8 Best Baby Swing for Newborn 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Baby swing for a newborn baby is what many mothers have tagged as a lifesaver. It is no doubt that we love to have our baby close to us, cuddling and tickling to keep them lively, but there are times we need some time off. This can be difficult at times,, especially when there is no to help or when the baby is not calm to be on their own.

The truth is that baby enjoys constant soothing, sweet sounds,, and melodies, and these are what baby swings offer. If you are a busy mom like me or stay at home one, there is are times you need to get your hands dirty with house chores or even cooking with no one to help. Then you need a baby swing to give your baby that soothing, lovely, and gently rocking to put them to sleep.

What most moms don’t understand is that a baby swing,, or rocker helps give your baby a sense of trust that you are around because it’s almost the same as having them in your arms while they are on that seat.

Now you know you need a baby swing for your newborn baby, continue reading to better insight into the features you need for a baby swing.


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What is the best baby swing for a newborn? Things  to consider before buying a baby swing 

You need to look out for certain things before buying a baby swing because we have a lot of them in the market.

There are different swings in the market with different features; below are the specific features a swing sneeds to possess, determining are actually looking for to buy.

best baby swing

Head and Neck Support

I’m sure you don’t want to take your baby to the hospital just because of a swing you bought.  No matter how old or young your baby is, neck and head support are very important. Newborn babies can’t tell when it is comfortable or not. If you want your baby to have that soothing and comfortable swing, this is an important feature you need to look out for.

Swing Speed

To swing a baby to sleep,, you need the swing to be in slow motion. But when you want to keep it alive and blissful, you might want to keep it fast, so a wing with multiple swing speeds will be good. It is necessary for newborns to keep the swing in a slow-motion as they will be more comfortable.

Power source

This is a great deal when choosing the best baby swing for your baby; there are electric powered swing battery powered; some use both while some use non (manual swings). I strongly suggest that you go for a swing that uses both electricity and battery. Reason being that you might want to go on vacation where there is no electricity, you can easily make use of the battery option.


Some noise can be disturbing; more reason you need to pay good attention to the swing as it moves back and forth.

Some swings can make a whirring, tickling, or clicking sound,,, which can be annoying, while some are absolutely silent. So if you are sensitive to sound, this is a vital feature to take note of.

Ease of use

We all don’t like stress, no matter how little the stress could be. You don’t want to spend the whole day trying to set up a swing when you can actually do that within a minute or two with other swings.


The size is another feature you need to consider. Do you want the swing permanently in your house or want a mobile one. You need to put this into consideration before buying so to avoid the issue of multiple buying.

Best portable baby swing for newborn  – Our picks 

1. Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing and Rocker

best baby swing for newborn
The Graco duetsoothe baby swing is a swing any mom could ever wish for while looking for a swing. This removable portable swing was build to give babies the comfort and joy they deserve.

With this swing, you have the opportunity to keep your baby close to you as you move around the house and get things done.

What can I say about a swing that can also be used as a rocker just to give your baby another comfort to feel? The rocker can be removed from the swing in case you want to take a stroll.

While I love this swing so much is the electric and battery features, as it gives you other ,energy sources so you don’t keep your baby bored.

When you are buying this, don’t forget you are buying a two one product with a lot of amazing features


  • Can be used as a baby swing and, or rocker
  • Suitable and comfortable for babies up to 3o lbs
  • Three (3) seating position to give your baby flexibility in comfort they deserve
  • Two-speed vibration settings to keep your baby relaxed
  • Six (6) swing speed, it is certain you will need the right pace for your baby mood
  • Sing your baby to sleep with 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Fit well in a small apartment


  • Easy to assemble and setup
  • Variable swing position
  • Usable as a rocker of swing
  • Comes with instruction on setup and how to use
  • Seat pad can be machine washed


  • Not suitable for heavy over 35 lbs
  • Noisy

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2. Moms MamaRoo 4 Baby Swing

best baby swing for newborn
If your baby enjoys bouncing and swaying, then this is the right swing for you. This high tech baby swing and rocker are awesome as it allows you to play your own music while your baby swing to sleep.

