machine washable and dryable and great for nursing.

You will find this sling and wrap easy to use no matter your size, the elasticity of the fabrics blends well with anybody’s structure.


  • Greatly use as a nursing cover; you can always you this sling as a nursing cover and breastfeed your baby on the go.
  • This wrap and sling can also be used as a belly band or belt after birth to keep your body and stomach back in shape.
  • This is a carrier with both sling and wrap; you either choose to go the traditional way of wrapping or the modern sling way; both styles are at your disposal.
  • This wrap comes with two metal rings, one carrying pouch, and also an instruction booklet and a resource guide for easy use.

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3. Baby Sling for summer – Biubee Water Sling Baby Wrap Carrier

best baby sling
Are you planning to go on a cruise with your baby, or do you love to take those baths with your Lil baby? Here is a baby carrier for that.

This wonderful baby carrier is made full of fun and love for mothers, especially those who love to swim and visit the beach. With this baby sling, you can have fun with your baby inside the rain without having to care much about the wetness of the sling.

What can I say about a sling that dries fast within 20 -30 minutes and gives a better comfort in hot weather? I can assure you with the sling having fun with your baby will surely move to another level.


  • Made of a nylon mesh which allows it to dry fast for maximum fun
  • Lightweight and breathable to give much better feelings
  • Integrated bag design which makes it handy for mobility
  • Strong nylon plastic ring, unlike other rings that are metal in nature.
  • Suitable for newborns and babies up to 5 months
  • perfect for nursing especially newborn babies

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4. Best Baby Sling for Breastfeeding – Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling 

best baby sling It is not a myth anymore that breastfeeding is the best way to get used to your baby. Nursing is beyond the contextual meaning that it has been given, as it covers everything you do to make your baby happy and healthy.

This sling is exactly perfect for that; aside from bringing your baby close to you, you have the opportunity of looking your baby in the face while playing with your baby.

Just like other slings, this baby carrier tends to provide comfort and warmth to your baby while in the sling.

I love this sling because my baby used to feed to sleep while I go on with other activities. It is also perfect for a mom looking to breastfeed because you have to leave your baby there until he gets fed and exclusively sleeps.

Also, it is made to carry more weight than a newborn. As your baby grows older, you can adjust the sling to fit into your baby’s weight.

Less I forgot, are you the shy type, and you are scared of nursing in public? You will surely need this as it can be used as a nursing cover while breastfeeding.


  • made of 100% woven cotton
  • Adjustable to fit you and your baby in any condition
  • Non-bulky padded shoulder: the fabric is design to spread across naturally.
  • Rings are made with aluminum to avoid rusting.
  • Just like every other sling. No stress in putting on and off
  • Several carrying positions: Babies with head control can face out. Older, heavier babies can be worn on your hip, and young babies can be worn facing in.
  • It is machine wash and in cold water.

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5. Best Baby Sling for Twins – Malishastik Twin Ring Sling Gray

best baby sling
This outstanding love for twins can never wash away; keeping them close to each other and yourself is a thing of great joy.

You have to note that you need to be a strong carrier to carry the two babies simultaneously. This sling is made with 50% cotton and 50% linen, making it fit to carry your twins around where ever you go.

Using this sling for the first might be complicated, especially when it is your first time using a sling, but mums familiar with a single sling might find it less difficult.

Though it might not be easy breastfeeding your twins while using this sling, but you will surely like it when you get used to it.

Also, one good thing about this sling is that it can be used immediately after birth till your baby reaches 70 pounds (31 Kg); it won’t be easy carrying about 140 pounds without getting stressed.

Many reviews about this product are about the difficulty of putting on, as it is different from the single sling and more complicated than that.


  • Ring sling designed for tandem wearing
  • Very durable, made with the best materials
  • Long enough to for any mom, no matter how aft or big you are
  • Rings are made with solid aluminum to ensure your baby security
  • Comes with an instruction booklet for first-timers
  • To be washed in cold water

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6. Best Baby Sling for Air Travel – DIDYMOS DidySling Ring Sling Baby Carrier

best baby sling
Are you planning to keep your baby close to you while you tickle and bring out that lovely smile while on your way to see your cousin or going on vacation? Here is the perfect sling for that. It is no lie that this sling is one of the easiest to use baby carriers we have out there.

What can I say about the beautifully adjustable ring to fit anyone regardless of their size or shape, same for your baby?

Every penny spent on this sling counts as it has the main features of supporting your baby in optimal position throughout your journey and provides suitable comfortable babywearing.

We choose this sling for traveling because of the strength to firmly hold your baby through your hands-free journey for other activities.

This beautifully made wave comes in two sizes; the first size can fit anyone while the second size is for people that prefer a long tail, for tall or plus size people.


  • Can be used from birth to preschool stage
  • Provides more comfortable babywearing even as your baby grows
  • Strong enough to hold your baby firmly, giving your baby some sense of trust while your hands are free
  • Made with safe materials, woven from Organic cotton and non-toxic dye
  • Perfect for hip balancing

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Baby sling FAQ’s 

Are baby slings safe for newborns?

Out of most of the baby carriers, the ring sling is one of the safest for newborns. However, this may come with some challenges for new moms or anyone trying to use a ring sling for the first time.

The major difficulty is that the baby’s neck muscle cannot support their head for the first 4 to five-month. To use a ring sling for a newborn, you have to ensure you always support their head with the sling to keep the baby secure. 

Unlike other slings, a ring sling allows you to wear your baby to your self in position securely. For a newborn, always use the sling to support their head and keep them safe. It is important always to put the babyface sideways to avoid suffocation, which poses another risk of using a ring sling. 

Can you wear your baby too much?

You can wear your baby as long as you like, as far as you’re comfortable doing so. Wearing your baby for too long is not hazardous and will, in turn, help you bond with your baby well.

However, this may become a problem for a mom who is looking forward to resuming work. In this case, wearing a baby for too long may create a strong or additive bond that may take days or weeks before the baby starts getting used to it. 

However, if you are a stay-at-home mom and ready to give your baby full-time attention, wearing your baby should not be a problem as it helps keep your baby close and creates a strong bond between you two. 

Are slings bad for baby’s hips?

A sling helps to keep your bay legs apart, support the thigh, and put them in a sitting position while they rest on your chest comfortably.

It should be noted that any carrier that puts the baby’s leg in one place should be avoided as it contributes to hip dysplasia. Sling does not keep legs together, making them suitable for babies. 

Furthermore, it should be noted that a sling help to support the thigh and keep the baby in th best position possible. 

Can a baby sleep in a sling?

Yes, a baby tends to feel more relax and secure when close to their mother. It is important always to use your sling, wrapper, or carrier the right way to ensure the baby’s safety.

Furthermore, research has indicated that baby contact with their parent can help an infant rest all the more unobtrusively. 

When can you start using a baby sling?

Many parents think they are only using a sling when their baby is some weeks old. But the truth is you can choose to use a baby carrier anytime you want. You can make use of a sling or other carriers when leaving the hospital after giving birth. 

However, it is important to know how to use a sling properly to prevent the baby from suffocating. When the proper guideline is followed, and you are also cautious as a mother, you won’t have a problem using a sling immediately after birth or later. 


Choosing the best baby ring sling might be difficult, but I hope this list helps you out. If you come across any difficulties, you can always do more research before deciding what to do.

Using the sling ring can be confusing and also simple when you get used to it; it takes less than a minute to buckle and get it ready for your baby.

I will continue to choose baby sling carrier and wrappers over other baby carriers because of the ease of cleaning and making it readily available for your baby.

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