If you are looking for a swing that does is all, I think this is the swing for you, though the swing is mot portable not is it mobile.

You need to know this not just a swing but a swing and rocker and possess a seat recliner that can be adjustable to any position of your choice.

Unlike other products in the market, it seems quieter and sgives that loving bounce your baby needs to sleep off.

Apart from bouncing, swaying, and singing your baby, your baby will have more than 4 natural sounds to enjoy.


  • Can be controlled through an app connected with Bluetooth or through a base bottom
  • Amazing head and neck support
  • variety of speed, music motion, and volume options control
  • ability to play your sound and music to sing your baby to sleep
  • It feels more natural.
  • Can fit in anywhere within the house
  • Overhead toy keeps baby entertained, but be careful about hanging anything on there that could potentially fall.


  • Control via the base buttons or an app through a Bluetooth connection
  • It feels more natural.
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy enough to not tip over
  • Does not take up much space since the base is more narrow
  • Can play your own MP3 music
  • Machine washable material and basket


  • The newborn insert is not included
  • Safety harness could be improved to prevent the baby from falling out, especially if you are not close by to supervise

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3. Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing

best baby swing for newborn
Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing is another wonderful lifesaver swing you need to look out for. This wonderful swing for a newborn is all you need to give your baby that soothing relaxation they need to visit the dreamland.  Here is the super silent swing you have been looking for!

This easy setup swing works like magic with my girl; now I have to do the cooking and other house chores while my baby sleeps.

Like every other swing on this list, it has a strap belt for active babies to keep them safe. The seat is machine washable; that is, you don’t have to worry about handwashing when the machine can do that for you.

The double power option is one the features you have to look out for, less I forgot,  if you set it appropriately you don’t have to worry about the batteries as it can last you for about 5 weeks.


  • Dual motion; back and forth or side by side
  • Dual power option; use batteries in case you away from home
  • Customizable with 16 songs, with 6-speed swings
  • Adjustable seat to fit your baby position
  • Play your own music to keep your baby alive and healthy


  • Very silent
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soothing and cozy for your baby
  • Sweet and amazing sound quality
  • Smooth and gentle movement
  • Comes with a mirror to keep your baby in awe


  • Non for now

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Baby swing for bigger babies

4. Graco EveryWay Soother Baby Swing with Removable Rocker

best baby swing for newborn
Here is another great swing for baby, with amazing features to keep your baby relaxed, though with a large footprint. This amazing product has most of the features of more expensive swing type soothers, so many I can’t imagine spending more for the others.

It was a Godsend for a preemie who would not sleep laying flat and still. This swing has different moves that you could with your hands to put the baby to sleep.

Also, this can be a rocker, which is great. Don’t you think it will be great to carry around with you if need to take a stroll around the neighborhood? With this your baby is safe with you.

However, I will say the heartbeat sound needs some work, but that is the only negative thing I can think of, and maybe that is our particular soother.


  • baby seat can also be used as a baby rocker conveniently
  • 16 soothing motion and 8 ways to swing in two direction
  • the multi-direction seat allows your baby to enjoy either front to back or side to side
  • features 6 swings speed allowing you to adjust to your baby preference
  • uses electricity alone


  • Easy to set up or put together
  • Good seat vibration
  • Detachable rocker


  • Short power cord
  • Can be noisy
  • Not portable
  • Does not use battery

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5. Graco Soothing System Gliding Baby Swing

This is another Graco baby swing with amazing features to keep your baby relaxed, though with a large footprint. This baby swing features a detachable baby carrier making it flexible to use. You can either use the full package or detach it, which can be used as a bassinet, bouncer, or gliding swing.

The bouncer comes with a handle that makes it easy to move the baby around, allowing for closeness wherever you need to be. This swing also comes with 6 gliding speeds so that you can choose the right pace for the baby’s mood. For a gliding rest, the portable bassinet can be used on the swing base or independently without motion.

In addition, it’s portable making it great to carry around with you if you need to take a stroll around the neighborhood; with this, your baby is safe with you. The flexibility of this swing makes it one of the best for nursing mothers. This swing grows with your swing, making it useful throughout your baby’s infancy.


  • baby seat can also be used as a baby rocker conveniently
  • Two ways to power – you can either use electricity or use batteries when away from home
  • It comes with a sliding Bassinet with a light-shielding canopy that is removable and holds up to 15 pounds.
  • Removable bouncer with 2 vibration speeds and light-shielding canopy holds up to 18 pounds.
  • Features a gliding swing with 6 speeds, 2 recline positions, 2 vibration speeds, and a light-shielding canopy holds an infant 5.5 to 30 pounds.
  • Also, it comes with a timer mode for better convenience 
  • Removable, light-shielding canopy with two soft toys to protect and keep the baby entertained 


  • Easy to set up or put together
  • makes use of electricity and battery for better convenience
  • portable and lightweight making it easy to move around
  • Good seat vibration
  • Detachable rocker
  • Flexible use


  • None for now

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Best baby swing for infants – Our choice

6. Graco Duet Sway LX Swing with Portable Bouncer

best baby swing for infant
This is another product that does more than swing; it allows you to give your baby mix pleasure to soothe him down. This marvelous product has a removable swing seat that functions as a bouncer. If your baby does want to swing, they surely want to feel the bounce.

This portable electric bouncer allows you to use batteries when you are away from electricity, for instance,,, when you want to have a feel of nature in your garden or a close-by pack.

Though I don’t like this swing’ss swing’s vibration features because I can imagine how it feels to sleep on a bed that vibrates.

This Graco duet swing was made with a better vibration feel to soothe your baby and can also vibrate with the use of one single D battery. To ensure durability, this product only supports babies that weigh less than 35 lbs.


  • Features a gentle, soothing vibration
  • The seat can be reclined to fit in any position, hence giving more comfort
  • More fun to feel with 10 melodies and 5 natural sounds
  • With the overhead toy, the fun just gets bigger with toys to play with while your baby is relaxing
  • Can be used as a rocker or swing depends on your baby mood
  • Portable mobile rocker, with that your baby, can be your companion to the store
  • Swings left to right and not Back and forth
  • 6 swings speed allowing you to find the right pace for your baby soothing


  • Easy to connect or disconnect the bouncer from the swing
  • Double power options; batteries and standard plug
  • Spacious enough for a newborn


  • Only swing side to side; does not swing forward or backward
  • Makes some ticking noise while swinging
  • The whole swing is not mobile enough

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7. Graco Duet Glide Gliding Swing with Portable Rocker

best baby swing for newborn
Wow, that was how I feel when I noticed this was more than a swing, giving you more options to choose from for your baby to relax.

This gliding swing and portable rocker offer its own unique swing and gliding motion. Do you have a lot on your to-do list? This is a swing to keep your baby relax while you get your hands clean from your work.

Though this is not my favorite, I can still assure you won’t regret any penny you put on this.


  • Comes with a portable rocker with a handle to keep your baby close to you
  • 3 reclinable positions
  • 3 flexible swing speed
  • Varieties of motion to choose from swing or glide front to back or side by side
  • 2-speed vibration settings to keep your baby soothed and relaxed
  • Strong belt to keep your baby secure
  • 15 songs and sounds of singing your baby to sleep


  • Has 3 incline settings, the final one being almost sitting up and is the best day time position
    Pretty cushy
  • Has nice glide settings
  • comes with  two different vibrating modes
  • Features Play music/sound The mobile can easily be removed
  • easy to setup
  • Smooth swing motion
  • removable bassinet
  • Easy to travel with if you can fit it in your car; it’s light but stable


  • It’s not as cushy as I’d like, but I’m not the one hanging out in it
  • It doesn’t gently or quietly change incline positions, which sucks if your child fell asleep in the upright setting
  • It’s not the rock n play
  • would be better if the basinet would lock in a better way to the base that won’t trigger any anxiety

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8. Primo 2-in-1 Smart Voyager Convertible Infant Swing

best baby swing for newborn
If you are looking for a swing that suits a newborn, infant, or toddler, here a swing for that

This is what I call a combo product with a sleek design as it features a high chair, swing, and also Bluetooth control easy control.

A very easy to set up or put together for a first time user with easy to follow information, though this is spacious as it takes a lot of landmass within the living room.

That should be a problem because you need to have in mind that you have a sing and high at the same time.


  • Cry activation mode; the swing will turn to the lowest speed when the baby wakes up and cries
  • Convertible to a high chair as baby grows
  • Metal leg frame for long durability
  • Bluetooth compatibility; for remote control and
  • Comes with a feeding tray and a toy bar
  • Ability to use a battery or ac adapter (dual power option)
  • Fully customizable with built-in music,
  • 4 timer settings, 6 height levels, 8 swing speeds, 3 tray positions, 5 seat recline levels, and 3 footrest positions


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to convert from a swing to a high chair, this can be done with just a push of a bottom
  • The seat is soft and well-cushioned for better relaxation
  • Different seat recline levels to give a better comfort
  • The frame is strong enough to hold up your bab


  • Not suitable for an infant below 6 months
  • Not portable; the frame is sturdy, so this is not what you want to move around the house.

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Frequently asked question 

Is swing good for newborn babies?

Yes, swings are good for newborns, but I want to be sure you don’t want to be a day old baby in a swing just to avoid your baby troubles.

Baby swings are practically good, and you can choose one from the list above that suits your taste and budget.

Are baby swings safe for a newborn?

Baby swing comes with a variety of settings allowing you to choose what mode will soothe your baby. All baby swings come with a strap belt allowing you to fasten your baby to the swing seat,,, thus ensuring your baby’s safetyn can a baby go in a baby swing?

You can let your baby have a feel of the swing from the 3 (third week). We all react to the surrounding and environment differently, so does our babies too. Not all babies will love the swing or fall asleep in the swing for the first time.

So in a case where your baby does not go well with the swing the first time, you don’t have to give up, you need to keep on trying, and you will surely see a positive result.

Are there any safe baby swings?

The list above contains more than just safe swing for your baby,; reliable and soothing swings that put your baby in the right mood they deserve. Above is the list of our best baby swing for newborn check them put again.

Do baby swings cause brain damage?

No, though there might be a feeling of anxiety in some babies while trying it out for the first time.

It is advisable for newborn babies below 6 weeks to keep some babies thin while trying it out for the first time.

It is advisable for newborn babies below 6 weeks to set the swing motion to the lowest and keep your on them while they are on the swing.

Does baby swing help colic?

Yes, it does for my kids. I made use of swings for my two kids from their early age, from 3 weeks to a month, and it has always been helpful, especially when they feel uncomfortable.
Theation movement helps to soothe movement and keep them calm, just like the way you swing and pat your baby.

Is a swing or bouncer better for baby?

They are both good for your baby; which one to use depends on your baby’s moods and the atmosphere.
To keep your baby alive, I will go for bouncers, but to keep your baby calm, I will opt for a swing.
There are lots of baby swings and bouncer in the market; make sure you choose the right one with the best value for your baby.

Does a baby swing help reflux?

Reflux can be dangerous for babies, so it is not advisable to dump your baby in the swing while in this condition.
Your baby needs your proper attention when you feel there has been a relief from the reflux; you can then place them in the swing to help them relax.

Why do babies love swings?

Swinging is a sensory experience that reminds the baby of being inside the womb.
Babies tend to feel relaxed and southing will in swing, giving moms some time to get things done Whole the baby is being entertained.


Now you have all the information needed to choose the best baby swing for your newborn baby.
To top it up, you now need a baby sling as one of that nursery equipment to make nursery easy for you and fun for your baby.

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